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New Earth News – The Release Of The FISA Memo And Our Transition Into The New Earth

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New Earth News - The Release Of The FISA Memo And Our Transition Into The New Earth

by Magenta Pixie
New Earth News Correspondent

When it comes to ‘channeled information’ I would always advise discernment. There may be aspects of that channeled material that is coming from the channel’s own subjective thoughts and ideas and truly accurate channeling needs to be as objective as possible.

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Having said this, I will be looking at the most recent channeled message that I, myself have received. My ‘source’ – The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine  (let us call them a sixth density monadic light construct, or an angelic group consciousness or an ‘extra-terrestrial ambassador race’ whichever label you give them of these three suggested options, they all fit) bought forward a new transmission yesterday after the release of the FISA memo.

I will not go into a full analysis here of that transmission, as that would be a book rather than an article, but I will look into the points here that I consider most relevant to the transition to the new Earth that we are currently experiencing on a collective level.

The title of the piece is not something that is transmitted to me from ‘the Nine’ and I usually choose it myself after I have received the transmission. There are a few exceptions to this where the title is given, but in this case I chose ‘Keys of Compassion, Disclosure of Truth and the De-construction of the 4D Inverted Matrix

The opening to this transmission began with “as revolutions and disclosures begin in earnest upon your planet at the beginning point of your year of 2018” so here they are talking about several disclosures beginning in earnest at this time.

Indeed we have disclosure about various topics coming in from many independent investigative journalists, social media bloggers, whistleblowers, channels and the like. Yet as far as mainstream disclosure goes the most significant has to be the release of the FISA memo on 2nd February 2018. This was definitely a major turning point in this “Great Reveal” the Nine (and other higher dimensional sources) have been talking about.

So why was this so important? Why is this such a major turning point? I respond to this not in a political sense but regarding the transition to the New Earth. How is a four page document significant to a multidimensional shift in consciousness?

This, is what the Nine were coming forward to tell us yesterday in their transmission. “As above, so below,” a common phrase in esoteric literature, what does this mean and how does it relate to the New Earth?

The Nine are saying that whatever occurs in one dimension, also occurs in the others (in various different ways) and that all these occurrences are simultaneous.

Yet, because we experience linear time, we would see this as happening within the higher dimensions first and then trickling down into the third dimension. Meaning that this first major step into disclosure, the release of the FISA memo, is the manifestation of the thought processes of the Starseeds (those that are balanced within their thinking, emotions and their spiritual energy.)

These thoughts, emotions and energies being that of “truth, authenticity, growth, knowledge and utter transparency of dark deeds and corruption creating the energetic of integrity as a collective consciousness within humanity.”

So this ‘integrity’ they speak of, that ‘we the Starseeds’ have been holding, has created the ‘Great Reveal’ and the first major presentation of this in the third dimension is the release of the FISA memo.

The Nine go on to say that regardless of how this memo is received, it is, in itself, a magikal act.

So the fact that it has happened, a match or an ‘echo’ to this is created within the higher dimensions, just as the memo being released is a direct result of the Starseed’s collective thoughts and emotions regarding truth and integrity. As they said, outside of linear reality, all these ‘events’ occur simultaneously.

One of the major ‘matches’ or ‘echoes’ of this transparency and reveal created by the ‘magikal act’ of releasing the FISA memo, is the “deconstruction of the false matrix/inverted matrix structure.”

They refer here to a ‘false light’ or a ‘false matrix’ they even mention a ‘false Christ’ that is a misleading ‘trapping system’ that has been in place within the fourth dimension of our Earth for thousands of years. This false matrix, referred also to as the ‘inverted matrix’ creates a ‘reincarnational loop’ trapping souls into a cycle of reincarnation into the third dimension, over and over again. This takes away their chance to grow, expand and ultimately individualize as a soul. They are saying that this inverted matrix was a system deliberately created by “beings, different to yourselves, with more of an anchoring within that dimensional field” in order to “allow your energy field to be deliberately mis-led so you willingly give your energy and power away to those who utilize it for sustenance?”

