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Inside The Mind Of Creator

By on May 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Inside The Mind Of Creator

by Jude Fullmer,
Contributing Writer,

Ready to DISCOVER for yourself who/what we REALLY are as humans? Put on your visualization caps, and follow me! Have you ever laid there late at night and created a story in your head? You know, where you do an amazing feat and become famous. Or woo the beautiful, intelligent, fulfilling woman of your dreams? Yeah, you know what I mean!

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Go ahead, and imagine yourself inside of your head right now. Create a world in which you live. Inside of this world, we can do whatever we want! We can fly! We can teleport! We can give famous people personalities and pretend that they’re our best friends. We can grant our imaginary selves a dream home, along with your dream cars, dream boats, dream island, etc. The point is, is that as long as you can believe it and understand it, you can make it happen!

So, let’s imagine that we create a beautiful world for us to explore! It’s lush with green, sparkling blue, and full of life! You can create as many ‘characters’ as you want to explore with, to interact with, and see different viewpoints of. Yet, after so much exploring and creating ‘perfect’ scenarios, you grow bored! Everything you can think of has already been created! How do you create something totally ‘new?’

Here’s where it gets interesting. realize that you need a different perspective, so you imagine that there’s a character in your imaginary world that is not “from you” (aka it’s it’s own ‘individual’). Now, this character has the ability to create anything without the limit of prior experience! Remind you of something? A child, maybe?;)

It knows no boundaries. Sure, it may do ‘wrong’ sometimes. It may hurt someone’s feelings because it doesn’t remember the core values it’s a part of. But, as time goes by, it learns from it’s experiences and eventually, it actually begins to yearn to remember where it came from! It eventually remembers that it’s not a separate being from everyone and everything else in this ‘imaginary’ realm! It begins to remember that the only limits it truly has are those it imposes on itself since it’s a part of the original ‘creator!’

As it begins to understand and clear past beliefs/ experiences via creating a different point of view with greater AWARENESS, it remembers that it is connected to everything! It remembers that it is very simply energy, that’s temporarily vibrating at a different frequency than that of love. That imaginary being is you! !! You are an infinite, eternal consciousness that is playing the role of someone who is trying to experience and learn and remember where you really come from!

Don’t believe me? Look at the greatest minds of our world! They know that imagination is the key to happiness. They know that everything’s connected. They know that all you need is love! Because love, the “energy of pure connection,” is all there really is. Separation is just an illusion! We are all a part of the eternal consciousness that we call “source.” So, welcome to the imaginary realm of Earth, folks! Enjoy and take control of what you are creating:)


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