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Speed Earth’s Ascension by Grounding The New Energies Into Earth – Here’s How

By on October 24, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Speed Earth's Ascension by Grounding The New Energies Into Earth - Here's How

by Amanda Gauci,
Contributing Writer,

Further to my article, “Three Easy Steps To Do Your Part in the Awakening and Ascension of Earth. The Time is Upon US.” Posted Saturday, 8 October, and due to popular demand, have decided to write another article explaining why we need to ground and give you an exercise to follow if you are unsure of how to do this.

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As mentioned, OUR Great Mother Earth (Gaia), has gone into a new Earth cycle this year. This is scientific fact and occurs approximately every 27,000 years. This year has been quite a ride for all of us, with shift after shift occurring in very close succession. When I say shift, I am referring to new pockets being opened up in the universe and powerful rays of energy are coming into Earth affecting all of us. These rays are bringing us into new, full awareness. This is what is causing the ‘Awakening’ or the ascension process as some of you may be familiar.

In order for OUR ascension to happen quicker, there are 3 easy steps that we can take:

First, you need to ground yourself every day. See exercise below. Why? To ground these new and amazing energies into our Great Mother. This is healing Her and healing all of us. We are all but a cell in her body.

Second (but not necessarily in any order), take good care of yourself. This will make the ride much easier for you. Look after your body and be aware of your thinking. The mind is a very powerful tool. Choose your thoughts and words wisely. Clear your chakra system. If you need help with this seek out a practitioner. Please feel free to contact me or someone in the know, I am also teaching people how to do this for themselves. (My contact details are below).

Third, don’t feed into the fear, hate or anger. That’s what the shadow government want you do to. They feed off that. They use this as an excuse to tighten the controls/laws. Instead, LOVE yourself, LOVE each other, connect. RESPECT yourself, RESPECT each other, RESPECT our Earth Mother. Be supportive to each other. Stop those negative behaviors now in their tracks. WE are ONE and we need to work as a team.

Please see grounding exercise below, this really will speed up the process and spread consciousness to all on Earth. It truly is amazing what we can do.

Grounding, Connecting, Earth Healing, Empowerment Exercise

Please use the exercise below to help yourself feel centered, sending healing to yourself and as a channel for healing energies to be sent from the cosmos to Earth and vice versa (the other way around). Feel free to use your own variations but you can use this as a guide…

Stand or sit, whichever is better for you and take 3 nice deep breaths, relax yourself, relax the mind, in through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Next, imagine/know/feel (what works for you – sometimes this takes a bit of practice but you will get there) there is a white light above your head, from the highest light, coming from the cosmos and it is shining into to the top of your head, filling up your head, then your neck then running down both your arms and shining out both your palms, feel the light move down your spine and fill up your entire being, down your legs and to the soles of your feet. You are a being of light.

Next, imagine/know/feel really thick tree roots coming out of your feet and going deep, deep, deep into the Earth, to Her core and bringing up the beautiful red, or brown earth energy into your being and filling your entire being from your feet, up through your legs, into you torso, down your arms, shining out your hands and into your neck and head.

Now, imagine/know/feel that you are a channel bringing beautiful white light of the highest good deep into the earth and you are also bringing the earth energy up into the cosmos. Feel it as you breathe moving up and around your body and through your head hands and feet. You can also put a white or gold bubble of light around you about 3 feet wide all the way around you, above and below.

You can do this exercise anywhere, you do not have to be outdoors but it’s always better to be outdoors. Walking in the grass is good for grounding, sitting next to a tree and weaving the roots out of your feet into the roots of the tree, patting animals, walking, dancing. For a beginner it can be good to do the above exercise in the shower because it can be easier to imagine the light coming in with the feel of the running water.

Come into awareness and work TOGETHER to speed up this process. The sooner, the better for ALL of US, and this artificial reality that does not serve us will be behind us. Let’s separate ourselves from it with love and compassion. We are officially now in the Age of Aquarius. There is nothing to fear. Everything is coming together amazingly. It’s time for YOU to shine!

Happy Ascension Brothers and Sisters!!

Amanda Gauci
Infinite Flow
Website: (new site coming soon)
Awakener, Energy Healing & Teaching (Reiki, Ashati, Golden Dragon, Alsemia, Seichem, Ascension), Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT and NLP Practitioner
(Distance & In Person Healings Available. Contact me for more information)

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