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The Foundations Of Multidimensional Consciousness

By on May 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Foundations Of Multidimensional Consciousness

by Tiara Kumara,
Contributing Writer,

This is an excerpt from Skillsets of Evolution
A 4 Month Training of Advanced Spiritual Development

Everything in the universe is energy and this energy vibrates at many different speeds. ‘Dimensions’ are states of consciousness that are defined according to the rate of frequency at which we vibrate. The rate that a person vibrates attracts the reality that is also vibrating at that resonance.

For example, our Earth reality vibrates at a frequency in which energy particles are so densely compacted that things appear solid. The human senses do not generally detect anything beyond material forms.

Our dimensional awareness comes with a rigid framework of beliefs and a set of rules that are relatively inflexible due to the rate at which its coalescing thought patterns vibrate. Due to so many billions of people living from this collective thought frequency, a whole world has been created that upholds the reflections from these vibrating patterns of belief.

The program of duality, for example, is one of the biggest perceptions that lock us into our human design. We have been conditioned, since our childhood, by the way we see and perceive things as being divided and incoherently disconnected.

Denser dimensional realities, like the one we live within, operate under the concepts of linearity and rationalized principles. We keep ourselves bound up by what we see with our eyes and by what we can touch, smell and hear. We are greatly limited by only considering what is logically understood. Rigid, linear existences tend to result in such experiences as conflict, disease, lack and limitation.

In multidimensional consciousness, we live from the knowledge of our interconnectivity. Everything is regarded as equal, because all is one and the same. We understand that our beautiful human self is perfect and whole as a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic whole.

When we identify and vibrate with expanded awareness, the walls of the box come down and more fluid realities are revealed. We develop the ability to be aware of, and operate within, multiple dimensions simultaneously.

Experiment with expanding your awareness in the coming days. Observe how everything in your life is mirroring back to you a reflection of how you believe.

Change that belief and see how it all rearranges to your new thought. By doing this, you are entering a new dimension of life experience and unlimited possibility.

Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar & The Institute of Divine Potential

BIO: Tiara is a multifaceted facilitator whose humanitarian work has profoundly assisted countless lives in consciousness awakening and transformation. Her accomplishments include several dedicated years of planetary unity grid activation and the training of tens of thousands of people in remote energy transference on mass scale. She is the founding producer of I AM Avatar and several educational experiences purposed to initiate and empower the soul’s evolution. Website:

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