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Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

By on January 25, 2010 in Science

Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

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Outlined by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Physicist Nassim Haramein talks about unlocking the truth to sacred geometry, fractals, the Mayan calendar, Crop Circles, cabalistic traditions, chakras, Sun Gods, God. Jesus and Freemasonry (more specifically, the Knights of Templar).


Basically, Nassim believes everything boils down to a tetrahedron and the singularity.  Personally, I never felt comfortable with religion until Nassim explained it.  Now, it all makes sense and I find it absolutely fascinating!

The video is 8 hours long but isn’t that time well spent to find out the truth?  You’ll look at meditation from a whole new angle after watching this video.  I’m so grateful that I watched this because it seems many of my questions have been answered. (I can’t think of any unanswered right now!)

As a psychology major with a Master’s degree, I ended up taking 30 pages of notes while watching this video.  That’s how much of an impact it made on me!

Please find the time to watch this video, even if it’s just an hour at a time.  It’ll be the best time you ever invested into anything!

If you want to bypass everything and go directly to the Bible references, then go to the 2nd video to the 2:24:00 marker.  He ties a lot of what he mentions at this point into his Bible research, but you should be able to understand it, regardless.



The Star of David inside a circle = a circle with a double polarity inside of it.

What is infinity?  You can divide to infinity within the confine of a circle.  Every one of our cells have infinite potential and connectivity to everything else.  It has infinite mass.  Everything consists of 99.9999% space, including ourselves, furniture, planets, etc.  This is due to the fact that an atom is 99.9999% space.  In other words, the universe is connected by an unseen force.

The Two Infinities of Physics:
1.   Infinity of small quantities
2.   Nasty Infinity

If everything is radiating in the vacuum, the vacuum cannot be empty.

We create our own gravitational fields when gravity and space-time moves toward singularity.

Mayan Temple in Chichen Itza

Complex calculations were used to construct this temple.  Most pyramids are aligned to astrological events.  Legend says the rocks used were cut with copper and placed on logs which were rolled over mountains and long distances to be used in building these temples.

Why did they all build the exact same geometry in the pyramids?  They knew something about foundational structure of the vacuum.

When reading the Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, Nassim saw a picture of a tetrahedron in a sphere and thought this must be part of the geometry of reality.

The pyramid is located at 19.47122064 latitude.

In Mexico City, all of the temples are in the exact place to describe the orbits of the solar system, including Pluto and Neptune.  Pluto wasn’t discovered until the early 1900’s.

How did they know this?  The same math is used in all measurements with the sphere and tetrahedron embedded into it.

Tropic vector metrics – when the negative space was accounted for inside a tetrahedron, it formed an octahedron, which Nassim thought was the blueprint of the universe, but it wasn’t polarized so he knew there must be 2 needed to fit the equation.  When this was put into a sphere and pushed together, it made the Star of David inside a circle.  The central geometry is the vector equilibrium.  Octahedrons are pyramids with another one below it.

Vector equilibrium is where all points are equal distance apart on the perimeter as well as from the center.  A tetrahedron has 12 vectors radiating from the center equilibrium and 24 total.  The numbers 12 and 24 are found in most ancient texts.  When you add tetrahedrons, you get a total of 64 vectors, the same number as our DNA structure.

Fractal 3-D metrics expand and contract.

Crop Circles: What do we need to know?

One of the first crop circles was a snowflake shaped tetrahedron (above Silbury Hill, nr Avebury, Wiltshire England 23/7-1997) .  A few weeks later another tetrahedral fractal geometry circle was identified, but this one was a snowflake inside a snowflake which has the same geometry as each other – geometrically small.

The physics of creation: an overlay of 14 tetrahedrons of a 64 tetrahedron grid.

The most important crop circle ever to occur (above Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire Mid July England 1995 ): a 2-D representation of a 3-D vector equilibrium.  When added together, you get the seed of life.

The laws of entropy are violated by observation.

