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Numbers, Intentions, And New Beginnings

By on February 10, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Numbers, Intentions, And New Beginnings

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After posting the numerology forecast the other day, I realized it had been a long while since I took notice of any single digit or combo of numbers or thought about the meanings behind them. I used to love noticing when 11:11 showed up in any form, it was my sign that I was being guided and watched over by my spiritual team and it always gave me comfort. I read tarot for years and was really into the numbers in that way as well but I seem to have moved onto other studies recently.

Yesterday while on a road trip, my gas light came on. Surprised, I decided I better pull over and fill up the tank. When I turned off the car at the gas station, I glanced at the numbers on the trip odometer and the miles read 111.1. At first I thought, weird, the car shouldn’t need gas after only 111 miles! (My gas gauge has been on the fritz so I use the trip odometer to keep track in case you were wondering lol.) Then the numbers registered. And I smiled. 1111. Cool! All those 1’s – new beginnings. How appropriate. It was January 1 and 2017 is a 1 year in numerology.

Refueling my car and fascinated by the 1’s showing up, I also refueled my intentions, and that is to always my keep my own Light on, especially since we were going to visit family. This year is for new beginnings for everyone and that is one of my intentions, to remember to always be an energetic leader and to hold my own energy instead of matching others. Looking at the number 11, a master number about intuition and illumination, I can also see that that goes along with my intentions. It says to keep the channel open for my intuition and to make sure my soul/higher self/awareness is able to guide me at all times, not my ego/personality self.

I have been meditating recently on my evolutionary path and my intentions for the coming year, this number 1 year of 2017. And the fact is, we were on the way to see my in-laws when the gas light came on. So, pay attention it said, stay conscious, remember to be who you are and who you intend to be.

Finding other ways to relate to family is been something I have been focused on for the last 9 months. The previous three years have been rough after I rattled everybody’s visions and expectations of me. So I have been practicing acknowledging our common ground, letting their judgments flow around me instead of absorbing them, not giving them the power to hurt or disturb me, and staying in my own energy and wisdom. And it has paid off in the last few months. The 1’s showed up to remind me.

After we got home from a really pleasant visit and I was getting ready for bed, I glanced at the clock.


Wow. Perfect way to end this day.

New beginnings indeed.

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