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New Earth News – How Your DNA Codons Can Activate Others

By on February 17, 2018 in New Earth News
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New Earth News- How Your DNA Codons Can Activate Others

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
New Earth News Correspondent

As we continue to receive waves of energy that are activating our DNA codons in preparation for the shift into a fifth dimensional New Earth, the “domino effect” causes our auric field to positively affect everyone we come in contact with. Our activated DNA codons can affect the DNA of the gorcery store clerk, the people walking at the mall, schools, and our workplace. For those who have a soul mission to help humanity free themselves from the domination and control matrix, it seems like a never ending and daunting task to try to assist those who seem to be “asleep” still. We often wonder if some people will ever wake up and begin to question everything in their reality.

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The good news is that most people that are “real” people (vs. background people) are already getting their codons activated just by being in the vicinity of someone else’s aura that has already been activated. This activation allows more of their higher consciousness to come into the body and it also raises their vibration. This has been a part of the plan all along to help those who are unaware of what is happening, and to try to bring as many “good”, caring people to the new earth as possible, even if they are not aware of what is happening on Earth. This is also why it has taken so long to unfold this plan as it could have caused not only psychological issues but also a huge influx of energy at one time could cause the physical body to spontaneously combust. It is important to remember that even people who are still divided by religion and/or politics could still be raising their frequency to the New Earth reality simply by choosing not to argue and judge others while still holding themselves and others in a place of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Eventually, every living thing on Earth will be washed with high vibrational waves of energy. They will either be able to handle the frequencies or they may have to end up leaving their physical bodies and take a different path, although everyone will be taken care of and will eventually meet up with us in their own time. There are also some good hearted people who will get a chance to receive a blast of Source energy that will open up their heart and allow them the remembrance that we are all one. This may unfold in different ways for different people. There is hope for everyone, for many have been lost for a very long time and everyone is a part of the same Source.

The DNA codons are “keys” and can only be activated and restored back to their original status with a raise in consciousness and vibrational frequency as a safeguard measure to keep the “fall” from happening ever again. This fail safe method will separate the truly psychopathic humans from those who wish to live in love and peace. As more people activate their DNA, people who they no longer resonate with begin to “fall away” from their lives.

However, just being in their presence for a short while gave those people the keys that they will be able to use should they choose to change their thoughts, words and actions and open their hearts. The keys will be lying dormant for them until the time is right for them. If truly good people are simply too programmed to follow what their heart, they will experience things in their reality that will challenge them to their core, even if it involves taking them to the lowest point in their life to get them to surrender.

There are many methods in the divine plan to get people to begin to question why their life is not working the way they have been living it. The idea is to get people to a certain point to where their physical body can handle the larger energy waves that have been predicted to arrive this year. If you have isolated yourself in the last days of the activations, you may consider getting out more often so that you can share your codes. I know that it was my soul’s mission to activate my DNA at 40 years of age so that I could become a spokesperson for the New Earth and the shift .

If you would like to receive “keys” from me, you can come to the Cosmic Convergence Conference March 2-3 in Sarasota, FL. HERE is the link with more information. You may then return to your community to share these codes with others. If you can’t travel for various conferences, try to go to a local energy worker such as a massage therapist or a reiki healer.

Getting a QHHT session can also make that contact with your higher self, which shows that you are ready to accept the role of being an awakened human preparing to accept fifth dimensional frequencies. You can find a practicioner on this website:

If you know someone who is in isolation and isn’t able to be around someone who has been activated or awakened, try to pay them a visit. If you are that isolated person, ask your higher self to help you to activate your codons.

Raise your vibrational frequency yourself which sets off the activations in accordance with your own personal soul’s path of ascension.

Listen to videos of people with whom you resonate with and know inside that you will not miss the boat.


Many people do not realize that their codons are already activating, as they too came to earth to have their higher self activate them automatically at a particular time in their life. Chances are, if you are reading this post, you are well on your way to your full 12 strand DNA activation.  The subsequent “work” involved with having activated codons involves changing behaviors in alignment with higher consciousness and achieving a good balance of consciousness and physical body vibration. The work also involves being around other people once you are able to “shield” yourself or keep from being triggered into another’s lower vibrational traps.

Mastery of energy and vibration is the last step in service before shifting to a New Earth where everyone holds a fifth dimensional vibrational frequency and higher.

About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. Michelle is the webmaster for, and Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

Candace Craw Goldman runs an international support forum directory for all kinds of practitioners and healers at

Image: Pixabay

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