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Hyperbolic Funnel – The Shape Of Ascension

By on December 10, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

Hyperbolic Funnel - The Shape Of Ascension

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by Michael Hallett,
Contributing Writer,

While much has been written about Ascension, there has been little focus on the trajectory of an individual on the Ascension path other than in abstract terms. In reality, Ascension follows a highly structured and predictable energetic shape: a hyperbolic funnel.


Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) observed that the hyperbolic funnel (or hyperbolic vortex) is a shape that consistently reoccurs when nature is at its most transformational. A hyperbolic funnel is the shape of a black hole in space, a tornado touching down, or a whirlpool. Many of us have seen them in museums, where they are used to solicit donations of small coins. The coins roll around the rim of the funnel for ages, seemingly defying gravity. We watch, transfixed, as the coin gradually spirals downward and disappears.

A hyperbolic funnel begins as energy moving in slow, wide, circles of gradually diminishing radii. As the circles diminish in size the energy gathers speed and downward (i.e. spiral) movement begins. As the energy approaches the center of the funnel, its speed accelerates exponentially until it plunges through the heart of the vortex and emerges in a transformed state.

Because of its transformational properties, the hyperbolic funnel is the natural shape of the Ascension process. In the early stages of Ascension, we may not even be aware that we are in the grip of a very definite process. At this stage we may experience interrupted sleep patterns, occasional bouts of illness with no obvious cause, or start noticing strings of repeated numbers.

In the middle stages of Ascension we gradually approach the center of the funnel. Here Ascension symptoms become prevalent. These may include nausea, diarrhea, tinnitus and other physical ailments. We may notice that they occur in conjunction with emotional crises, leaving no doubt that a process is involved. As we hurdle each crisis we are presented with a deeper, more insoluble problem—until that too is surmounted as we race at ever-growing speed towards the heart of the Ascension vortex.

At the rim of the funnel the terrain changes dramatically. What was mostly a horizontal, circular movement of energy shifts rapidly into a vertical, spiraling motion. The gateway to this transition is a process that Lauren Gorgo at Think With Your Heart calls ‘personal polarity reversal’. This may involve several days of extreme nausea and vertigo while disconnecting from the mass consciousness grid.

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In the later stages of Ascension grace descends as we totally surrender to the process. This is essential as the most daunting moments still lie ahead—triggering and releasing our core masculine and feminine survival fears. Our core masculine fears center on money, our feminine ones on sex. They are the twin pillars that anchor us in the polarized 3D energy system. Once released, we surge through the hyperbolic funnel and into the brave new world of 5D.


About the author: Michael Hallett writes on emotional education and the mechanics of Ascension.

Image: Pixabay

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