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How To Shift Your Energy

By on September 17, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Shift Your Energy in5d in 5d

by Sara Starfire
guest writer for

A realm is a planetary domain that exists on levels of dimensions. Because our soul is not limited, and is limitless, it can travel to these other realms to explore, learn, and educate. Our souls, I feel, can do this at night when we are astral traveling, or because of parallel universes, they exist in these realms then pass the information onto us here. They do this because we are existing in human form, but are here to help elevate the level of consciousness of other humans on earth.

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We’ve heard of some of these realms before: Incarnated Angels, Wise Ones, Elementals, and my favorite Star Seeds. There are subcategories within Earth Angels, and while it may at times seems a bit fantastical, I assure you that once you discover your realm, the world all of the sudden seems right.

There are other realms that have not been discussed. These realms are the darker realms that people exist on. Just like everything in the universe, life needs to be balanced. With every fawn there is a tiger, with every seal there is a shark, with the birth of a child comes the death of another. It seems logical than that these “dark realms” as I call them, do indeed exist as the polar opposite of Earth Angels as Fallen Angels. Recently, a fellow star seed saw tentacles coming out of a woman. I found this incredibly interesting, because the woman was very into her ego, her “self”, and had a tendency to attach herself to others. Instantly it made sense that she was channeling lower vibrational realms.

These lower level realms include, but are not limited to:

Black Magik Witches and Sorcerers
Lower level E.T.s such as Reptilians, Greys
Trolls, Orcs
Dark Elves
Earthbound Spirits (aka ghosts)

No matter how you slice it, these lower level realms vibrate on negativity. And while it’s ok to read about them, watch movies, and entertain yourselves; these lower level realms can influence and effect the host. I say “host” because your higher self can become so lost and consumed by ego that entities can jump in and overtake your thoughts, and body.

So how does this happen? It’s simple really: you are a product of your environment. Let me repeat that. You are a product of your environment. The mind is a powerful and complex organ. To this day, we only understand 5% of it. Science and research are still uncovering hidden truths about our brains. But one thing has been recognized more and more by the scientific community, as well as the metaphysical community is that your perception of reality effects how you see the world.

If you surround yourself with forms of negativity: people, places, attitudes, you will start to embody these attributes. Negativity vibrates on a very low level, and remember the basic saying; like attracts like. Obviously, you are going to go through periods of your life where you experience negative encounters. Sometimes these experiences are only a blimp on the radar, and sometimes they can effect us for a long period of time. And while I’m not advocating toxic positivity, like Positive Polly, I am saying that dwelling on the negative in your life, past, present and future, can and will feed your ego and create a negative vibration around you that attracts lower level entities.

Here’s the good news: you can shift that energy. Start with something simple for the day. If you’re walking down the street passing a stranger, throw a smile their way. Do this all day, then at the end of day, go over your results. Did people respond positively? How did that make you feel? Did you feel your energy shift? Then do a random act of kindness for someone. I’ve paid for the car in back of mine once while going through a drive thru. Or you can help an old lady cross the street. Donate some time to a charity. Whatever you do, the more that you do it, you are changing the vibrational level within you. Crystals, books, healings help, but nothing shifts your energy faster than helping out another human being. Not because you have to, but because you want to.

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Learn to let your ego go. The ego is there to help us through the mundane things of life, and help us at work. But when your ego takes over during your personal life, and you start to notice that people are distancing themselves from you, you may just be starting to tap into something that isn’t a good thing. Other ways you can shift your energy is by; meditation, physical activities, artistic expression, writing poetry or lyrics, any form of expression to positively express your feelings.

Once you realize that you may be effected by lower level realms, you have the power to shift the energy to a higher one.

Here are some ways to recognize if you are a negative person:

1. Co-workers and friends start to distance themselves from you. If you were usually the “go to” person and now find that your phone isn’t ringing anymore, or co-workers or friends don’t come around anymore, you may be putting off a negative vibration.
2. You tend to get fired from your jobs or feel that you’re being forced to resign. Sure there’s a lot of other reasons why someone gets fired; bad work ethics, laziness, not understanding your job, but if you aren’t these things and you notice #1, you might find yourself constantly moving around.
3. “Whoa is me!!” These people feel that the whole world is out to get them, and they do not accept any personal accountability for their actions. It’s everyone else’s fault, and they are the victims.
4. Feelings of superiority and narcissism. Yikes! These are the basic ingredients of a psychopath. They are also quite common. 1 out of 100 people are psychopaths, and usually are politicians, CEO’s, business owners, or they could be your boss. Or you could be their boss.
5. Physical ailments. Negative thoughts that are not dealt with properly can effect your well being. Remember above I mentioned that scientists are starting to recognize how the mind effects our reality? There have been cases of cancer patients who were diagnosed terminal that beat it because of their positive attitudes.

If you are going through a particular difficult time of your life, or your whole life hasn’t been easy; remember that you can shift that simply by asking your angels and guides. I like saying a Most Benevolent Outcome or (MBO) everyday. This is not a prayer. A prayer will ask for help, where an MBO will state what you need. In this case, try saying something like, “Dear angels and guides, I ask for the most benevolent outcome to change my perspective from negative to positive and give me guidance and loving support through this difficult time. I ask for positive thoughts and people to enter into my field, and fill my heart with love and hope. I am open to receiving. Thank You”.

No matter what you are going through, you are a beautiful loving soul that needs to find some light in your life. With guidance, and keeping a positive frame of mind, you will shift your energy, and you will notice that you are loved.

Image: Pixabay

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