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New Earth News- New Earth Support System Overhaul

By on February 25, 2018 in New Earth News
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by Lisa Brown,
New Earth News Correspondent

Many are going to be going through huge re-calibrations regarding “support”….

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As our souls awaken, our realities start to change. One of the areas that continually gets re-worked is “support”. How we support ourselves, what support means, how we support each other, where we lack support, where we try to over-support, where we do/don’t support, where we don’t realize what support truly is, how our gifts are to support us as we move into service fully…. where others do/don’t…. and it’s a continual process of understanding and changing how we function in these multi-faceted capacities of support….

Judgment, separation, fear, lack of faith/trust, lack of intentional focus/commitment, non-belief, lack of connection inside, survival mode… with our own SOUL/the Entire Universe/Source….

All of this is overhauled as inner/higher connections are opened back up. At first we have to learn to DO freely, without needing anything in return. This moves us out of linear receiving and into a non-linear receiving world. This non-linear is vibrational and proportionate through energetic ratios & equations. Non-Linear receiving is a responsive reality. Eventually, all come to understand how human aspects do not hold the capacity for these things yet…. it’s up to us…. every bit of it… AS higher selves, AS Souls in physical form, as the entire Universe again.

The physical body and physical reality are continually upgraded, re-configured, re-calibrated, re-coded, re-constructed according to CHRISTED/UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… so where all is not yet in alignment with this, it will be….

Each starts to understand as they “need” something, as they CROSS THAT BRIDGE, as it affects/touches their own world/reality, where it means something to them. Up until then…. it’s just not important… Now, everyone’s lives are to be “touched”…

These vibrations completely affect/touch every aspect of all’s realities now. Everything being brought into alignment AS SOULS, all things of human lack/separation… this becomes visible for being resolved… As all open up their grip, their hard-fast-hold on separation, and allow UNITY, coming together, REMEMBERING why we are all here, what we are here to BE/DO… everything changes…

Many do not realize where they hold back on being supportive, on contributing, on not stepping-up…. It takes something to show each…

There is a part of this journey, where you have given/done, freely, unconditionally and from your own heart/soul, contributed endlessly, as love… and you look around you at all of those who keep asking for more, taking more … yet do not reciprocate…. and you will have to resolve this within you… I had to do this years ago too, and continually, based upon each individual experience/observation….

You will have to decide what is balanced, what you desire to keep feeding your energy into… especially when you move into larger roles to work with many/groups/thousands/hundreds of thousands/billions… you will have to decide where you focus your precious energy and you will have to allow/require certain things, in order to fulfill your own purposes/missions here….. and let the lack mentality realities go…

Many will go through huge anger phases, as you start to see where others don’t yet understand/appreciate/do what it takes yet… You will have to let all of that go and move on, by focusing your own attention/energy on what is important, what is in-alignment with your own higher consciousness existence… and you will have to transcend the judgment of all of those still holding others to their own limited judgments…. for this is their limit, not yours, unless you allow it to be.

AS HIGHER SELVES/Embodied Souls…. we see human’ness, often blatantly and loud…. these amplification frequencies do this… the difference is WE ARE NOT HUMAN anymore….. WE are SOULS… here to reach/affect/trigger/activate/inspire/assist/guide… all through light, back into PURE DIVINE LOVE and POWER again. We are not here to feed the old programs, we are here to transcend them… we are here to make a difference, BE THE WAYSHOWERS…. moving completely out of lack, out of limits, out of separation, out of need…..

As all move further INTO FULL SERVICE, you will come to realize how much of this is totally in response to you…. what you DO, what you HOLD, what you allow/require and what you believe/create to exist in your own reality/world. If your life lacks, then you are not open, you are not sharing what’s important, you are not stepping up and you’ve disconnected inside from the PURITY/SOURCE of who you truly are….

Physical world abundance…. all that you desire and DESERVE, not as an entitlement, but because of what you CONTRIBUTE with all that you are…. Everyone moves into INFINITE ABUNDANCE… as they step up and become all that they ask of others to be… It’s a deserving because you have come to find your own worth, through trans-versing through your own judgment/unworthiness beliefs/energy… It’s a part of the Value System Overhaul that we all go through…

As humans, we put everything on someone else, we waited for others…. as WayShowers… it’s all the opposite… we do not wait for others, they do not affect what we are here to be/do…. We release the judgment, we don’t care about separated limits, we step up and we stay OPEN to RECEIVE all as it comes TO US…. in response to this….

This is just one way we JUMP QUANTUM STYLE, as we upgrade in light… WE become the Light Houses, the Light Keepers, the Light Bringers, the Light Anchors… WE HOLD realities/the NEW Earth Gridwork in place… from inside and with our whole body structures…..

Each will be challenged, because challenges show us what we could not see before. They help us clear the energy we held… to move on…. The challenges diminish as you move through them, deal with them, release them, transcend them from within. As you become Energy, all becomes energy too… Everything is easy again… as we do. ♥

Limits are abound… words, beliefs, thoughts, actions… Limitless is too….. The reality we exist in, is the one we create, believe, choose…

WE have moved on…. we continually do…. pay attention, observe, see what really goes on with you… and what you are allowing/choosing/committed to…. More than committing your energy, you actually have to DO… as you MASTER BEing (Divine Feminine), you will come to MASTER DO’ing too (Divine Masculine, as you MASTER Creation (Divine Birth/Child/Creator)… all comes fully into balance, everything sacred, pure, exquisite, amazing, awesome, blissful, magical, peaceful, supportive… this returns for you.  ♥


Conscious Anger is important… it shows you what you could not see before. It moves your energy in a different direction, more in-alignment with your own soul….. for it releases all of the compromise that was suppressed and held inside. It assist you with stepping up and moving on…. in a new direction… to do/be more of who you truly are….As you stop compromising your own soul, you won’t get angry anymore, because you won’t be creating the vibration to experience anymore.

Sacred honor, sacred respect, sacred love, sacred integrity, sacred contribution…. deep profound everything … this is your soul speaking, feeling, being…. PURITY RETURNED. ♥

I love you! Keep shining, sharing, supporting…. open up, step up… for this is what you are creating to experience. Your entire reality is a response to what you are transmitting/doing fully now. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown,
Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Keeper, Oracle, Sage, Scribe, Author, Transformational Speaker. Coach/Teacher/Guide

Image: Pixabay

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