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How to Transcend the Concept of Duality

By on October 11, 2014 in Spiritual Awakening
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How to Transcend the Concept of Duality

by Nadine Grant
guest writer for

When we buy into dualistic modes of thinking; negative/positive, good/bad, evil/loving – we pin ourselves to 3D consciousness which prevents us from seeing with our higher mind over a situation, person, or feeling. We cannot transcend the concept of duality while we are existing in a state of non-awareness. Lack of awareness exists only in those who fail to recognize inner shadows projected outward.

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We live in a world where hate is conjured up by those who have the means and scope to profit from it. And yet, as a collective, we have become complacent in trying to understand the world around us, often forgetting to ask ourselves what the “dark” aspects are for.

Many have had encounters with their own “dark” elements, and realize that not only is what we call “the darkness” necessary, it is vital to our soul paths and deepening of the self. The harshest lessons serve to shape our inner being – the foundation – the very nucleus that makes up our essence into polished diamonds. Light beings, if we allow ourselves to master ourselves in such a way. So how can we as a collective begin to transcend the concept of duality in our world?

Change always starts at home. In order to change the world around us, we have to start with ourselves. It is essential that we each take responsibility for our own tribulations and stop projecting shades of egotistical tendencies onto others. Blame, judgement, anger, gossiping about each other, guilt, manipulation – whatever it is that we do to feed the darker elements within our ego, need to be addressed from within.

As our perceptions unfold, duality begins to lose its grip over us and we can again start to see the events that have made up the pathway of our life, in a different light. When looking back from a higher level of consciousness over the events that have sculpted our road through life: the emotional lessons, the lessons in love – scenarios we once labelled as “negative” or “traumatic” can now be looked on objectively, without emotional attachment and EGO clouding our perspectives. It can be a world changing event the moment one receives an “AHA” revelation. Our perspectives and convictions about others often crumble around us in these moments.

Detaching from Duality: Steps to Inner Mastery

Contemplation & Journaling

One of the first steps to transcending duality, is to be extremely honest with yourself about where you are holding judgements about others and thus indirectly, yourself. Who do you judge as “Wrong” or “Bad” or “Dark”? “Who do you try to control and impose your will on? Where in your life do you manipulate another being in order to “win”?

Being more aware of our thoughts on a moment-by-moment basis is an essential phase of inner work if we want to retain our clarity of mind. In a split-second our energies can dip down into 3rd density thinking where we can find ourselves resonating with the shallower, base thoughts and actions. When we are resonating in the frequency of love, judgements cannot exist. Nobody is beneath our kindness.

The process of self-probing significantly deepens our understanding of duality.  When we question ourselves, and receive guidance, we understand ourselves on a deeper stratum. Understanding ourselves, inevitably leads to the natural progression of understanding others and the world around us. Messages often come hurtling out of the ether in the impending days or weeks. This is known as “checking in with the Higher Self”, or “Contemplation Meditation” by many psychics and healers. Consequently, this step fine-tunes our perception of self and strengthens our inner voice and intuition. By questioning our own motives and behaviours, we are in effect, inviting in the energies of transformation and change as well as giving the nod of acknowledgement to our helpers in the spiritual realm who are all too aware of our development and where we are at in terms of our life plans. We are now receptive to truths concerning our development and where we have yet to achieve growth. A dedicated diary or notebook is also key in this, even if we sometimes get lazy, a lot of messages come through that we receive that may only make sense later on down the line. Usually those Aha moments come while we are in the very act of reading over old entries in our journal.

The hard part is most often asking the right questions so that we know what the answer pertains to when it is given to us. If we don’t have a question to frame the answer, it can be difficult to know what the message is. Awareness again, plays a huge part in our perception of the answers. If we are glued to the TV as an example, and something occurs which is a response to our ponderings, we can miss the transmission altogether.


The second crucial aspect to greater enlightenment within, is meditation. Meditation will help to clear out unnecessary and low vibrational thought cycles which makes us more receptive to our guides and the spiritual realms. This is the perfect state to receive guidance and clarity from our higher Self. There are a few widely used methods to receiving answers in meditation, which is to set your intention in advance. Let your guide, or higher self, whomever or whatever it is you are most comfortable addressing, and let them know your intent for the meditation; what you want to achieve.

Think about your questions beforehand. Once you are in the meditative state and relaxed, mentally or out loud begin to ask your questions and allow your mind to let go of the need to formulate an answer for yourself. Allow your breathing to become the focus of your attention as this will centre you.

Some example questions:

  • What is the root cause of my anger?
  • Show me what I most need to see, hear, feel or know    about myself right now.
  • What limiting beliefs about others am I holding?
  • How are these beliefs related to my current situation?
  • Why am I unable to control my emotions when I spend time with ……?
  • Show me any energies that are residing within my spirit

The answers received can be unexpected, shocking even, and will come through in a variety of ways. Some get the messages in Technicolor visuals, others through words and sounds or through smells and cognizance. Most people, however, use a combination of a few or all of the intuitive senses to receive their information.

Upon following this method of self-deliberation for a while, it soon becomes second nature. As we rise in thought vibration, we renovate years and years of hardwired, 3D coded neural pathways. When this probing of self has become a habitual instinct, you know you are at the stage where you are existing primarily through the higher self and not through the EGO mind.

Remembering the Law of Attraction and Resonating Energies

The crux of the matter. When we take resonant energies into account, we cannot play the victim in any scenario in life. There is a way to use the Law of Attraction to assist us rather than hinder us and a big part of this is recognising our thoughts and projections when we come face to face with them. We manifest what we need to evolve into our existence. What we choose to do with this – Rise or Sink is firmly within our own hands. That being said however, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize a mirror lesson. They fundamentally involve someone or something that triggers us in such a way that it travels deep to the most extreme aspects of our character. This type of clouded mentality completely eradicates our objectivity. People project their own weaknesses of character towards another whilst not acknowledging the same or similarly resonating behavior in themselves.

The primary benefit of transcending duality, is that you no longer relate to finger pointing, judgement or labelling of any kind. You now understand that each soul has their lessons, their level of consciousness and their own pathway to growth. This results in a dissolution of frustration with others or outside events. Life is less stressful, you stop trying to control everything and everything you do not like and you have more of an understanding of the healing properties of the shadow realms. You are more adept at dealing with emotionally fraught situations that once would have had you snarling with anger! When you can respond to a person or event in an objective, unbiased and unemotional manner, you know that you have reached a pivotal point in your development of self.  The challenge will be in the upkeep of your new vibration.

“What exactly are you here for?”
“To see with eyes unclouded by hate.”
~ Princess Mononoke, Film

Written by Nadine Grant, Clairvoyant Medium, Activist against all injustice, Writer & Sustainable fashion designer.

Image: Pixabay

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