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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,


Every day, people are hearing high pitched frequencies that are not associated with tinnitus or a Vitamin D deficiency.  Until recently, many of us were not sure what they exactly meant.  As a musician, I can easily find the octave of the frequencies I hear on my guitar.

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Every note has its own unique frequency.  Royal Rife knew this and built a machine that would use frequencies to address terminal illnesses.

These high pitched frequencies that we’re all hearing boil down to energy vibration.

Today’s High Pitched Frequencies

High Pitched Frequencies

In the past 3 days, I’ve noticed a shift in high pitched frequencies that occurs sometime between 7am and 10am (Eastern time).

Today started out in the key of D#, which is the 1st time I’ve heard this key since I’ve been recording them. A couple hours later, around 9am, it changed to to B Major.

D# Major (Sacral [Venus – I feel] – sensuality, tenderness, spontaneity/Solar [Sun – I do] – brightness, confidence, optimism] ): Melancholy womanliness, the spleen, and humors brood.

B Major (Crown (Jupiter – I understand – expansion, generosity, opening): Cheerful love, clear conscience, hope aspiration for a better world.

hermetic High Pitched Frequencies UPDATE

Venus and the Sun are enmeshed in empathy for what Mother Earth is going through. They “feel” the discord and stress, yet “understand” that this all needs to be played out exactly the way it is.

In conjunction with the high itched frequency notes, the message, so far is, “I feel the sadness of Mother Earth but in the end, it will all work out!”

On an individual level, FEEL what makes you sad RIGHT NOW and use compassion and forgiveness in UNDERSTANDING why things are the way they are. This doesn’t mean you need to be a doormat to anyone.  Many times, we’re simply reflecting back what we need to be learning.

PLEASE NOTE:  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing Live updates on these frequencies on our In5D YouTube channel. 

Due to Mercury Retrograde, I had to do the live feed from Facebook today, but will try again tomorrow at noon (Eastern time) with tomorrow’s report. You can find the update video below.

Since posting this article today, two new frequencies came in.  One came in as I was doing the live broadcast, LOUD and CLEAR!


The first new high pitched frequency is in the key of F#. The F# cusps the F Major and G Major as it is a half step away from each, thus giving it both of these energies, similar to being a cusp on the astrology charts.

The second frequency occurred during the above broadcast and is in the key of B Major.

F# Major: Boils down to an F  (Heart, Moon) cusping G (Throat,Mercury): Triumph over difficulty, free sigh of relief uttered when hurdles are surmounted; echo of a soul which has fiercely struggled and finally conquered lies in all uses of this key.

B Major (Crown (Jupiter – I understand – expansion, generosity, opening): Cheerful love, clear conscience, hope aspiration for a better world.

MANY of us are feeling the collective stress of these difficult times, coupled with our own, personal issues. On many higher dimensional levels, these issues are continuously being addressed and transmuted, hence the dissonant sounds of some of these frequencies.  Even after the chaotic dissonance of the D# Major frequency this morning, , there’s beauty as the B Major high pitch frequency came in twice afterwards to activate the Crown chakra and brings us love and hope!

The frequencies change throughout the day, so stay tuned for updates!

How to personally read these frequencies

Chances are, these frequencies are helping to transmute both past life and present situations and traumas.

They are also showing us how the collective is picking up empathic stress from global situations that subconsciously affect the collective psyche.

You can also look into how these frequencies are affecting you by noticing which ear you’re predominantly hearing these frequencies.  Most of the time, it’s not a predominant ear, but sometimes, is distinctively louder!

In QHHT, the left side represents your past while the right side is the present.

You can also look at it from a different perspective: the left side is the Divine Feminine while the right side is the Divine Masculine.

These high pitched frequencies carry information on a multidimensional level and while these frequencies are helping the collective, they are also helping the individuals who seek further meaning into why they’re hearing these specific frequencies RIGHT NOW!

More than ever, it’s important to STAY GROUNDED, especially through times of despair.

For more on this topic along with the specific meaning of each key, please read High Pitched Frequencies And What They Mean.

Sending you all infinite LOVE & Light!


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