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Am I Living My Life Purpose as a Lightworker?

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Am I Living My Life Purpose as a Light Worker?

by Max and Lana,
Contributing writers,

Am I Living My Life Purpose as a Lightworker?

Each day, many lightworkers on this planet who have the luxury of a few minutes to wonder, ask themselves if they are truly living a life that is aligned with their personal purpose. ‘Am I in the right place or doing what I came here to do in this lifetime?’ It would make sense to think that if they were “on track” they would feel more fulfilled, experience more ease, and see more tangible results in their careers, relationships, health, and so on.

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However, most people conscious enough to ask these questions find themselves: working in positions or environments that don’t match their perspectives; surrounding themselves by people or relationships who don’t “get them” or fit them long-term; and/or living in places that aren’t the most nourishing energetically, physically, or emotionally. As a result, these lightworkers feel that they are “blocked,” destined to fail, or–at best– off their optimal path.

In previous articles, we discussed that light workers or “pioneers” appear to have been placed strategically around the globe, often in unlikely environments in order to help spread their energies, philosophies, talents, and gifts–rather than have all of the higher frequency people concentrated in one small area or community.

Each pioneer has a “jurisdiction” (his or her world) that helps shift the entire world through a ripple effect. That is why some of the most gifted healers , artists, or other lightworkers are also quite skilled and financially vested in seemingly contradictory roles, as accountants, managers, assistants, military or government staff, restaurant or other hospitality staff, traditional health care staff, homemakers, and more.

While a talented healer, for example, can feel “off track” working in a restaurant, dealing with a bureaucratic work place, or being a stay-at-home parent, the situation may actually be the perfect training ground or boot camp, both for the light worker and for those he or she encounters now and in the future.

It is true that many light workers will end up becoming professional practitioners in a metaphysical or spiritual modality. However, before they do, and for the many more who are meant to remain immersed in more traditional fields, there is extreme value in this very moment. If you have not already done so, you will benefit tremendously by awakening to the fact that where you are NOW is an equally important part of your journey, if not a destination unto itself.

Listed below are some steps for lightworkers to consider when determining or validating their life purpose, and making wherever they are today feel more soulful, purposeful, and fulfilling:

We hope that the steps or questions above help you better appreciate choices you have made and help you set your sails for what you truly desire–not just what you think you SHOULD desire as a wonderful light worker. We know that you will continue to make a positive difference in this world, whether you bring magic to your immediate family and community, or whether your calling is something more public. Either way, you are an invaluable pioneer assisting with the ripple effect, and creating a crucial shift for this planet.

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About the authors: Max, the Healer’s Healer, is an acclaimed energy healer, psychic coach, and medical intuitive. Max and Lana enjoy helping other twin flame partners make the most of this human experience.

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