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How To Release Soul Contracts

How To Release Soul Contracts

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It’s good to know what kind of soul contracts you have between your partner, mother, brother, best friend. Soul contracts are great to have a loving connections amongst people, they help create growth, transformation and unconditional love. Knowing the soul contracts you have will help you create a more successful relationship.


Here is the kicker, soul contracts can also be painful for you to achieve your dreams and relationships. So when soul contract blocks your way, it can be very painful. I have known many people who have tried to make their business a success or find their true love, nothing worked for them. Cases like this, whats standing in the way ? Yep you guessed it, a soul contract.

I have listed below some of the soul contracts you might have, maybe you can recognize them ? Okay, its time to take action.

5 Known Soul Contracts

1. Soul Contract of Martyrdom

Are you finding it’s easier to say yes than to say no ?, you are probably putting your own needs and desires away to help others, you do it even when its inconvenient, soul contracts -tired-exhausted you feel you are a good person if you sacrifice your own needs to make others happy. If you are doing this than you are feeling frustrated with your life, you feel like no one appreciates you or even tired and exhausted. This is how this soul contract manifests and you know what, its not pretty. If you were to break this soul agreement, it will permit you to make better decisions, so you can help when you feel the moment is right. You will begin to take care of yourself while you are giving to others. It will allow you to live a more balanced life.

2. Soul Contract – Loyalty

With the loyalty soul contract, you always stand by your lover, parent, boss. No it does not matter how they treat you, you feel you have no choice but stand by them. This soul contract creates scenarios where you are walked all over by your loved ones, you want to change things or tried leaving the relationship but could not because you didn’t want to abandon them. Once you release this soul contract, you will be confident to make improvements in your relationships, even if you have struggled to make those changes for years, like leaving your partner or leaving your job. The hold these people had over you for years will be removed.


3. Soul Contracts of Loneliness

If you are some one who is looking for their soul mate throughout your life, you have relationship after another which results in failure, heartbreak and sadness. You have tried everything from blind dates to online dating, there maybe many contracts standing in the way to find love. This soul contract of loneliness is one of the most difficult to deal with. Even though at times you feel you have found someone wonderful, yet you still have that lonely feeling, unsupported and separate. When you release this contract you can finally feel the support and love you deserve.

4. Soul Contract – Anxiety

Are you someone who is always feels anxious, worried or nervous, then your soul is holding you to this contract. Are you worried about things ? and once that worry is over, are you worried and nervous about another event ? When you do release this soul contract, you will find that you are more in touch with yourself and intuition, now you know whats really coming along for you and there is no need to be worried or nervous.

5. Soul Contract – When the Boat Rocks

If you always feel afraid, or even afraid to be seen in public, you don’t break rules, you don’t even want others to know that your reading this article. The trait of this contract is common for us humans to protect ourselves. When you finally remove this soul contract, things start to open up for you. You will begin to blaze your own path without any fear.

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How To Release and Clear Soul Contracts

You need to realize that you can’t simply break any soul contract that you want, it won’t work that way. First you have to understand how this contract hindered and served you. You need to understand the problem before you can break it.

Your next step would be to understand how this soul contract rears its ugly head into your life. You need to be aware what is really going on, so take your time and see if any of these soul contracts are affecting you.

When you have perfected the awareness part, a new part will show up. Being aware of the soul contracts brings the moment of clarity. Whenever there is a event taking place you will notice a little pause before you give your answer, so take your time and decide.

Whenever you sense you have handle on this contract, you realize where it shows up and how its affecting your life. After you have been working on making the decisions, you can now speed up and increase the release by writing about it, automatic writing can be really successful.

Generally, there is no right or wrong choice here, whatever works. Its a process to realize the soul contract is around, to be aware of the pattern and why its showing up in your life, then taking action to release it.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Many of us were tricked into making soul contracts through GUILT before we incarnated into the physical form.  This is part of the Sirian soul regeneration system that keeps us coming back again and again to fulfill karmic debts while using our physical bodies as batteries to siphon energy from.


The easiest way to release and clear a soul contract is to physically state on paper that you no longer consent to any contracts made by you while on the other side of the veil.  Then, either shred them into a kajillion pieces or burn them in a safe place.

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As for your spirit guides and guardian angels, they’ll still be with you, loving you unconditionally.  How do I know?  I released my soul contract and my spirit guide, Tamara, merged with me during a meditation.

Image: Pixabay

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