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Intentions, Frequency, Karma And Cellular Communication – Preparations For 2017

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Intentions, Frequency, Karma And Cellular Communication - Preparations For 2017

by Shawn-Dee Scott,
Contributing Writer,

2017 is a year one, symbolizing not just the beginning of another 9 year cycle (Mother earth and her children is presently culminating a 9 year cycle right now!) but also a beginning or renewal for consciousness on both planetary and individual levels. The outcome of the U.S elections with Trump’s victory has startled many across the planet, of course some of us, not so startled— there’s evidence everywhere of human consciousness moving; in politics, technology and our spiritual as well as social spectrums. It is dependent on the species however, whether that movement of consciousness will be a progression, that will elevate us into higher dimensions and being more harmonic beings or a depression, where we continue down the self destructive path we have been trotting for a long while now. Are you going to ignore the soft whisper that echoes down the corridors of your souls and carelessly lend your sovereignty to so called authorities who do not have the simple good intention much less spiritual growth necessary to lead and guide (NOT RULE) our planet? Or are you ready and willing to liberate yourselves from control in whatever form it may try to imprison you? The answer must come from you. You are the solution.

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We all know what our Mother doesn’t need right now or any other NOW for that matter; more oils spills, genetically modified food, killing and endangering animals, suppression, deception and the list goes on. But that’s all these mothaf*ckas are shoving down our throats! And the humans, they are too dumbed down to do anything about it. It makes me upset sometimes because you wait on someone or something you believe is greater than you to come save you and it will never happen. You need to wake up. Humans, you need to wake the f*ck up!

I’ve already given my take on what the planet needs right now in a previous article “17 Year Old Indigo Child Message To The New Children And Lightworkers” and if you haven’t already, do check out Gregg Prescott’s video “Global Unity Project What The World Needs Right Now!”  It’s nothing less than the truth.

Global Unity Project: What The World Needs Right Now -- MIRROR & SHARE!!

But for a minute, forget what I say Gaia needs right now and forget what Gregg said. Forget what everyone is telling you the way things should be and look within yourself and decide for YOURSELF the life you want to manifest in your own universe.


This is where our intentions come into play. Our thoughts and intentions literally create our reality. Thought always comes first. Experience is always secondary. Do you know why we encourage you to stop watching the television? It has nothing that edifies you. All it does is feed you lies and chaos then give you the notion that what is going on in the world is totally out of your control and you can’t do anything about it. Let me make something clear to humanity. The world is the way it is because of our collective thoughts and to a great extent, emotions of it. If all you’re hearing on the nightly news is violence, tyranny and spiritually-deprived plans for ‘peace’ then your mind is going to follow that chain of thought. Unless you empower yourselves and shine your light, you will continue to live in the powerless illusion that they have manipulated us to believe in. Change won’t come. Until you become in charge of your own vision, society will continue telling your vision what to see and believe. This is where the impeccable practice of the simplest things like daydreaming becomes relevant.

You have imagination for a reason. I won’t say anymore on that matter because I trust in the near future as the divine feminine consciousness returns to this planet you will figure out its power and purpose.

Empty your minds and hollow the vast space inside you. In fact, the very space between your own molecules is vaster than the space between planets in your solar system. This is evidence that your inner universe is more expansive than your outer which means what you have going on inside affects and is greater than your outer world. So if you want a better life, a better body and a better planet make it happen. Govern your own minds and affirm the new earth reality. You will need a clear and sound mind in order to bring your intentions into play. Your intentions drive you to the probable realities that you want or don’t want to create. It is up to you as it always has been. You are creators. Trust your higher thoughts and put your ego on a leash.


The frequency on this planet is changing rapidly. I congratulate the beings here who make the effort to make a difference. I don’t care how great or small what you did was. You did something, that is what I’m concerned about and that is what Mother is concerned about.

Everything is frequency and everything reproduces frequency. No exceptions. That is why the whole system that you and I are tasked to bust is called frequency control. Recently I’ve been noticing some very obvious changes in how I socialize. When someone is talking to me and I listen to that person; it’s like when a kid takes up a book to read and he doesn’t read the acknowledgements and preface, he just skips straight to the chapter to get to the story because the introductions and prefaces just seem like irrelevant parts of the book to them. That’s how I experience socializing. When the person talks it feels like all these words are just unnecessary chatter (in my mind I’m like “get to the point”) and without even thinking about it, my brain or some intelligent part of me would pick out key words (usually one or two) or just a phrase that my being detects has within it, the point the person is trying to get across. But it’s more than the word itself. There’s a feeling behind it, behind the scenes that I understand and often I would get what someone is saying to me before they even finish their sentence/finish making their point verbally.

What is happening here is that my life is giving me an indication of the evolution of the collective consciousness humanity is going through. We are shifting in human understanding from the means we use to communicate now to telepathic communication. That is what it felt like, some form of telepathy and soon writing, emailing and telephoning will be very primitive when our telepathic powers completely resurface. I tell you friends, humanity is up for drastic changes. Do not mistake yourselves. The changes coming aren’t going to be the presents in Santa Claus sack on Christmas Eve and it’s not ANY religious god returning to save us. You have to make a decision. You have to change your way of being. You have to bring about the change. No one can save you; you are the ones you have been waiting for.

