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How To Break Free From The Spell Of Fear

By on December 10, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Break Free From The Spell Of Fear

by Hannes Häusler,
Contributing Writer,

Society nowadays is very much accustomed to the feeling of fear. We believe it to be a natural phenomena throughout the learning process. Almost all educational systems and most working environments are based on fear and the general motive and drive in the western as well as most of the eastern countries is one of fear. It is this artificial archontic force, which is determining the life of most people. Early on in our childhood we learn that life is hard and that only if we suffer enough and are able to do good at school, will we be approved to the adult world by being initiated through a rite of fear and doubt. Most of the adults have forgotten about the fairy tales that their mothers used to read to them before going to bed, when they were kids. They have forgotten about the goblins and elves, the dragon and the lore, the courageous men and women, who risk everything to save their love. They have numbed their imaginations for spraying and co-creating a grey world, in which everyone and everything is of the same color, a land where everyone is having the same thoughts. All people live in similar houses, mostly blockhouses and all of their gardens do look the same and they all take the same bus in the morning to go to work, they watch the same television shows at night after work and use the same shampoo when having a shower. The rule is: “follow and obey“. The system is the role model for all men and women, they follow into the footsteps of a repetitive machine, which is producing more and more machines of the same kind. In the eyes of some people, this may sound a bit extreme, but sadly this already becomes a reality for a lot of people, who devote their life and soul for the sake of fear.

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Our modern lifestyle pushes us right into the depth of fear. It is not only buttered by the food industry, which mostly provides us with degenerating, fear-inducing foods, that have been vaccinated, contaminated and sprayed with a whole range of different chemicals, but it is also the pharma-industry, which poisons and suppresses our children to take roots in this world and blossom. Not to mention that almost everything nowadays is being made of plastic, a very toxic substance for animals as well as humans. It creates this artificial environment, that fear needs in order to thrive. Next to congesting our bodies with this chemical abundance, we also have the mind-control game going on. The media and almost all educational institutions serve well to administer their teachings of fear and doubt into the mind of the people. How can we break free off the spell of fear? Is it the right solution to exit the system or trying to destroy it?

How does fear express itself in the human aura?

Fear creates thin, spaghetti-like, foggy lines that connect to your aura. These lines are sticky and they connect with you through your chakras. They do in fact look a bit like chemtrails and thus is their mechanism. They suck up the energy from you, You need a lot of energy to keep up this connection and this keeps the vicious circle. Once that you start to rid yourself off these lines, you will start to get a feeling of lack, almost as if someone would stop smoking after 15 years of being a smoker and the body starts to crave for the tobacco. So fear is addictive. These foggy lines are like twigs hindering the flow of the mountain river, once that too many of them have been collected in one water basin. And thus are our chakras like these water basins of a mountain stream, they are basins of energy, which constantly need to be cleaned off the debris. And there is a few ways to approach this chakra cleansing process.

1.) Use your energy system, your hands are the transmitters of your energy. When putting your hands above your chakras, you can then visualize how streams of energy are flowing through your hands into your chakras in order to clear the blockages.

2.) Eat more clean food. People either underestimate or overestimate the benefits of an energetic diet. Going raw all at once will create a lot of problems for our bodies. We have to approach it in such a way that we are doing it step by step. Energetic food does not necessarily mean that you have to switch to a raw diet altogether, but slowly beginning to control the energies, which are entering into your body through food. You can energetically program the food that you are ingesting. This once used to be the wisdom of those who performed prayers before attending the dinner. Most of the people do eat a lot of meat and sugar, which both trigger the hormones of fear.

3.) Work out. Go out and have a run. Do just a little exercise every day and you will slowly start to enjoy it. Whether it is yoga, tensegrity or any kind of martial arts and other sports. Anything that moves you, brings you to the next step in your development. When we are scared, we do not have to stop what we are doing. Just go on and be aware of the fear.

4.) Start to write a fear diary. Many people recommend to keep a diary about dreams as a means to dive more into the realm of lucid dreaming. Oftentimes our fears are being mirrored through our dreams. But we do experience a lot of them throughout the day. So for you to be more aware of your fears, to keep track of them, it would be wise to note them down every now and then. This takes away the effect of surprise that most fears bring about. And in addition to that you could also create a diary on your dreams.

5.) Change your attitude on mistakes. There are no mistakes. All of the great geniuses have failed a lot times before they were entering into their highest potentials. This is the learning path. If we do not allow ourselves to make mistakes, we also do not allow ourselves to learn and to eventually be in our core, in our source, where we are our most authentic selves.

6.) Reduce your self-importance and thereby you will not create any unnecessary expectations in yourself and other people. You are but one in a billion, a blinking spot in the energy mass.

7.) Call in the Jaguar Spirit in Meditation. The jaguar is fearless in all means. He is the king of the jungle. He shows us the elegant side of darkness. He can be of help for us to go through our fears, understanding them and letting them go. The color black in this sense can help a lot to consciously work with your fears.

If you are a keen observer, go to the forest, have a look around, feel the ground, the trees, the plants. Do you feel that there is any fear in nature? You are right, there isn’t, because fear does not exist in nature, it does not come from there. Fear has artificially been created. Yes there is a fear, which is necessary for our dear survival, it is the fear of death, that we experience, when we are in life-threatening situations. It is the fear that serves as a catalyst for our energies to reach their fullest potential. But is that fear not something beneficial, do we really have to fear that fear? In nature, one can observe how flowers are growing and how butterflies are being born. If the butterfly would be scared to come out, then he would not dare it. Fear is not a part of nature. One, who has overcome even the fear of death, can experience true infinity. Only a few people have come to experience this state of being, of being fearless. Jesus, Buddha, Sai Baba to name but a few.

