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September Energies – 5D Experiences, Healing, Bilocation, Tingles, Sleep Paralysis And More

By on September 29, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

September Energies - 5D Experiences, Healing, Bilocation, Tingles, Sleep Paralysis And More

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by Diane Canfield,

Dear Beautiful Souls of Light,


I want to talk about the energies of today and leading up to the September Equinox of the 22nd. We have had some indications taking place of the 5D world merging with us lately.


Tonight my husband bilocated. I saw him go into the bathroom and shut the door then a few minutes later I saw him walk by the bedroom (which is next to the bathroom). When I went out to the hallway to look for him, he was still in the bathroom. I asked him if he left the bathroom since first going in and he told me no. Be aware of this happening around you as we move closer into 5D. More and more things like this will occur and they will start to become more regular.


My daughter was sleeping a few nights ago and she woke up in the night because she heard a noise, then noticed the bed was vibrating. This was similar to one of the old motel beds that used to take coins to get a back massage from. She didn’t know what was going on and she was very tired so she got back in bed and it continued for about 15 minutes more. This is a sign of the fluidity of reality. I have seen tables vibrate and shower curtains, this usually lasts for 15 minutes to 2 hours. This is one sign of advanced ascension symptoms- being able to see the fluidity of reality.


Last week one of my grandsons who is 10 experienced sleep paralysis. He woke up in the morning and could not move. Within about 2 minutes he was in his body again and able to move. I explained to him, he was not fully in his body yet when he awoke. When we sleep we leave our body and visit other dimensions, times and places. This is rare though to happen to a young child. An indication the star children are coming on board during these times to merging into 5D and more awakening. Note: This has to do with children not adults.


Today my other grandson was outside playing and his teeth spontaneously started chattering like when someone is in the snow. Yet we live in Florida where it is hot and hotter. I also had a friend a few days ago ( you know who you are ) tell me her and her husband both were experiencing teeth chattering spontaneously while they were in their house. This is a new symptom of Ascension. Note: My daughter and 2 grandsons live with me, this is partly why they are experiencing these things now.


Last month we had the NEW symptom appear of VERTIGO. This lasted with me a full 2 months August and September. This has to do with the weakening of the magnetic shield, the same as the constant ear ringing many of us experience. The vertigo has gone away for the most part, the ear ringing continues. I will be writing a post soon on Advanced Symptoms of Ascension.

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Tonight I am experiencing massive tingling all around the head area. These are crown chakra activations. There are also hormone disruptions taking place and they can take many forms. This also happened in a big way in the spring of this year. As we merge with our LIGHT body our hormones go through a complete overhaul. Hair loss has also been reported. This is a sign of hormone imbalance. Watch medications as they can differ from month to month now that are hormones are being worked on through DNA changes.



Time slips- times changes- time speeding up and slowing down. Time is becoming much more fluid and will speed up or slow down especially in times of high energy downloads and upgrades. This has been occurring the entire month of September and will continue until we move into NO time. This is why I am always talking about being in the present moment of NOW. It is much easier to move into the moment of NO time when practicing the moment of NOW ahead of time.


In August I experienced a complete emotional healing while I was sick with a virus for 2 weeks. I now hear from others who are messaging me this same thing happening to them yet they did not go through the illness as I did. Expect more of this to come for everyone, massive healing physically and emotionally. You will return to your original self as I call it or soul self. The self with no emotional baggage and the one you are supposed to be while in this reality. This will happen for more and more as 2016 continues. This is the biggest deal in all of the Ascension process, to be healed of all baggage from the past. All karma from this life and all past lives was released. This is required to be able to move into 5D.


Expect high energies to continue through the year end as more and more transformation, healings and heightened awareness continue to build with the move in to the 5D reality. These transitions build on each other, once one section is done, the next part takes place. We are moving into a time when nothing will be the same.

Our ET friends are closer than ever now and paying close attention to everything happening on Earth Star. Expect to see more sightings and have more dreams and meditations with ETs showing up. This is their way of relieving the fear before making contact.


I will be posting my pictures soon of my direct in contact experiences with the ET Races that have visited me in person. I will be posting the entire story along with the pictures. It is rare now to be visited in person- look forward to the day when it is not which is coming soon. Everyone will experience direct experiences with ETs. it is coming.

I love you all ! In service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert

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Copyright © 2016 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article itself is included
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