DNA – one cell contains 6 feet of DNA information according to the Genome Project.  If we put all of our personal cells together it would wrap around the world 5 million times.

Binary Code: we have been contacted.


One crop circle (above) made the 5 o’clock news because it happened in the middle of a rain storm.  It was the largest ever to occur.

In 1972, Carl Sagan created a binary code signal that was sent to the universe.  The code stated we are made of carbon, this is our chart of elements, this is our DNA, we’re the 3rd planet from the sun.

Two crop circles were the response to Sagan’s message stating “We are carbon and silicon, we have a big head and small body, we’re on the 3rd planet of our solar system and the 3rd one has 4 moons, we have 3 strands of DNA.  The other crop circle contained an alien face. These circles were created across the street from where the signal was sent out.  The reason they didn’t respond verbally to Sagan’s message is to show tangible proof of the communication instead of the possibility of the government covering it up.

One year prior to this there was a fractal tetrahedron.  Exactly one year later there was a crop circle showing an alien face holding a binary cd.  The binary code was deciphered as “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.  Much PAIN but still time.  BELIEVE.   There is GOOD out there.  We OPpose DECEPTION.  COnduit CLOSING,  (BELL SOUND).”

Nassim believes there may be some additional underlying code in regard to the capitalization of the letters in the message but hasn’t figured it out yet.

When you die, not one atom will ever disappear.  Your atoms are mostly black holes.  Lipo protein holds our cells together.  Our cells vibrate to the speed of 10 the 11th hertz and generates a lot of energy.

You are the boundary between infinity big and infinity small.  You are an extension of space looking back at itself.

There are two forces of the universe: gravity and electromagnetic.  There is no more need for the string and the weak force anymore.

Physics of Waveforms

The sun moves at 200 kilometers per second.  The planets follow and create a huge vortex.  Every moment is a different moment because we’re moving through the geometry of space-time and every movement through every point on that spiral is on a different relationship to everything else.  Each point you have left is an imprint on the space-time coordinate.

A wave is a 3-D vortex.

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The galaxy and hurricane both have a singularity; a point of stillness.  Everything is centered around the singularity.  All suns, planets, etc have a black hole.


Heart singularity: The heart has the highest electromagnetic field in your body.  This is where the heart chakra is located.

Osirian Temple

This temple has images that weren’t carved or etched.  They were laser burned into the rock which was presumed to occur over 5,000 years ago.  We don’t have any current technology to reproduce this.  The actual dating of this appears to be in the 9,000 to 10,000 years ago range.

The Osirian Temple is the foundation temple of belief systems.Osiris’ brother was jealous of Osiris and killed him.  Isis found his pieces and brought him back to the temple and bandaged the pieces together to make a “mummy”.  She, with her magic, put life back in Osiris’ body.  She most likely did it with information that was carved on the walls of this temple.  The people knew about the foundation of the geometry of space.

Temple of the Grand Pyramid of Giza

Used 2 million stones; had a base of 13 square acres; stood 481 feet tall.  The stones averages 2 tons but the ones in the King’s Chamber (at 135 feet altitude) were up to 40 tons.  There is no way we can reproduce that technology today.

We were “taught” the pyramids were built by people pulling rocks on top of logs with rope vines since the 1800’s.  This unproven theory became a fact and you cannot get a PhD in archaeology if you disagree with this story.

The pyramid was said the be built in 20 years.  If people worked 7 days a week, 365 days a year for 20 years, each stone would be laid once every 2 minutes.  Because the Egyptians only worked 3 months per year due to climate conditions, this means it would require one stone every 2 seconds.

Inside the pyramids, all of the walls tells everything about their lifestyle, yet NO walls mentions building a pyramid.  Archaeologists say the pyramids were built as tombs yet there is no evidence of this.  Not one pyramid was found to host a mummy, not just in Egypt but all around the world.  Most of the king’s mummies were found in the King’s valley far from the pyramids.

