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Is It A Spiritual Awakening Or Am I Just Plain Crazy?

By on May 6, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Is It A Spiritual Awakening Or Am I Just Plain Crazy?

by Kelly Ashley,
Guest writer,

You’ve probably asked yourself that question. I did too, a million times, and it was a tough question to answer. A few years ago I experienced what I can only describe as a psychosis. For quite some time my natural highly sensitive tendencies had been intensifying, as had my spiritual experiences, until they all eventually just blurred together into one heck of an overwhelming, maddening mess. And maddening, it truly was.

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I found that my emotions changed unexpectedly and without warning. I was prone to tearfulness, sometimes for seemingly no reason at all, and a powerful all-consuming anxiety (which strangely, was worse at the full moon). I had lost all interest in the superficial and material aspects of life and as a result I had reduced my social circle significantly – in fact, I pretty much had nobody but family left. Old places, people and things just lost their appeal entirely and it was hard to keep up any relationships with this peculiar, intense yet strangely synchronistic experience going on. I knew something was happening to me, but I wasn’t quite sure what. Spiritually I felt awakened, but physically I felt completely and utterly lost. Everyone around me knew I had changed. People wondered what the hell was wrong with me. So did I.

But you know it’s strange. We never really take notice of things until they are truly too huge to ignore. I kept fretting that perhaps I could possibly be crazy, and I did worry about it from time to time, until I finally reached the point where the experience was so overwhelming that I truly couldn’t ignore it anymore. There were no ifs and buts about it – the symptoms I had definitely FELT crazy. I didn’t feel like life had any structure or stability at all anymore. My feelings and senses were attuned to things that didn’t make sense, or that I couldn’t explain. I had no idea that they were signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening.

Here are some of the peculiar things I experienced which are indicative of a spiritual awakening. Perhaps you can relate to the following:

Emotional sensitivity – extreme highs or extreme lows, wild or erratic mood swings, unexplained depression or sudden waves of emotion

Energetic sensitivity – picking up on energies or feelings from people, places or things. Feeling overwhelmed by your own energy or others

Psychosis – bipolar, depressive or manic tendencies

Synchronicity – seeing number patterns, peculiar coincidences, meaningful signs or symbolism

Knowing that something has changed within you or your life, even if you can’t explain what

Becoming more introverted or sensitive, craving more time alone

Increased psychic or intuitive abilities – senses, visions, knowing, hearing or even seeing

Vivid, meaningful dreams, or lucid dreaming

Confusion in life or inability to make decisions

Communications with spirit, Creator, guides or ascended masters, angels or even ET beings

Awareness of soul mates, twin flames or soul counterparts

Past life memories or current life issues rising to the surface to be released and healed

And then something REALLY weird happened. It was as if all this seeming craziness and my need to resist it out of fear finally crumbled. Maybe I let go, or perhaps it just became too big to fight anymore, but it all just dissolved, and I surrendered to the experience no matter how odd or inexplicable it seemed. I figured that if I was going down, if this was going to take me to the depths of myself, I was going to purposely push myself down. I wasn’t going to let it take me against my will. I wouldn’t go kicking and screaming, I’d make it a choice. I just couldn’t stand to be afraid of it anymore.

When I let go, every emotional issue I had ever had rose up to the surface. All the shame and blame and panic and low self-esteem that I’d been holding down throughout my lifetime bubbled up for me to realize, accept and release. The interesting thing about this was that when I stopped resisting, and just accepted whatever came up – whether it be an emotional issue or a peculiar experience – it was like it lost its power over me. When I was finally willing to look it actually brought a sense of relief, because fighting and resisting it for so long had been strenuous and fraught with tension.

Slowly, but surely, the issues paled and released, taking the overwhelm with them. I immediately became more grounded, and realized that most of the odd experiences that I was having were actually spiritual experiences, and were laced with deep and powerful meaning that was designed to guide me through life. Life began to balance out and feel normal and stable again. My anxiety and overwhelm was entirely gone. But the most amazing thing was that it almost immediately rerouted me onto my life purpose. It ignited a passion within me that wasn’t there before. I felt I had finally found what I wanted to do. I later found that the ‘mystical madness’ that I had experienced had happened to others too – normal, everyday people, like you and me. It had even happened to the likes of Mother Theresa, Buddha and Carl Jung. It comforted me knowing that this sacred experience had transformed these amazing people in a positive and truly inspirational way.

You’re not crazy.

Some aspects of your experience may SEEM crazy. They may be hard to rationalize, because they are happening on the spiritual plane and are governed by other laws, but that doesn’t make you crazy.

You see, this experience is not an accident. It’s not a flaw or a mistake. It’s designed to transform you into who you truly are. It’s an attempt by your soul to strip you of everything that’s not you; to heal the psyche of lifetimes worth of issues. It’s the process of waking up, releasing all of the pain and karmic patterns, and finally completing the lessons so that we can be our true, divine, and pure selves. Until we allow ourselves to recognize, accept and release our pain, our soul will continue to repeat these patterns – like a computer program stuck in a loop. When it does that, it can have the look and feel of a mental breakdown, when in truth it is a spiritual and psychological breakthrough. Naturally, it can be hard to handle. In order to gain control, balance and freedom we need to realign ourselves. We need to come back down to earth, gain a foothold in the structure of the physical and support ourselves through the process of healing the soul. That all starts with grounding.

What I didn’t realize in the moment was that when I let go, I inadvertently grounded myself. The best way for you to gain control, stabilize your awakening and sensitivities is to ground yourself. That’s the first step. When we ground ourselves we stop the soul from purging everything overwhelmingly at once. We allow ourselves to release in a healthy, structured way. We balance our energies. We release anxiety and overwhelm. Things get better. It changed everything for me, and I truly feel that it is a vital skill if you’d like to have a smoother awakening.

In fact, I’m so passionate about it that I’ve created a FREE 5-day course to help you do just that. In the course I’ll explain what grounding is, why it is vitally important and I’ll teach you some simple yet effective techniques that will fully support you throughout your journey! You can get it here:

About the author: Kelly Ashley is an intuitive therapist assisting others with their spiritual awakening process after experiencing her own spiritual emergence. She has a passion for helping others manage the process in a stable, grounded, yet spiritual way. Get your FREE 5-day eCourse to help you stabilize your awakening, calm uncontrollable symptoms and ground your awakening here:

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