Being a lot in nature can help you to remember your primordial state. You can remember your fearless nature, when seeing how flowers are growing and how butterflies are being born, we are triggering these memories. Even if people are cutting the plants, stepping on them, spraying them, genetically modifying them, nature still grows, because life goes on. In this sense fear does not exist and neither does death. Death is an illusion, because life will always be sustained. After leaving this body, we do live forth, but in another energy form or state.

Fear does not originate from within, it comes from outside. You can artificially produce the fear for yourself and once that you start to notice, that you do not need the fear anymore, you naturally switch it off. We tend to get ourselves over and over again into the same situations, which we are afraid of. This is so that we can solve them and literally dissolve the fear, that goes along with the situation. Fear can stop any process, if we allow it to. If we allow the fear to dominate, then what was naturally going to occur will not take place anymore. If the plant would start to fear, she would resign to grow. But only the humans can understand and make the fears, they have the power over their fears or their fears have the power over them. Our primordial state is not of fear, for we also belong to nature. We originated from nature, which makes us fearless beings in our deepest core. There is this fear, which has artificially been designed. It is the mind. If we would not have a mind, we would not fear either.

As mentioned above, there is a natural fear in humans and this also exists in animals. This fear triggers certain hormones within the animals, which give them the power to decide whether they still want to stay here or go on. The artificial fear is one of a different kind, it is very sticky, you cannot really be clear. It tears down the human spirit. It has been created, so that we as humans do not activate our fullest potential, that we do not find our natural thriving frequency. This fear comes from other beings. Nevertheless we do react to the fear, which means that a part of these beings resides within the human spirit/mind, which is also the reason why these beings are able to control the human race. They have been known in ancient times and their names are still valid today. People have called them “flyers“, “archons“, “djinn“, “demons“ etc… They are the masters of fear. Through fear they have come to control an entire race, they are the masters of illusion, the masters of maya (from Hinduism). They are being exposed now more and more by people such as Carlos Castaneda, whose teacher referred to them as the flyers. In Gnostic as well as some philosophic teachings these beings are also mentioned for their parasitic effect on the mind. It is believed that they live off the emotional energies of the people. They are our predator. We are being domesticated, we serve as batteries in fuelling the game of fear, which we have not created ourselves, but which we keep on co-creating.

There is a whole range of different sources of information on these topics on the internet, which makes it hard for us to filter what is authentic and what is not. No one is to blame, neither skeptics nor those who fall for everything, in the end these two characters might not be so different from each other. It is necessary for us to find the balance and consciously choose those things, which we are able to believe in. It very much depends on your own experience, whether you have come into close and conscious contact with any such beings or not. The reports of people, who have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings, all have a very similar touch to them, even their descriptions of the inside of such an extraterrestrial vehicle are all very similar to each other.

So these beings are trying to make us believe that fear is natural, that it is natural to be scared in school and other educational institutions. And those, who represent these beings here on earth are fostering the rules of fear among the people. They are called illuminati, Satanists, psychopaths and whatever name you want to give to them. To them fear is a great spiritual master, that can teach them up to everything. They scare the children, so that they will learn to play according to their rules. In all of these institutions, from kindergarten up to the universities and most of the jobs, we get to learn that fear is a natural phenomena and that it is even beneficial for us. Everything is about performance, competition, winning over others, it is about being better than others. All this competition is buttered and fueled by fear, the fear not to survive, while we are being immunized to the real danger of ignorance and the robotic mindset, which presets the death of the human soul. Paradoxically the natural state of the human mind is relaxed and can let go of things any time. In this mindset, we do reach our fullest potential. According to neuroscientists, in the state of being completely relaxed, we can use and activate more areas of the brain. And through this we get to activate more of our DNA strands. The generally accepted scientific view says that we only use 2 of our 12 DNA strands. This can be true partially, but the science discards the rest of our DNA as junk, which is just that, junk. We can activate our DNAs through love, food, conscious interaction, work out and so many more things. But most of us get stuck with either food or love, for a lack of a real childhood or other deficits. Most of us have been pushed to learn something, which we did not want to learn in the end and which led us to believe that stress and fear are natural in the learning process.

We got to rewrite and awaken the collective consciousness, which assumes and believes that we can learn much better under stress and when we are scared, to the fact that true learning only happens through love and passion. Only when we allow ourselves to attach emotionally, to let ourselves being touched by the things, thus can we truly begin to grasp the depth of everything. This is called emotional intelligence. Children upset their parents, because the parents have unlearned to truly learn and it hurts them to see their children do it so easily. They have forgotten their once so childish mindset. It has become grey in most people`s heads. But that does not have to stay like this. We can always be better and start to motivate ourselves for better health, both emotionally and physically, through food and detox, through work-out and simply getting rid of the old and breaking through to the new. We can be a role model for our children. Fear is not something that we have to fear. Fear leads us to love. If we can let the fear flow through our bodies, in the end we will let it go. We only get stuck with the fear, if we want to keep it, if we stick to it vehemently. Fear can be addictive, obviously. Knowing this you can step by step begin to embrace your fears with love and take them to a higher ground, instead of focusing on destroying the system of fear altogether. Send your love and well intentions into the web and you will be thanked for a million times. In the end, only love exists. So fear is an illusion.

About the Author: Hannes Häusler is a freelance author. In his writings he is inspired by the ancient wisdom of shamanic tribes and plants. Since he has met his twinflame, they are working together with people doing aura-analysis and energy healing. Right now they are working on a new book, of which this article will be a part of. It is called “Twinflames – The Alchemy of Love”. For further information please visit:

Image: Pixabay

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