To enter the pyramid, dynamite was used because no one could find the entrance.  The sarcophagus in the center of the pyramid contained a 40 ton slab of rock.  When it was unsealed there was no mummy so the conclusion by many was it must have been grave robbers!

Pyramids were not tombs and were not built by Egyptians.  No Egyptian texts say the pyramids were built by Egyptians.  They were built by Sun Gods, who were also associated with the Mayans and other cultures at that time.

Sun Gods

The Sun Gods taught how to build, write, etc.

Most people think the Sphinx was built.  It wasn’t.  It was carved out of an enclosure of the Giza plateau.  What was once a lion’s head was re-carved into a Pharaoh’s head.

The dating of this site can be traced to the time when there was a lot of rain which would be needed to carve stone like this:  10,000 years ago, which matches Osiris’ Temple.  200 ton blocks were moved at the Sphinx.  We can’t do that with today’s technology in the way they did it.

In Egypt there was another statue that was knocked over somehow.  The statue weighed over 1,000 tons and was made of granite.  This is 5x more than we can lift today.

Who were these Sun Gods?  Were they able to go all around the world?

There are underwater pyramids in Japan at 19.47 latitude.  You generally can’t date pyramids but you can date the carbon on the coral reefs that grow upon them in the water.  These are at least 10,000 years old which also matches the meltdown of the last ice age.

Underwater Pyramids in Japan

There are hundreds of pyramids in China but they didn’t want the western world to know about them  because the legend of the pyramids stated that the Sun Gods were blond haired and blue eyed. Which meant they were not of Chinese decent.  In the Forbidden City of China there is a Sphinx, who is rumored to be the guardian of the knowledge which lies under his paw.  On his paw is the sacred geometry flower of life.  Since these days, the Sun God has been confused and diluted through out the ages.

Evidence of Sun Gods

In South America, skulls were found to which Nassim called “conehead”.  According to ancient texts, ancient leaders, such as Tutankhamen, tried to emulate the Sun Gods to become Sun Gods themselves, by using elongating methods on his skull.

The conehead skull had over 2x the volume as human skulls.  They were estimated to stand between 12-15 feet tall and were considered the giants of earth.  Carbon testing has not been done on these skulls as of this date. The Mexican skulls had even larger volume than the coneheads, showing large orbital sockets which indicate large eyes.

According to ancient script, the sun gods had children with earth women making the children half sun god and half human.  These people were expected to become Pharaohs because they would have all sorts of capacities that the average man didn’t have.

There must have been sun gods in all civilizations for a reason.  Nassim believes the sun gods entered our solar system through a wormhole at the singularity at the center of the black hole and used stars as gateways to go from one side of the galaxy to the other.

Many ancient traditions talk about the sun as being the doorway to the higher realm where the sun gods came from.  They talk about the black hole in the center of our galaxy as the hub, the central sun from which you can access all of the stars in the galaxy.


Sunspots appear where the sun becomes very active, usually at the 19.47 degree latitude.  Nassim discovered, contrary to prior opinion, that sun spots reflect fire being sucked into a collapsing black hole while emitting steam (H2O).  Nassim also noted that multiple sun spots always occur in opposite polarity.  When you have a vortex going one way in the Coriolis Effect you have another going on at another point on the opposite side.  They generate a link at the middle and that link is the singularity.  Sun spots are huge vortices going toward singularity at the center of the black hole.  That’s why you see fire being sucked in.  What’s being shot out?  Water!  (steam).

Most telescopes that observe the sun are owned by the VATICAN.  There was a video released showing an object at least as big as the earth hitting the sun.  The video was called, “Sun gazing comet hits the sun.”  Astrophysicists emailed NASA and asked them about this so-called comet because it didn’t have a tail.  They wanted to know what it was.  NASA pulled the video from the net and later put the video back up, editing in a tail on the “comet”.  When analyzed, the stars in the video are going from left to right because of the path the probe is orbiting.  Some small white “dots” hit the camera lens but there is clearly one object going toward the sun against the other movements in the video.  Then this object takes a 90 degree turn into the sun.  “The only comet I know of (that does a 90 degree turn) has little windows in them and little guys waving.”  The “comet” entered the sun at 19.47 degrees latitude showing a plasma ejection coming out of the entry spot.  A spaceship the size of the earth needs to go into a black hole bigger than their ship size, hence the sun.  Smaller ships can come and go through sun spots in the earth such as volcanoes.

