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Super Full Moon In Leo: Inner Child Comes Out

By on February 8, 2020 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Super Full Moon In Leo: Inner Child Comes Out

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by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Happy Super Full Moon in Leo!

This Full Moon becomes exact at 2:33 AM New York time on Sunday, February 9 (8:33 GMT). This moon is the 4th-closest to the Earth of all the moons this year, making it a borderline Super Moon. The closer the moon is to the earth, the more powerful its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects are.


Leo is the most childish sign of the Zodiac, bringing with it an air of freedom, play and unabashedness. It is an aspect that we all carry within, though unfortunately most of us forget it is there as we journey from childhood to our teen years and into various stages of adulthood.

As adults, we can become so disconnected with how it feels to be a child. Lately, I have found myself recalling how amazing and adventurous everything was when I was a kid. How my friend and I would spend hours building a snow fort in the front yard, trying to make a better snow fort than the kid four houses down who had the luxury of having his older brother and dad to help him. I’m so grateful to have grown up in a place with abundant snow!

I am so grateful for my dogs, as they bring me into that childlike consciousness constantly. Everything is exciting to a dog! Like me, my dog also gets super excited when there’s fresh snow. He adores running outside in circles, chasing squirrels and then barking at them when they run up the trees. In the summertime he entertains himself for hours at a time by chasing them. He has so much fun! One of the many irreplaceable gifts that dogs gives to humans is helping us adults to learn to play again, to be present, and to ground to the Earth.

Most adults in today’s Western world have become disconnected from their Inner Children. Society is structured in a way that most people don’t have time to connect with their Inner Child, as they are too busy just trying to earn enough money to survive. And many of those who do make more than enough to survive end up finding themselves lost in illusions like gambling, alcohol, drugs and ungrounded sex.

In fact, one of the reasons that teens and adults find themselves so enamored with those things is that it gives them an outlet to play. (Note: I’m not saying there’s anything inherently wrong with gambling, alcohol, certain herbal substances that are classified as drugs, or sex; it’s all about how they are used.)

But we can find ways to play while being totally sober and while not engaging in sexual activity, just like a child or animal can. We can run around in circles with our dogs. We can make silly faces at our partner or kids. We can make jokes. We can go for a snowy walk in the woods. We can take a family adventure to the ocean. We can play catch with a Nerf ball. We can go camping, put away our phones, and play board games. We can sing silly songs.


Doing an Inner Child meditation would be a great idea around this Full Moon. I like to take myself in my mind to a beautiful forest scene and really sink into this setting. I then imagine my Inner Child approaching from a distance, and I ask him what is it he needs from me that I haven’t been giving him? I embrace him, I hug him, and I make sure he feels like I am there for him and I am listening to him.

If you’ve never done an Inner Child meditation before, you may find that your Inner Child shows up at the age that you feel like you experienced the most trauma and abuse. This is because whatever basic physical or emotional needs that weren’t met by your caretakers at that age are what you then spend the rest of your lifetime healing.

The things that people say or do that trigger you most directly relate to those unmet needs of your Inner Child. As an awakening being, you now have the opportunity to heal your Inner Child and experience the liberation of being a fully integrated sovereign adult consciousness. To do this, we first must get to know the voice of the Inner Child and identify what needs he or she has.

When the Inner Child’s needs haven’t been met and then are continuously ignored during adulthood, the Inner Child must find a way to get the conscious attention of the operator of the consciousness. So, the Inner Child will put on a scary mask, so to speak, and become the Shadow. The Shadow Self can trigger you to act out in the darkest of ways, or even to attract people to treat you in nasty ways. The Shadow Self may sabotage your dreams and make it difficult for you to move forward.

The good news is that by listening to the voice of the Inner Child, the Inner Child feels seen, heard, and acknowledged, and thus doesn’t need to morph into the Shadow to get your attention. When we consciously make the choice to honor those needs that the Inner Child has let us know he or she has, we can make rapid leaps forward in our spiritual development.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get into deeper communion with your Inner Child. I would recommend journaling on these, if you have the time:

  • If I had to guess, what would my Inner Child say about my life as it is now? Would (s)he be happy about it?
  • If I had to guess, what would my Inner Child say about my current living environment? Would (s)he be happy about it?
  • If I had to guess, what would my Inner Child say about my current job/career? Would (s)he be happy about it?
  • If I had to guess, what kind of things have I been neglecting to give my Inner Child that (s)he needs?
  • Which activities or creative endeavors from my childhood have I neglected lately?
  • Have I been taking life too seriously?
  • Do I let myself fall into the trap of the seriousness of those around me?
  • In what ways am I still mean or nasty to myself? How can I stop being mean or nasty to myself?
  • Am I OK with failing? How could I learn to be OK and forgive myself when I fail or mess up?
  • Do I forgive myself instantly or do I tend to hold things against myself?
  • How could I practice instant self-forgiveness?
  • Do I tend to let others’ negative emotions take me over? How could I avoid this pitfall?
  • Am I OK looking silly or stupid to others? Does what others think of me really actually matter?
  • Am I truly honoring my deepest desires?


We have an interesting conjunction with Lillith, Chiron and Venus in Aries. Both asteroid Lillith—which is known as the ‘Black Moon’ in astrology—and Chiron—which is known as the ‘Wounded Healer’—are associated with our karma and repressed feelings. Together with Venus in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, it creates an aspect where karmic relationships are likely to come to the forefront—especially those of the romantic type.

