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How To Tap Into The Amazing Features Of A Creative And Spiritual Mind

By on October 25, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Tap Into The Amazing Features Of A Creative And Spiritual Mind

by Amanda Wilks,
Contributing Writer,

Our minds are mysterious territories that science has still not managed to penetrate entirely. And we are here to help decipher enigma and bring it further into the light. It is up to us to dive into introspection and understand the amazing features of a creative and spiritual mind that hides within us.


The naked eye cannot comprehend this world of energies. However, if you close your eyes and open your senses, you can feel that we have the most advanced machinery that manages our thoughts and spirit. So, let’s see the many ways you can enter into direct contact with your mind and enjoy its amazing features.

1.  Mindful Meditation

Many people believe that their ideas are conscious results of their creative efforts. However, that’s not the whole truth. We are born with the power to use only 10% of our mind, which is our conscious. We use it to shape our thoughts and form our moral values and beliefs. However, the fuel that feeds this logical intellection is actually provided by the rest of 90% of our mind, which is our unconscious.

It is said that if we were born with the full capacity in our possession right from the start, our physical dimension would not have been be able to support such a high traffic of energies. However, we have a lifetime to take control over our conscious. Afterward, we are ready to unlock the potential captured within.

The easiest way to tap into our spiritual mind is through mindfulness. This type of meditation enables a direct line from your conscious to your inner core where resides our creative capacity. Most yogins are actually practicing mindfulness on a daily basis. However, it is such a flexible and indulgent technique that any modern person can incorporate it into her or his routine.

2.  Experience the Power of Nature

Our spiritual mind is nothing more than our natural self. We’ve already discovered that reconnecting with nature alleviates us from strong negative feelings such as sadness and depression. Just by walking outdoors and admiring nature, our inner energy gets the chance to extract new powers.

We feel like a whole new person after we’ve taken a walk in the beautiful heart of a forest or along a peaceful beach. That is because we can finally acknowledge that nature is the sole way of order while our daily routine is a synthetic lifestyle built by man. However, once we get rid of all the mundane issues that tie us to the physical world, we are finally ready to listen to our inner self. This never ending space that revealed in front of us will give us enough room to overflowing our creative energy and activate the spiritual mind.

You can accompany your trips in the wilderness with sacred music, such as Kumbaya. The meaning of Kumbaya brings a note of optimism over the human race and allows us to connect to our spiritual self-easier.

3.  Take Up a Creative Hobby

Any artist seems capable of unleashing the depth of their creativity whenever they want. That is because the arts are dealing not with your logical mind, but with the other 90% of your creative energies. If you take a pencil and a blank page now, your rational side will tell you to draw a certain figure. However, your hand will follow what we call instinct and will create a different picture than the one you had in mind. The resulted piece is the work of your unconscious creativity.

The more you create stories, pictures or songs, the wider your access to your spiritual mind will become. Simply calling our artistic side, without any clear intentions at hand, will highlight the layout of your inner capacity more boldly. So, if you want to access your full creativity, you need to take up painting or writing, and let the spiritual mind control your hand.

4.  Feed your Body Properly

Many cultures embrace the idea that body and mind will always be in a harmonious symbiosis. They are the Yin and Yang continuum combination that charges us with creative vibrancy. So, it is easy now to understand that a powerful mind needs the support of a lean and healthy body.

The basic rules of a healthy nutrition are to avoid ‘junk’ food and embrace the good nutrients from the five groups of food, namely dairy, fruits, grains, meat, and vegetables. All these offer essential attributes and energy for the body to carry on its functions with a maximum of efficiency. However, the amount of food we consume also plays a major role in quality nutrition.

5.  Believe in Yourself

Unfortunately, our mind is full of noises created by our past experiences. These start from early childhood and will continue to grow in number until our last breath. This is why there’s no place where we can hide from our bad memories. However, instead of trying to make them quiet, we should embrace it.

Any experience has a good side and a bad side. Whichever one we chose to believe in will affect our self-esteem. If we allow our past experiences to turn into bad memories, it means that we will invest them with the power to create negative energies. However, if we face them and accept them as they are, these experiences will find their rightful place in our identity.

So, before stepping into the next stage of creative and spiritual awakening, we should first cleanse ourselves of all the negative energy that drags us down. It is our task to fight our demons that guard the passage to the higher level of inner enlightenment.

So, this is the guidance you need to tap into your creative and spiritual mind. Unlocking this potential requires a lot of practice and introspection. However, once you attain your goals, you will be able to unleash a wave of positive energy whenever you start a new project.

Author bio: Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a Contributing Editor at Job Descriptions. She has a great interest in everything related to job-seeking, career-building, and entrepreneurship and loves helping people reach their true potential.

Image: Pixabay

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