Volcanoes might not be what we think they are.  At 19.47 latitude, there is a string of volcanoes in Hawaii, which also hosts the most active volcanoes activity on earth.  In Mexico, at the 19.47 latitude, the Mexican government trained their pilots to avoid these routes in Mexico City near volcanoes when planes land.

The largest volcano in our solar system is on Mars at the 19.47 latitude.

A comet almost 2x the size of Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system) recently passed through our solar system but was never reported on main stream media because the scientists and astrologists “thought we were toast”.  This comet, which Nassim believes was Nibiru, should have disrupted our solar system due to its mass and gravitational pull.  Mercury should have been pulled into the sun while earth should have experienced tidal waves all over the planet.  The comet was on track to hit the sun, but a huge sun flare emission veered the comet off course, as it traveled past the sun and out of our solar system.  This was visible from the west coast in the early morning in February 2002.  Two comets have gone by inside the orbit of Mercury into the sun.

Something bounced of the sun

Considering the mass and gravitational pull of these objects, “We shouldn’t be here.  We were given a second chance.  We’re floating in grace and ‘somebody’ is taking care of us.”  In a few days, Nibiru was out of our solar system.  With a “comet” of this size, the gravitational force was enormous.

The sun has a cycle in which the sun flips its poles every 11 years.  When this happens the sun generates huge x-ray emissions due to material being sucked into a black hole.  Our sun is currently approaching the solar maximum which will occur in 2012.  The sun spots were supposed to become fewer during that second half of the past solar maximum but as of the date of this video (2003) more sun spots than ever before, some days over 200 per day, were occurring.  Since the days of Galileo, we haven’t seen anything like it.

The end date of the Mayan Calendar is 12-21-2012.  We are approaching a time where we’re going to move into what the Mayans call the “6th Sun”.  The sun has started to pulse huge electromagnetic pulse emissions of negative ion production from the sun.

This is NOT the result of global warming  The Aurora Borealis is the result of plasma being thrown out of the sun and caught in the earth’s magnetic field, then funneled in at the north and south poles of the earth.  This effect is currently expanding and can occasionally be seen as far south (or north) as the equator.

The surface of Jupiter is starting to ignite.  During the 6th sun in the Inca and Mayan traditions it is mentioned that at the next stage of evolution there will be two suns.


The sun activity is affecting human consciousness, there’s no doubt about it.  Nassim states, “Don’t worry if what you say is completely misinterpreted; Don’t worry if you get yelled at;  Just try to let it flow and let it go.  Everything is going to be in a state of flux.”

“If you are aware of these changes that are going on in the solar system, you can actually start to synchronize your resonance pattern.  You can focus your energy to it by intent.  That might sound very esoteric but I think there is some validity to this meaning that you allow the change to happen in your body so you can adapt to the changes that are occurring in our environment.”


“I think this amount of information…this amount of energy is going to change our DNA structure very quickly and we have to be aware of that and allow that to happen and go into sympathetic resonance with that.  If we resist that, there’s a chance we are going to get extremely sick.”

“Everybody has their own mission.  Everybody is here this time to do something very specific to assist in this change that we’re going through.  For me, it’s to bring a unified view of the universe and bring a technology that will help us transition through these changes.  For you and many others, it might be completely different in (being) supportive of each other.  But basically, it is to go into your (chakra) center to find your mission…to find what you’re here to do.  There’s something that you’re here to do that going to help the world.  Commit to it, whatever is necessary to get it done because there is very little time left.”