Aries is the Ace of Wands in the tarot. It represents the kinetic energy needed to transform potential energy into creation. Thus, during this aspect there may be an opportunity for a karmic clearing of certain relationships in order to make room for those relationships to enter their next stages of evolution, or to make room for a brand new relationship to occur.

Karmic relationships are not only romantic; in fact the most common way in which we experience karmic relationships is through our immediate family members. Put simply, a karmic relationship means there is significant past-life history between your soul and the other soul who is dressed up as the character that you have that relationship with in this lifetime. For the people who have caused you the most trouble, pain and deep emotions in your life, you can be almost sure that there is past-life karma there, especially if it’s a blood family member.

For every karmic relationship, there is most certainly a Soul Contract in place. The Soul Contract is negotiated and agreed upon by the souls involved before birth. The Soul Contract outlines the main themes that will underlie the relationship. These themes are intended to help each soul move along in a direction toward further evolution on their respective individual soul journeys. The souls might desire to balance the karma and/or alchemize the karma into wisdom and positive creations.The natural trajectory of all karmic relationships is toward resolution. The souls likely intentionally created the karma in the first place, so of course they will want to resolve it!

Most of us will go through several karmic romantic relationships in our lifetime. They are generally characterized by attachment and pain. It doesn’t mean these relationships won’t contain good times too—they almost certainly will—however what you will likely end up remembering in your emotional body is the pain you felt during the relationship or after it ended. There is always something karmic playing out in these types of relationships.

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With this Chiron-Lillith-Venus conjunction, it is possible you could hear from an ex and that there could be some reconciliation; however, it’s more likely that you won’t and that you’ll be better off utilizing this energy to willfully and consciously clear out the residual emotional pain that is left over from previous karmic relationships. How can you do this? By forgiving yourself and others and making the decision to truly believe that life worked out exactly in your Highest Good, whether you knew it at the time or not.

When you are still buying the illusion on some level that something went wrong in your life, your body and brain become stuck in a loop of negativity that holds down your Spirit from being able to fully fuel you and allow you to make significant strides forward in all areas of your life. Not fully moving on from an ex-partner could indirectly cause problems in your health or career and it will most certainly cause problems in your future romantic endeavors.

Moving on fully from an ex-partner doesn’t mean that you can’t still love them in one sense. It doesn’t mean you can’t be grateful for the times you spent with them. But moving on does mean that you have withdrawn your energy from the relationship and thus cleared the way for something new to come to you. It often means you need to have little or no contact with the person, at least until you no longer feel hurt, jealous, angry, or depressed when thinking of that person. (I know many of you still have to see your ex a lot due to the kids—and for you, I would advise that unless you’ve reached a point of having a supportive friendship that feels good, it’s still best to probably avoid as much contact as possible while still being a good parent and fulfilling your responsibilities.)

Not fully moving on emotionally and energetically from an ex-partner is like keeping a rotting, beat-up car in your driveway. The old car sitting there means there’s no room to buy a new car! Let the old car get taken away to a junkyard and then go to the car dealership and see which shiny new car appeals to you. The shiny new car doesn’t even have to represent a new partner, it could represent just a better, more enlightened, more whole you!

The fact is that the majority of people, though, do eventually want to attract a new partner. As humans—like most animals–we are social creatures and we are wired to seek nurturing and companionship. With this astrological aspect, it is not just a good time to let go of the past, but also a good time to call in your future.

Pay attention to any romantic prospects that come into your life over the next two weeks. There could be something there…It’s not a time to tread too carefully in romantic pursuits. If you are interested in someone, tell them! Make plans. Don’t miss out on a potentially life-changing opportunity!

If you are someone who is desiring to attract their true Twin Flame (as I am), then here’s some advice: talk to your Twin Flame before you meet them in the physical! Just as you can talk to your Spirit Guides and loved ones who have crossed over simply by intending to connect with them and speaking out loud or in your head, you can talk to your future Twin Flame the same way! Personally, I like to speak to my future Twin Flame by speaking to the Full Moon. I tell her that I can’t wait to meet her and I am doing my best to get on my Highest Path so I can meet her, and I trust that she is doing the same!


Get ready for the first Mercury Retrograde of the new decade! Mercury is currently in its pre-shadow phase and will be entering its shadow phase shortly after the Full Moon, so this coming week it’s wise to be mindful that communications issues are likely to occur. Electronics will be more likely than usual to malfunction. Travel delays may occur.

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My advice during Mercury Retrograde—especially during the Shadow Phase—is to be extra intentional with your life. Set morning intentions for how you want your day to go and how you want to communicate with people. Mercury Retrograde is a great opportunity to practice being a good listener and to practice clearly voicing your needs and desires!

Wishing you a jubilant Full Moon!

With Love,

Matthew John

About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Starseed Guide and Energy Healer. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone, Zoom and Skype, including Angel Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Discovery Sessions, Medical Intuitive Readings, Past Life Regressions, Future Self Progressions, and Chakra Scans.

You can check out his videos and articles and book readings and sessions at: Please note that the author is a contributing astrology writer to He does not necessarily endorse any information, views, or opinions expressed on (or any of the In5D social media platforms) other than those expressed in his articles.

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