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New Earth News – Preparation For The Upcoming Wave

By on March 10, 2018 in New Earth News
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by Amanda Lorence
New Earth News Correspondent


At the exact point of the forthcoming ‘LIGHT WAVE’, certain humans will serve as energetic node points across GAIA. They are positioned accurately. As energetic nodes, their light will link up across the WHOLE of GAIA as a HUMAN GRID SYSTEM. They came in, this lifetime to do this, for humanity, for Gaia, her kingdoms, the solar system and beyond (ripple effect). They know who they are, they serve the WHOLE, period. So this post is specific to those individuals:

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After recent Trigger Point (spurring the ‘loving detachment’ phase), came a rest period.


Now we enter a period of SELF CARE and CLEAR OBSERVATION MODE, in order to be at optimum frequency at the time of the ‘LIGHT WAVE’. It is essential (and you know it) for this period, or will very soon realise this within. Self care means caring for all our bodies:


Sleep needs, food and fluid needs, exercise needs, skin/muscle/blood/nerve needs (your body will tell you what is required).


We have already pulled away from much. Yet there is a paramount need for awareness in what we allow into our own time and space. What drains you? Who drains you? Be aware and take action for the highest good (the ALL). Being aware of outside forces draining our energy field is paramount to ensuring, holding, rising to our highest frequency possible NOW. When helping another, are you simply ‘feeding’ them or is the assistance serving the whole? Being drained down of your own energy when participating in other human contact is something to look into, at INNER level.


Our emotions are our indicator (gifted by our Higher Aspect), to show us how aligned we are in any one moment TO our Higher Aspect. There is a centralised point of balance, harmony, peace and bliss. There are energies either side of this serving as a barometer. Where some emotions are lower energy frequency and to the other side of the scale are higher energy bursts of frequency. The third dimensional construct labels human emotions, yet at their core truth, emotions are just energy at variable frequencies. It is essential at this time, pre-shift to observe our own frequency (via observation of our emotions), in order to adjust, work at, in order to BE the balance, BE the harmony, BE the peace, BE LOVE. And keep observing, keep adjusting back to central point of balance in these NOW times for we must BE the highest frequency at LIGHT WAVE, to serve as we intended to all along.


Work AS THE LIGHT BODY. For you are it NOW. You know that, so work as THAT for it is YOU. By now you know what to do from your inner guidance system. Connections increase and heighten now as intended per individual and their divine missions. It’s action time pre-WAVE. Gaia and her kingdoms, galactic, humans…are connecting NOW pre-Wave at increased levels, working together at energetic levels for the greatest good. As the human that connects the HUMAN GRID, you will be working (knowingly or unknowingly) with the other humans doing the same GRID task. This is focused work…be aware of anything ‘outside’ TRYING to distract away from this work.


Awareness in all moments now… up until LIGHT WAVE. Dark energy will try all methods to lower your frequency. They are aware of you. They will use whatever means, be it a sick relative, the elderly, friends, loved one, family, fellow Lightworkers and people just now awakening at this 11th hour who feel confused and panicked. Dark energies will LITERALLY use ANYONE with any weak spot they can enter. Use discernment and watch your own energies as a gauge. Guard your own energy with your own tools. The dark know what’s coming. So they will attempt to infiltrate the HIGH FREQUENCY humans who create the HUMAN GRID at LIGHT WAVE point, those that absorb the highest light on behalf of the ALL.


For these ‘humans’ (starseeds) with this pre-agreed task, we have now reached (or you will reach very shortly) Self Care Mode (not selfish care mode…huge difference). We continue to help others yet will have AWARENESS at this juncture. At this 11th hour, we NOW discern where help will or can be of benefit. Yet quietly knowing each are divine aspects of Source, each having THEIR individualised experience within the illusionary scenario, and knowing all ARE LOVED and cared for. Each human chose this planet, at this time, and ARE responsible for their OWN energy having chosen their current path at pre-birth stage. As Love for ALL we continue to assist, but not at the expense of the GREATER PICTURE, or the expense of the ENERGY we have thus embodied, continue to embody for we have come here to BIRTH NEW energy through our physical bodies on behalf of the UNIFIED FIELD of ONE.



Naturally, as we embody more energy and become heightened frequency beings, we are able to withstand greater, more powerful energies with each current and ongoing incoming wave. These current and timely incoming energies WILL ONLY become stronger in order to build up our human body’s physical and mental ability to withstand the LIGHT WAVE at the highest capable INPUT to the human vehicle. At LIGHT WAVE point, energies will enter through the human vehicle thus creating MULTIPLE (repeat, multiple) wave patterns within the whole physical body. So not just one wave pattern will be felt within the body. Currently, in REAL time, we are physically and etherically building to this ability with each incoming. Yes it is currently felt as strong multiple energy patterns in the head, and more recently lighter patterns are being felt within the rest of the body…however, as a guide…the nearer to the LIGHT WAVE we get, the clearer and STRONGER the HEAD and BODY multiple patterns will be. We build, we withstand, we take it…because we can.

Starseeds…We came in to do this…it IS our mission. So NOW, we build ourselves, retain our highest frequency at all times, regardless. Use discernment, maintain your own frequency. It’s very much the time to be CLEAR about this.

So much love, honor and respect.

AL 05/03/18

Amanda’s Facebook page is HERE:

Image: Pixabay

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