So what the Nine are actually saying here is pretty huge information! This reincarnational loop, inverted matrix, will not be anything new to those following the story of the true origins of humanity but this will be new information to the millions of individuals who are not aware of what has been going on, on this planet for aeons.

What is so exciting about this information is that this inverted matrix is being deconstructed. The release of the FISA memo, the act itself, just simply the release of this information, has created a match that is the deconstruction of a construct that has been in place for thousands of years.

I am sure it is not quite as simplified as this. I have been told, from the Nine, that the inverted matrix trapping system has been in a state of ‘dissolution’ for some time. Yet if you imagine this construct being taken down slowly, brick by brick, it seems that the release of the FISA memo has taken down a couple of walls all at once. This appears to be a very accurate metaphor to use that explains this process.

What the Nine are saying is that in order to move through the inverted matrix and back into the reincarnational cycle one would be directed or should I say misdirected into “inverted portal systems that funnel your energies into a false light matrix.”

Now, what I will add to this picture is that for many years now the ‘starseeds’ or those with ‘activated DNA’ have been able to bypass these inverted portal systems and have not been subjected to the trapping systems or the reincarnational cycle. They have made the conscious choice to reincarnate back into third density. Those without activated DNA have been misdirected into the ‘prison planet’ scenario I describe against their will. This is against their will because they had no choice in the matter. They were not informed and were blindly, trustingly led into this ‘fallen system.’

So starseeds have been able to bypass the inverted portals into reincarnation yet the inverted systems have still been in place. They just needed the ‘light speed momentum’ that their DNA structure gave them in order to bypass the inverted system.

What the Nine are saying in this recent transmission is that the inverted system itself is being dismantled. This gives choice and most importantly informed choice back to that soul.

This brings us back to the ‘as above, so below’ for this is exactly the situation occurring within the third dimension with the release of the FISA memo.

The Nine also refer to the “structure of light” which is a construct that dissolves the inverted matrix or rather it undoes “miles and miles of entrapment codons within 4D.”

The structure of light they are talking about is compassion.

“When one human incarnated soul holds compassion for another and ‘takes action’ upon that compassion, the light code of compassion ripples upwards and changes the codes of the fourth dimension.”

So we have simultaneous compassion and the focus upon truth, justice and integrity. The action taken from these thoughts, emotions and actions are “completely deconstructing the entire fourth dimensional trapping system.”

This is very exciting and most welcome news in my opinion!

The Nine go on to say how every Starseed has played their part in this. As the inverted matrix is deconstructed, the original, organic matrix structure is reconstructed.

This is all explained by the structure of the DNA. This ‘basic’ DNA structure (causing amnesia when we get caught in the reincarnational cycle) is upgraded into “the crystalline DNA structure” which allows full memory (no more amnesia should you choose to reincarnate into third density) described by the Nine as “full realization and ascension.”

Of course ‘ascension’ is the transition into the new Earth. So this is why the release of the FISA memo is such a pivotal event in our transition. It has not actually caused the transition itself but has given it a huge boost if you will.

The Nine said “The ‘ascension timeline’ holds fast as the highest probability for humanity,” so that ‘boost’ has assisted (or raised) the probability for that ascension timeline and the transition into the New Earth, which of course is happening right now.

One of the most exciting parts of this transmission is that the release of the FISA memo is only the very beginning of disclosure.

They said “continue to stand strong for the acts of disclosure follow one another rapidly like falling dominoes, it cannot be stopped and it will not be stopped.”

Analyzing the information within this transmission it would seem with the ‘as above,so below’ law of reality, that every time there is a disclosure of this type, presented to the people of Earth, we are given this energetic ‘boost’ into the ascension timeline, the crystalline DNA construction and thus, the transition to the new Earth.

I guess we should buckle our seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Keys of Compassion

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Magenta Pixie

Channel for the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine

Image: Pixabay

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