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The Bible

“I had an aversion (to the Bible) from my childhood.  I had terrible experiences with the catholic Church.  It was like school.  I really didn’t want to look at it.  I was determined to study all of the other religions first.  I’ve given week long seminars and even in the week, I don’t have time to go through all this stuff.

I went to my local church and I actually “borrowed” it (the Bible).  I was thinking, ‘What is this whole thing about?”  I started to study it deeper and deeper.  I was kind of stunned to find out that Newton had spent almost 20 years studying ancient cabalistic esoteric tradition long before he wrote anything on physics.

Actually, there’s a book of his memoirs that says all of the physics that he wrote, he pulled directly from the study of the cabalistic traditions.  Most people don’t know that.  And he actually made a whole map of the floor plan of the Temple of Solomon because he felt that if we could understand the floor plan of the Temple of Solomon, we could understand the foundation of the universe.  He was convinced, that bedded in the cabalistic tradition…in the ancient Jewish tradition, there was the key to be found of creation.  So he dug for many years and he extrapolated all of his laws of physics out of them.  He obviously didn’t understand some of the foundations of a cabalistic tradition which eliminates the possibility for a closed system.

So I got a Bible.  One thing I knew is that, from what I remember from my education from the Catholic Church, God according to the Catholic Church was an old man with a beard, sitting on a throne somewhere with a pair of binoculars and a 2×4 and every time you screwed up, he’d hit you behind the head.  I was kind of terrified of that God very early in my life.


So when I started my research, I was kind of surprised to find out that actually the throne of God in Judaic tradition is not described as an old man with a beard sitting on a throne but actually as a throne with a tetrahedron on it.  I thought, ‘whoa, that’s different!’

And then there was like 7 angels radiating into that tetrahedron.  All the way through this investigation it was clear to me that if you understand the structure of the vacuum… the structure of the foundation of creation… you can reproduce it in the technology which creates the resonance pattern between the geometry space (the geometry of the structure of the vacuum) and the technology itself.  If you could create that resonance link of the sun, then you would download a huge amount of energy from the vacuum itself.

You build a mini black hole.  To build such a mini black hole you’d probably need crystals because crystals, appropriately cut and appropriately resonated, would be the perfect material to make that link since crystal molecules are actually tetrahedral.  The crystal molecules are very coherent if you have good crystals and if they were cut in the appropriate geometry of the 64 tetrahedron grid.  With the right gases involved, you could create those types of dynamics.

I believe that many “New Age” people remember the power of the crystal because they remember that technology.”


“The first person that talked about Atlantis was Plato.  Plato is, and was, extremely respected.  We’ve used most of Plato’s stuff except the three books he wrote about Atlantis.  When he wrote these books, in all of them he mentions that this is not some story.  This is factual.  He says he got it from the high priests in Egypt.

Plato’s Atlantis

He describes a very advanced civilization that has a source of power they call a crystal of extreme power.  I believe that this is the crystal that can be built to create a link to the geometry of space.

UFO’s and God

I was starting to read the Bible and I was finding these places of the description of God.  With it cam words like, ‘the throne of God was the crystal seat…  Many references to crystal.

The story of Ezekiel and Enoch, which is not a book of the Bible… (The book of) Enoch was found in Ethiopia (and) was never re-edited.  It was translated directly from the original text.  In both these accounts they described some kind of ship that shows up in a big cloud and then they say a door opens and God called me onto his ‘boat’.  Inside it described the throne of God as crystals with rainbows all around them.  I think he was describing the power, the drive of that ship.

As I read the Bible, I realized something I never noticed before.  Most of the bible, the Old Testament, is describing that something is very, very strange.  When the Old Testament talks about God, it doesn’t say, ‘and God,’ it says, ‘in the Ark of the Covenant of God.’

It turns out that the whole Old Testament is describing the comings and goings of the arks of the covenant, except for Genesis which described the start.

