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Why We Do Not Understand The Nature Of Gravity

By on August 18, 2017 in Science
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Why We Do Not Understand The Nature Of Gravity

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by Rich Fiori,
Contributing Writer,In5D,.com

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Gravity Part II

There are several reasons why we do not understand the nature of gravity. One of them is the swirl of partial information surrounding the subject. Another is the number of competing theories that seem to solve some problems while creating others. These together lead to more theories and more partial information. There is considerable financial investment in these theories.

As you may know, all quantum matter/energy is programmable. The easiest example is fiber optics and we know observer created reality. Gravity as an energy source (field) is programmable. Feedback loops are controllable. Dark matter plays a significant role in this process because it enhances the properties of gravity. Gravity vortexes, such as black holes, act as information dampening centers where information gets distorted or scrambled or rendered nonexistent depending on the amount of energy that is generated into the vortex.

Counter-intuitively, gravity vortexes also act as information hubs by sending a different kind of information out to every other receptor. Since gravity has “infinite” reach, all matter and attendant energy as we know it is a receptor and a sender. As you may have guessed, all matter is a gravity vortex and has a gravity field. These gravity fields send out and receive information. Additionally, every gravity field is unique and dynamic. There are several ingredients responsible for this: distance between objects, mass, reflective value, other objects, velocity, direction, and intent to mention a few. Without going into detail, this is the underpinning of astrology. There are no mathematical formulas that I know of that take all these characteristics into account. Could these formulas be derived? Yes, but there’s no financial backing for it.

All gravity vortexes compress matter and make it more dense. For larger vortexes, this is kind of ultra 3D. Based on fundamental laws of physics, this trapped matter vibrates only at lower frequencies. Gravity in this form slows down and traps particle waves (all matter and energy as we know it). At the same time there are graviton or graviphoton (or whatever the latest term is) fields that extent out from the vortexes attracting everything they can. These larger vortexes are matter attractors/annihilators. An over simplified example would be a hydrogen atom that is trapped by a large vortex. Since the electron and nucleus are compressed there can be no excited state for the electron but the nuclear bonds are strong and possibly keep the atom intact until the compression reaches the Plank length. Because there is no excited state, there is no generation of a photon and no higher level vibrations. Once the compressed atom reaches the Plank length, all bets are off as to what happens next. Matter may cease to exist as we know it.

Based on this a graviton or graviphoton should/must be its own antiparticle, just like a photon. Additionally, since graviphotons are programmable, they all have a unique signature. And like photons are able to coexist in the same space at the same time. Just like fiber optics, graviphotons carry a certain kind of information to the receptor (receiver). Applying Bell’s theorem (holography), some of this information exchange is instantaneous (in the 4D universe).

Recent discoveries related to the gravity of swirling galaxies demonstrates that young galaxies swirl differently than older galaxies. Older galaxies behave almost like a record, all stars rotate faster toward the outside almost keeping up with stars closer to the center. Young galaxies have the stars further away from the center rotating slower and slower. In all cases, the rotation is based primarily on the swirling center attracting the stars surrounding it. Also, this occurs only in galaxies, not in solar systems. The latter is not of sufficient gravitational force. These discoveries appear to confirm the existence of dark matter and that it takes time to attract dark matter into these swirling galaxies. One other note; there are galaxies that do not swirl. Their behavior as far as dark matter is concerned is also confirming.


All of these theories lead me to the same conclusion. That is, gravity is a derivative. It may be just an extension of electromagnetic forces (EMF) that swirl inwardly causing energy compaction to what we call matter (Tesla’s theories). Gravity, in my opinion, has been modified programmatically to behave the way it is currently acting. In this capacity, matter, especially lower frequency matter, along with dark matter, can act as information relays and serve to keep frequencies lower. Since they are interconnected, they can act as frequency inhibitors. I believe this is the main role that gravity plays in our world.

The scientific community is chasing its tail (multiple meanings here) primarily because funding only supports that activity. Tesla was onto something, that’s why he was FOIA’d (yes, I’m being punny). Although, Einstein’s theory advances what we know, it is incomplete and will remain that way until we go in a new direction, which is unlikely as long as the money is going toward General Relativity or its derivatives.


One essential component of this is the idea that particle waves are programmable. If one looks into String Theory, there are indications there because there is error detection and correction mathematics as part of the theory. The need for this is an effect of information interchange, which is an effect of coding. In other words, I didn’t get your message, please send it again. This happens at the quantum level.

For Another Time

There is another network happening with photon/electron particles and anti-particles.  This is the electromagnetic fields network that connects a different universal grid system through mostly solar bodies. This energy grid serves to make frequencies higher and transmits more types of transformational energies.

About the author: Rich has a masters degree in mathematics and maintains hobbies in particle physics and music. He has dedicated his life to finding the truth.

Image: Pixabay

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