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The Importance Of Sovereignty

By on February 10, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Importance Of Sovereignty

by Stephen Buck,

It is said that you have the innate ability and right to take control of your life and manifest it in accordance to your highest potential. Free will allows us the gift of self expression and governance; it is, arguably, the very essence of what it means to be a sentient human being. This aspect of ourselves can be described as sovereignty, the immense inner power each of us possess but not all harness, at least not to our fullest capacity.

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Sovereignty is not an aspect that derived from ego, but rather from the spiritual knowledge of a higher purpose towards life and your yearning to express and live life with passion. Embracing your inner power means that you realize your ability to create the life that you deserve; one of abundance and joy. Realization of sovereignty is the relinquishment of the limiting beliefs imposed upon by others, thus allowing you to live passionately without restraint.

Unfortunately, there are those that exist that willfully and sometimes unconsciously infringe upon the sovereignty of others, hindering the ability of expression and being able to take a stand. This often times comes in the form of belittlement, manipulative behavior, and deceit. Even during the most basic interactions between multiple people can create an unconscious infringement where the beliefs of others are subscribed to with little to no discernment. Often times people find themselves essentially giving up their own personal power because of the belief that another person’s intelligence is in some way superior to their personal intuition. This complacency is mainly derived from a lack of self-love and while taking advice and asking for help is certainly beneficial, without discernment of the information given, it is redundant as you may land yourself in dissonance with the truth rather than harmony.

When one makes a declaration of sovereignty they refuse the ability of the negative feelings of others to be able to adversely affect their well-being and can effectively transmute the energy to be used for healing rather than destruction. It is of great importance that each individual come to realize their unique wholeness and expressive talents. I believe that every person is on the path of learning to love themselves and others unconditionally, however with boundaries as to avoid allowing others to infringe upon your expression. By learning to love yourself and forgive others, you clear yourself of the belief of limitation and separation, allowing yourself to truly appreciate everyone’s extraordinary uniqueness and capacity for expression. Each of us has a choice to make; either we allow ourselves to continue and play the game of victim or we take a stand and declare our right of self sovereignty

About the author: I’m an aspiring spiritual and inspirational writer seeking to spread my knowledge and love to those who are willing. I have a great yearning to travel this world and beyond as well as the desire to help spark a renaissance of consciousness.

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