Even when you read Genesis in the context of what we saw today you find that actually it’s describing something very similar to the account of Atlantis given by Plato.  A civilization that develops a very advanced technology and that allows them to live very, very long.



In the bible there’s chapter after chapter describing people living 600 and 800 years.  Eventually society was flooded, which is what Plato said happened to Atlantis.  So actually, Genesis could be an account of Atlantis.

I realized that the Temple of Solomon was built for only one purpose: to host the Ark of Covenant at its center.  The holiest of holy.  The power of power, the ark.  I didn’t think that the Judaic tradition was about the same object that they called the seat of God.


In Genesis, it talks about the tree of knowledge, Adam and Eve (and)  the apple.  Interestingly, if you cut an apple in half you get a double torus with a seed in the middle which contains the possibility for another whole apple tree.  The singularity, which has apples and the singularity and apples and singularity and apples… and so on.

Genesis 4:24: When man began to increase on the earth…

This describes the sons of God that came to earth, so they were not from the earth and had children with the women of the earth.  I started to realize, ‘wait a minute, was this planetary system seeded?’

In anthropology, we’re missing a huge link between the ancient Neanderthal and so on, and the modern H0mo-sapien.  That link that we’re missing is getting wider and wider (the) more records we get.  There’s new skulls that have been discovered that makes it harder for that link to make.

Moses and the battle of Manifestations

So I continued to read and came across something that really perked my ears.  It was the crossing of the sea

Exodus 13:22

Moses was leaving and all of a sudden the Pharaoh changes his mind (and went after him (Moses).  When the Pharaoh wasn’t going to let him go, there was this whole thing where Moses and the other high priests of Egypt were having a battle of manifestations.  The ones that could manifest the wildest, craziest things was going to win.  They had frogs raining from the sky, he threw his staff down and it turned into a snake, he got blood to flow through the city and all this stuff.  But he (Moses) won that contest.


Ark of the Covenant is really a ….

As I look at the Ark of the Covenant in the bible, the ark that they call the ark of God, they give dimensions of that box.  It’s like a box-like object that’s got gold on the outside, wood in the middle and gold on the inside.  Well, that’s a capacitor.  A capacitor is an object that holds energy when you charge it.  Just like a battery, it holds energy except that a battery can only discharge the energy very slowly.  A capacitor can discharge the energy in an instant.

So I thought, ‘That’s a really large capacitor.  It would have really high voltage and be quite heavy, extremely heavy.  In fact, it would be way too heavy to lift up with two flimsy poles.’  It would weigh over 3 tons because of all the gold on it.  I noticed that the dimensions of a box that was found in the remains of King Tut in Egypt.  Then I noticed that those boxes were the exact appropriate boxes to fir inside the sarcophagus inside the Grand Pyramid of Giza, meaning that the box size is the perfect fit so that you can lower the ark inside the sarcophagus, inside the Grand Pyramid and then push the poles without having to touch the capacitor, which would zap the crap out of you.

The outside dimensions of the sarcophagus are twice the volume of the inside dimension.  It’s a perfect octave.  If you measure the ark that’s described in the Bible, that’s again, twice smaller than the inside measurement of the sarcophagus.

I started to think, ‘What would you want to carry in a capacitor like that?’  There must have been some extremely powerful energy source, energy device inside the capacitor.  Moses supposedly didn’t build that capacitor until he was on the other side of the Red Sea at Mount Sinai.

What do they mean by “God”?

Look in the preface of the bible.  The word is translated from the word tetragrammaton.  Tetra means 4 and “grammadon” has a root word of grammar.  This was thought to mean Yahweh but I dug deeper.  It actually means grav, or in today’s terminology, gravity.

God = ‘The structure of a tetrahedron creating a gravitational effect.”

God and Secret Societies

God is a representation in cabalistic tradition.  This tradition was not to be written or talked about.  Only initiates could learn of this knowledge.  It was thought to be the nature of God that revealed and if you understood it, you could understand God.

