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What Is It Like When You Made Your Soul Contract?

By on January 2, 2018 in Enlightening Articles, Spiritual Awakening
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What Is It Like To Make A Soul Contract?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Are you aware of the many soul contracts you made before you were born? Imagine you are on the other side with Source and you are telling him that you would like to come back to this planet. This is what it might be like:

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Source: Why would you like to go back to Earth, my precious one?

You:  The Earth is going to need additional light and energy during the time frame that I have chosen to incarnate, so I would like to volunteer my services to help this planet.  Also, there are a few things I didn’t accomplish the last time I was there.

Source: So far, so good, “Little Me”. What would you like to accomplish there?

You: Well, I made a couple mistakes that hurt a few people in my previous incarnation, so I’ve made prearrangements to meet with these people back on Earth to atone for the things I did.  In one specific instance, we decided that this time around, I would be in the other person’s  shoes, so I could experience how she felt after I hurt her in my last incarnation, while she is going to try to be loving and forgiving of my mistakes.  If we can accomplish this, then all karma will be removed. If we cannot accomplish this in my next incarnation, we will both agree to forgive one another to remove the karmic debt.

Source:  Please continue, my child of light.  What other challenges do you want to experience?

You: I have chosen my parents and specific time, place and date of birth, which will allow me to experience what life is like for someone who is poor.  It will also give me a specific energy signature that will be most conducive for accomplishing all of the goals and challenges I have made during my next incarnation, by providing a life map of specific situations and scenarios which will help trigger the meeting of thousands of other soul contracts that I have made with other people to help me achieve these goals.

In5D Trivia:  Everyone has a completely unique energy signature.  Even if someone was born at the same exact hour, minute, and second as you, the location of your birth would make their energy signature different from yours.  Even if someone was born at the same hour, minute, and second as you AND was born in a hospital bed next to yours, the few feet difference between beds would create a completely different energy signature. Even TWINS have completely different energy signatures! Your energy signature is completely UNIQUE from everyone elses and it’s what makes you, YOU!

I will be born under the sign of Libra in the Northern hemisphere at 10:19 am Earth time. I chose this specific energy signature because it will give me balance and fair judgment. My parents and I have made arrangements for this to happen in the Earth year of 1983. I will have one brother and one sister, whom I’ve also made arrangements with.

In my last incarnation, I was a struggling housewife during the Great Depression, so this time around, I would like to come back as a male. As a child, I want to learn how to play sports because as an adult, I will need to know the origins of the divide and conquer principles that are on Earth so I can help to spread the light on how these principles can be used to our advantage by working together as a team while pursuing a common goal. I have made soul contracts with every person that will be on my sports teams, along with every competitor.

My adolescent experiences and friends will help to guide me towards my life purpose as these have also been prearranged.

I have also agreed to gratefully experience polarity and duality although I may sometimes question why I decided to come back here.  I will make many mistakes during my journey with the realization that I will spiritually grow from every one of them and will view each obstacle as an opportunity for spiritual evolvement.

Through marriage, I will experience heartbreak through divorce and elation through the birth of my 3 children, all of whom have made arrangements for this to occur before the Earth age of 25 years old.

Every single person that I encounter will help to catalyze my journey as we have all made arrangements to meet at specific Earth times.   In turn, I will also help other people’s journeys through these connections. Through Free Will, I may not fulfill all of my contracts just as those who have made contracts with me may not fulfill theirs, either.

I have selected the specific awakening codes of 11:11 and 333 to remind me of my purpose here. When I see these synchronistic numbers, I will know that I am on the right path of my journey, although I may not specifically remember what this journey is to entail.

I will require exactly 37 Earth years, 3 Earth months, 7 Earth days, 3 Earth hours and 37 Earth seconds to accomplish my goals and at that point, I will return back to you after losing to a bout with cancer.  While I will predecease my parents, we have all agreed to the terms of my soul contract, as this is also part of the experiences that are required for their own, personal soul contracts. My children will be safe with their mother as they begin to fulfill their own soul contracts. My oldest daughter will use my death to inspire her to go to school for medicine.  At the moment she turns 37 Earth years, 3 Earth months, 7 Earth days, 3 Earth hours and 37 Earth seconds old, she will discover a cure for cancer and will dedicate the cure to me, while helping millions of people overcome the cure that was deemed incurable. The number 37 will be one of her awakening codes.

