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Massive Ships Are Aligned Around The Sun!

By on June 9, 2019 in Extraterrestrials with 0 Comments

Massive Ships Are Aligned Around The Sun!

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by Grace Solaris,

Massive Ships Are Aligned Around The Sun!

I have some interesting intel and indeed wonderful news to share which I received on dreamstate in the early morning hours, as to the progression of disclosure.


A sister and council member of the confederations of light like myself (I keep her name anonymous in case she want that, as I have not shared this with her of yet) showed me the most amazing sight to behold. She took me by the hand and we walked to a place where we had free view and she pointed at the Sun… and wow what sight to behold. Around the sun was lined up GIGANTIC ships (must have been so huge in size because they each far excessed the sun in size. They were seen as orbs in strong vibrating colors). There were something like 6 or 7 in numbers, each in different color.


I instantly knew and received, telepathically, this is a huge intergalactic meeting of various High Councils of different star nations from beyond this galaxy .

As a consequence, new mass arrests and interrogations are orchestrated from behind the scenes. Those that are pulling the strings of manipulation for their own egoic agenda will be held accountable and be given choices to make right of wrong and have to take the consequence as souls for their illegal conduct.

So yes, I sense this is a unprecedented break through towards disclosure, but as often said, disclosure will not truly be kicked off until WE, and I mean each of us, are willing and ready to face the truth of what is going on.

Deepest gratitude to the conglomerates of light for their ongoing love and effort to support this planet to free itself of thousands of years of slavery.

Kodoish kodoish kodoish.


– Grace Solaris

NOTE: Just to make it clear! I have over the years kept on repeating to not buy into the many saviour scenarious presented in various channelings, as this will not take place. That would be intruding and compromising the universal law of free will and they (our galactic family that in fact are higher aspects of us who serve in other dimensions) wish for no more than for us to rise in consciousness, so that we can FREE ourself first of the internal “slavery” of ego and realize our true multiple selves and return to oneness.

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But indeed they do work from within the high councils to support us in any way they can without inflicting on free will. But it is up to each of us to free ourself from all (self) deceit and embrace the truth of who we are thru transforming all wounds, beliefs and programming of separation, which indeed will lead to freedom, love and unity and not until then will they walk amongst us.

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