The Jewish numbers are as important as the letters, adding to 72.  This is a male God, we’re missing half of the equation.  We need a female Goddess which doubles the number to 144, which is the number of ascension in Revelation.

The bible speaks of new Jerusalem as a crystal city with rainbows all around it with faces of 144.  There are 144 faces on the outside of a 64 tetrahedron.

A black sun was given to man by the sun gods.

Moses followed the ark for 40 years.  After Moses died, Joshua arrives at Jordan (Joshua 4:22).  Moses didn’t part the Red Sea, the ark did.

The cabalistic tree is the key to all of foundation, representing the tree of knowledge.  There was a crop circle with a cabalistic tree formation.


Jesus’ name was actually Emmanuel and was thought to be the living ark.  It’s believed he was born within the field of the ark and had an advanced DNA structure.  It is also suggested that he was revived by using the Ark of the Covenant.

Dead Sea Scrolls

3000 scrolls were found but only 100 were released to the public.  One was written in copper which was determined to be the purest copper ever discovered on earth.


It’s believed they were done like this so they would survive the test of time.

Secret Societies Origination

The Old Testament revealed advanced technology and the power of the sun gods, along with Atlantis.  The New Testament is about the living ark.  One must have purity of heart and intent to be with the ark.  It’s a fail-safe system and can’t be used for destruction.  If you do (use it for destruction), you’ll die.  Many have tried to use the ark for ill intent and died from severe tumors.

The Knights of Templar

The Knights of Templar (KoT) were symbolized as 2 Knights on a horse because they were poor.


They were commissioned by a Cathar (sp?) priest to look for the ark, which was thought to be in Jerusalem.  They convinced France to take over Jerusalem which began the Crusades.  It was originally called the Holy Grail in the 1st edition, then it was called the Crystal Stone, shown as a cup with 2 vortices on its side.

They fought all the way to Jerusalem and took over the city.  For seven years, the KoT dug tunnels looking for the buried ark.  These tunnels are still there today.  They found nothing.

While they were there, the King of Ethiopia was there, exiled in Jerusalem.  The King stated, “I have the ark in Ethiopia.”

In Ethiopia, there is a high population of Jewish tradition.  The ark was said to be on Elephantine Island on the Nile.  Where ever you find an ancient temple, (it means that) the ark was there.  The ark was brought to Zion in Ethiopia and was heavily guarded by the Ethiopian Army.

The KoT had to talk about the ark as magic, otherwise the Vatican would have been upset about the KoT looking for it.  Around this time, many books were published on “magic” and the KoT became powerful and rich though these books.

The Pope worried that the ark would become public knowledge, so he met with the King of France and the Ethiopian delegation at the Vatican to discuss the KoT involvement with the ark.  This was around the 13th century.

On Friday the 13th, the KoT were declared illegal by the Pope.

Freemasons and the KoT’s knowledge comes from ancient Egypt.  The 32nd level is the highest level.  The 33rd level is a complimentary initiation level.



KoT highest level = 32
Freemasons highest level = 32
32 + 32 = 64

The Freemasons later went on to found the US and it’s symbolism is found in structures such as the Washington Monument and the Pentagon, which is a star tetrahedron.  The $1 bill has a pyramid with an eye on it and also shows a star tetrahedron along 13 stars.



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Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S., is the founder and editor of  In5D and Zentasia. In 2009, Gregg launched In5D after experiencing what he describes as a “galactic download,” which provided him with the name “In5D” and the guidance to create the website. He co-owns In5D Club  with his beautiful wife, Ali. His In5D Facebook page has over 370,000 followers, and his In5D YouTube channel has amassed 146,000 followers. Gregg is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Follow Gregg and In5D on various social media platforms, including Rumble, YouTube, Gab, TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and TruthSocial to stay updated on his latest content and events./

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Follow In5D on Patreon, Rumble, Telegram, Twitter, Bitchute, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Gab, and Truth Social  EHERHER

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