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Spiritual Perception

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Spiritual Perception

by Patrick Herbert,
Contributing Writer,

Spiritual Perception

Life is whatever our perception of it is. Our perception is the ultimate authority. When external events are internalized, we are presented with a choice. How do we choose to perceive these events? In what way can we alter our perception so that we will ultimately benefit from this event?

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Where we may have little control of the events happening around us, we do have the ultimate control on how we choose to view these events.

Somebody may insult or offend you; however, it is you who chooses to either be insulted or offended. Your decision will affect the way that you feel and the way that you perceive the world around you. It will not affect the person who insulted or offended you in any way.

Often times we hear the encouragement for us to stay positive. I have seen people interpret this statement to mean expressing themselves in a positive way regardless of how one feels internally. While it is certainly nice to be around people who express themselves positively, they are not benefiting from such an expression of themselves unless their internal world is also positive or harmonious. In such instances where it is not and the expression is forced, it is not an accurate reflection of how they truly feel.

When one comes from a position of harmony internally, their expression of this harmony flows naturally from them. When one chooses to maintain this harmony internally, they can seldom be distracted or manipulated by external forces seeking to intentionally disrupt or discourage them. This is, ultimately, one of the most powerful expressions of being. The opposite of this is, of course, victimhood.

The victimization of people is oftentimes subsidized by societies that seek to manipulate and control their behavior. We do not benefit from being a victim in any way. Those who feel victimized are oftentimes seeking some form of external comfort. This desire to seek comfort manifests as a driving force behind consumerism. To the victim is the aggressive marketing of an external fix such as pharmaceuticals or materialistic goods that are sold to us. Seldom are advertised the means by which we can truly empower ourselves.

In a world of interconnected corporations seeking to maximize their profits through the exploitation of people, the victim narrative is manufactured. You will see this every day when you look at the world around you. The news, television shows, and movies are replete with victim narratives and negativity. Children, who mimic the external events they experience, become essentially programmed by this negative social engineering.

I experienced this personally as a teenager in the 1990’s. As antidepressants were manufactured, a market was needed for them. From televisions shows to music, the most disharmonious and negative elements of entertainment were thrust into the spotlight. Rage, anger, and depression were excessively glamorized. Musicians, such as Kurt Cobain, were idolized by a generation and that idolization included his struggles with mental illness to which he and his music came to represent in the minds of the young.

It became cool to be depressed. This ultimately resulted in a dramatic escalation of toxic pharmaceuticals being thrust upon a generation who were too young to make decisions on their own. Parents who are naturally inclined to do what they believe to be in the best interest of their children were manipulated into believing a pill and a psychiatrist was the solution. Those selling these “solutions” are driven by profits, and there is certainly not a dime in a true solution that would ultimately remedy the patient. As they say, there is no money in healthy people.

As to true solutions, self-empowerment is the only one. The only thing you will be dependent on is your own thinking and your own perception of the world and your perception of the events around you, which you can change and train at any time that you so choose.

We are all creatures of habit and our thinking is no different. Habitual thinking, negative or positive, is similar to a trench. As we continue to reinforce those patterns of thought, the deeper we dig the trench. It is worth our effort to dig trenches with positive and harmonious thoughts rather than to dig trenches with negative or disharmonious thoughts.

As to our spiritual perception of the world about us, we absolutely have it within our power and ability to change the way we perceive events and circumstances. Negatively or positively, it is ultimately up to us. It is a choice that nobody can make for us.

About Patrick J. Herbert: I am a software engineer, researcher, and writer who currently resides in Texas. I have been through some remarkable metaphysical experiences that led to a spiritual awakening and I am actively pursuing ways in which I can help to raise the awareness of others with regards to the elements of what we call the global conspiracy and how it affects all of our lives regardless of political disposition. My blog on these topics and others can be found at

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