There’s a reason why I made a direct link between what is happening in my life and the consciousness of the collective. If you want to know how well this planet is doing take a look into your own lives. How much love do you have for yourself? How much love do you have for others? Are you eating healthy? Are you taking care of your body? How liberated are you? How suppressed are you? What you are doing in your little home over there is affecting the entire planet. You are electromagnetic beings, receivers and transmitters of energy. Everything that you do echoes into eternity. So don’t ask why the world isn’t changing, ask yourself why you are not changing. Change is not an easy process; please don’t expect it to be. Those of you who have gone through the dark nights of the soul can attest to that but I want you to keep in mind who you are and what you represent. You are free! You are gods! You have the power. It is important that you keep going in whatever situation you are going through. You represent the future of humanity and in the future you are going to help others who are struggling with what you are struggling with right now. And you will be able to help because you would have gone through the same thing thus knowing where the person is coming from to have the compassion and humility to help. If it was easy to liberate your selves and go through any challenge then life would not have purpose here. Many of you, including myself yearn to return to our home planets forgetting that we came here with a mission and to learn/grow.

One of the things we need to do right now is become Keepers of Frequency. As I said, what you do affects everything and everything is frequency so it is our responsibility to radiate light and not darkness in the world. Radiate love and not hate, freedom not control. Peace not chaos. Radiate all that is good to you first and foremost. The world cannot be free once again if you are keeping yourself enslaved by the things you know no longer serves your evolution and the ridiculous rules you have outgrown as conscious beings. Remember, we are all connected. We all have a part to play. The days of hiding in the shadows and being neither fake but not fully true to ourselves either, lukewarm, are gone. You do not need to put your candle under a table in fear that others may see your light and hate you. Carry your light courageously and proudly wherever you go giving sight to others in the dark looking for a path.


As incarnated beings here on earth you are also karmic beings. With every death you’ve had, you do not carry your past bodies with you but there are other things you do carry. You carry the personality you had before, the lessons learnt that has made you the more mature and wiser being you are now or the mistakes you may have made with you. Many of us desire to become greater versions of ourselves and we either succeed or fail at this little by little in each incarnation. Here’s what I suggest to you as a Wayshower; don’t pay too much attention on what is before, the only purpose you should have for spending energy on the past is to learn from and clear up karmic experiences and debts you had. Whatever happened that you were not done with, that you still owe recognition/attention and/or reconciliation with—get done with it immediately and thoroughly. And for the past experiences that you owe nothing to yet a piece of you still exists there, find a way to let go. The intention is to transcend and ascend as multidimensional beings that you are. You cannot accomplish either if something is holding you back. Your frequency needs to be PURE.  BE THE LIGHT and LIVE AS LIGHT. So in your meditations this week, sit and think about your personal karma, address what requires addressing and let go of what no longer serves your higher purpose.

Cellular Communication

I mentioned that for every new incarnation, you carry with you the lessons/mistakes and personalities you occupied before. I failed to mention the fact that you carry your past lives’ memories as well—in addition to generational and ancestral memories; well, because this one is a tricky one. Before being born we go through a process of forgetting, an amnesia stage. Not something we necessarily called on ourselves like some of us who chooses the parents we want give birth to us before coming here. It happens because of the laws that govern the third dimension. In the same way one cannot so easily walk through walls in 3D reality because of its density but in the same breath, doesn’t mean that they can’t learn to manipulate the molecules and pass through is the same way you may not remember past lives but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach yourself to. In January of 2016 I remember having a very awful cold. It didn’t last very long but it was really terrible. I said to myself, CONSCIOUSLY with ALL MY BEING TO MY BEING, I would not get sick again. Ever, no matter what illness or disease, I don’t care how contagious I may be ‘told’ it is. I made a command that month to my immune system to be in optimum performance. Did some meditations the following week affirming this immunity further. Since March of 2016 to present date I have not gotten a single flue or virus, family members very close around me have and I would always be around them (personally because I want to share my energy in hope of bringing healing) and I wouldn’t catch what they had. Apparently I had become immune to all illness and sickness. To this day I still am and for the rest of my life shall. I could go in the details and bring up the minute information that would prove this true from a linear/left brain basis but I don’t do linear. I am consciousness; please don’t compare me with your brain.

Another experience I had was a recent one a morning outside my house. I live on a hill and there are lots of trees around. Ideal right? So that morning I was practicing grounding the energies. I’m a little bit new to this because I usually struggle with knowing what to do with energy once I had cultivated or received it. I started grounding energies about a month and a week ago. After I grounded the energy I received from above into Mother Earth and Mother had sent me her loving energy to transmit out and above, I felt this ecstatic feeling throughout my whole body. Literary that day, the world before me changed! I was in a different dimension! When I say the world changed I don’t mean the trees in my yard disappeared or the leaves turned from green to pink. No. Vibrationally, I did not feel like I was still in the third dimension.

I could probably label this as an ascension experience which it very much was! But I can’t avoid acknowledging too an equal and deeper truth that occurred here. See, it was my thoughts and intentions coupled with the frequency of light that I was holding in THAT MOMENT that communicated to the molecules in my body which as a reaction or vibrational RESPONSE if you will, caused me to shift into a higher dimension. Into a dimension I was a vibrational match to in THAT MOMENT.

I communicate with my body every day. I think we all do. Some of us are just unconscious communicators in the same way we unconsciously create in our universes (lives).

Friends, you can use your intentions, frequency, karma and cellular communication to create the greatest, of all your past incarnations, version of yourself in preparation for and to experience the wonders that awaits us in the year 2017.

Namaste!  I love you all

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