Source: Once again, I must remind you that you will not be allowed to remember all of the soul contracts that you have made because it wouldn’t be as challenging or as magical when you meet these people and attain your goals.

You: I know, but I swear, this time I’m gonna remember!  Just you wait and see!

Source: haha

Farley Malorrus gave one of the best analogies I’ve seen on soul contracts:

If you want to understand this stuff in a more logical sense, imagine going to a college for 10 years, and setting up your course, for all the things you are going to study in that college. Registration is pure hell as you know if you’ve ever done it. All the best classes and teacher’s are grabbed up first, and if you are late or get closed out, you end up with difficult courses, and the teachers aren’t as good. These are the unwanted classes, but when we are looking at this example I like to identify the birth chart as a map of the curriculum that you have signed up to participate in this life cycle, as far as Karmic experience, Soul growth and potentials, if any. These things can be discovered by looking at your birth chart. What you are trying to do is plug into the Cosmic knowledge and metaphysical truth, that lies in the intuitive mind, plug into this vast ocean of consciousness (like they say we only have 5 to 10% of our brain capacity. If we had 100% we’d all be much better Astrologers than Farley Malorrus).

When you were on the other side, you made thousands of soul contracts.  Many of these people have only crossed your path several times, but have helped to make you the person you are today.  Each person’s role is as equally important no matter how big or small it may appear.

You wanted to make millions of soul contracts because they all seemed so attainable while you were on the other side but now, you are very grateful that you only made thousands of them!

The above article is an extremely small example of the thousands of soul contracts that you made when you were on the other side with Source.  You went over every minute detail and made specific arrangements will everyone you have met in your life.  You chose the specific year, date, time and specific geographic location of your birth so you would have the precise energy signature of your zodiacal sign to help you achieve your life goals.  You chose your parents, socioeconomic situation, and friends along with all of the challenges that you have endured or will endure in your lifetime.  While this may seem somewhat overwhelming while you are here on Earth, it was a relatively easy accomplishment when you were on the other side as a multidimensional being that could make hundreds of soul contracts all at the same time.

Much of what you have experienced has been agreed upon at some point in your life through your soul contract.  You have allowed Free Will to interact with your soul contract to add a little spice and variety into your life as well.  The most important lessons to learn are being presented to you every day through the relationships you’ve had along with everything you have experienced as they are all leading you to accomplish your purpose here on Earth.

But what if there is an option we’re not being told about?

How can I avoid making another soul contract?

It’s simple.  Don’t agree to signing one.

How can I avoid making another soul contract?

It appears that the reincarnation system is flawed as it perpetually keeps us looped into a system that keeps us trapped within subservience, control and conformity. Karma is used against us, instead as a learning experience, as a means to guilt us into reincarnation with an alleged debt to repay. You can read more about this in the article, “How To Exit The Reincarnation System.”

In alchemy, the saying, “as above, so below” applies to the reincarnation system. Just like in this 3rd dimensional reality, we are constantly giving our true, divine power away to others instead of claiming it for ourselves and we do this every day. For example, whenever you buy something, money represents an energy that you had to earn through economic subservience. In other words, you had to give away your energy and power to whoever employs you so you can, in turn, use this form of energy.

Another thing that I question is how we can have past life regressions yet not remember them in this incarnation. It is apparent that our past lives are locked into our cellular memories yet our “waking” minds are clueless about them.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to recall your past lives in order to learn from past mistakes versus repeating the same mistake over and over again?  Is this some sort of a cruel cosmic joke being played on us?  Some will argue that there is too much trauma associated with our past lives and it is there as a protective mechanism, but as evidenced by numerous past life regressions, if we are able to view our past lives as an observer, then the trauma is completely removed from those situations.

If, by some chance, I am lured back into this reincarnation system, I will NOT agree to any soul contracts. I will choose to come back on my own volition, simply to experience whatever it is that I choose.

What are your thoughts?  Comment below!

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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