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Super New Moon In Libra – Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio: Integrating Past Experiences

By on October 17, 2020 in Astrology with 0 Comments
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Super New Moon In Libra - Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio: Integrating Past Experiences

by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Happy Super New Moon in Libra!

This New Moon became exact on Friday, October 16 at 3:31 PM New York time (19:31 GMT). As a reminder, a Supermoon occurs when the moon is physically closer to the Earth than usual, thus amplifying its effects.

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If you’ve been feeling an intensity of energy in the air, you’re not alone. 2020 is starting to ramp up to what will be a dramatic astrological nightcap with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Solstice.

The New Moon in harmony-seeking Libra opposes Mars, still Retrograde in its fiery home sign of Aries, creating this tense dichotomy between conflict and resolution, both in the inner and outer worlds. This New Moon also forms a T-Square with the opposition to Mars and and a square with the Jupiter- Saturn-Pluto trio in Capricorn. This is creating an extraordinarily intense tension in the collective, as the entire world is anxiously anticipating the results of the upcoming United States of America presidential election.

There is a feeling in the air of being at a turning point in the collective timeline. People are taking politics very seriously right now, and that is leading to a deepening of ego separation, as many people are digging their heels deeper into their false ego identity structure based on their sex, gender, race, political affiliation, etc.

With so many planets currently in cardinals sings (Libra, Aries, Capricorn), there is a palpable feeling of action in the air. It feels like we’re at a collective American football game and overtime is about to start. It feels like something is about to happen.

Use this setup to your advantage. Instead of playing into the collective angst, channel the energy into creating your future. Channel whatever nervous energy you are feeling in your body into your creations—be it your business, art, fitness journey, etc.

Avoid getting into drama or creating unnecessary drama. With Mercury and Mars both Retrograde, don’t be surprised to experience miscommunications in personal and business relationships; electronic malfunctions; and people having unexpected emotional reactions.

Mercury and Mars Retrograde aren’t all bad, though. They are an extremely valuable time for alchemizing the inner world. Let’s discuss this Mercury Retrograde in length.


Mercury Retrograde is always an interesting time, but this time around it’s bound to be extra interesting. Mercury is currently stationed (exalted) in Scorpio, slowly beginning to travel Retrograde. It will be Retrograde until it stations again Direct in Libra on November 3 (yes, ELECTION DAY LOL – it’s pretty likely we won’t know who the winner is on the night of November 3).

Mercury Retrograde is a time of communication, relationship and electronic difficulties, yes; however, it is also a time of introspection and inner work. This is especially relevant this time around as it is occurring in the fixed water sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is home of our most repressed emotions, feelings, grief, longing and desires. It is also the sign of transmutation: it represents death and rebirth.

If you haven’t already been feeling it, so many of us are going through inner deaths. Perhaps a romantic relationship or a job has just ended or you’ve experienced some other type of loss in your life. Perhaps things haven’t panned out as you would have liked them to this year—this has been a frustrating year for many.

Or perhaps everything is going very well for you right now, in which case there’s likely to still be inner emotional stuff that is going to come up to be revisited and integrated.

Childhood wounds are going to come up in different ways. Perhaps the grief you feel over a lost love will reflect the abandonment you felt as a child when your mother or father wasn’t home. The anger you feel over someone who didn’t live up to your standards might reflect the rage inside at a parent who didn’t know how to nurture you in the way that you deserved. The disappointment you feel in yourself might reflect the disappointment you felt when you expected one of your parents to praise you and instead they ignored you.

The truth is that we repeat these childhood wounds for our entire life, unconsciously utilizing other people as the substitute for our parents or those who raised us—that is, until we consciously undergo a journey of healing and start to transmute these old patterns into new, more spiritually mature patterns of relating to ourselves and the world.

As we consciously heal and eliminate the immature and underdeveloped patterns of relating and communicating that were the hallmarks of our childhood and teenage years, we create space for more of the higher aspects of soul consciousness to stream through and express through the personality-self. Ultimately, our ability to alchemize the negative patterns, traumas and unresolved pains within all boils down to two key words: forgiveness and love. We all have been traumatized in one way or another by the density and uncertainty of third-dimensional life. The more radically we are willing to forgive ourselves and others, the more we are able to make room for new and more grand blessings from the Universe to arrive in our lives.

Think of a doorway. The Universe is attempting to bring you all of the blessings that you are meant to have on your Highest Possible Timeline, and these blessings are meant to arrive through this doorway. However, let’s say that you’ve piled baggage from the past in front of the door, holding onto regrets, resentments, ‘could-haves’, ‘should-haves’ and ‘what-if’s’. There not going to be any room for the Universe to bring you what you are truly asking for, whether it’s wealth, health, the perfect relationship, or anything else your heart desires.

By forgiving the past, forgiving others, and forgiving yourself, you allow room for what you truly desire to enter into your real experience.

To expound on the metaphor of a doorway, let’s say you’re not holding too tightly onto the past, but you are actively judging, hating on and being mean to yourself. If you’re doing that, you might as well be

actively barricading the doorway with your own will, not allowing the Universe to bring you the blessings you truly desire.

Love is the currency of creation, and when we withhold that love from ourselves, we take ourselves out of the natural flow of life. If a windstorm happens and a tree loses a branch, it would be pretty silly to think that a tree would blame itself, or the wind. Tapping into the consciousness of trees (I love communicating with trees!), I would gather that the tree simply accepts losing the branch as a part of life and carries on with as much joy as possible.

When we experience a windstorm in our lives, we may feel like we have lost a branch. After going through a storm, the most important thing you can do is to stop blaming yourself and to understand that life always has a plan. The second most important thing you can do is to stop blaming other people or God, and realize that there is a greater plan at play here.

During this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, we will be actively working on self-love, self-forgiveness, and forgiveness of others and the past. Your mind may draw you back to the past—both recent and distant—during this time. When that happens, ask your Higher Self or Guides what it is you are meant to forgive or love more in yourself, others, or in life itself. Keep going back to forgiveness and love and you will free yourself from the baggage that you may have piled up against the ‘Blessings Door’.


Libra is the sign of harmony and balance. So let’s explore how that applies to your life. What is disharmonious in your life right now? What is out of balance? Life tends to give us different parts of our overall curriculum (our life plan) at different stages of the linear timeline. I’m sure you can think back to a time in your life when maybe you had a harmonious romantic relationship but perhaps some other parts of your life were out of balance, like work or health. Or maybe at one point your finances were harmonious, but you were spending too much time working and not enough time having social interactions, so your relationships and maybe even your health suffered.

We can check in with the disharmonious parts of self to look for where the lessons are in our life curriculum. For example, if your physical health is out of balance, then that’s where your number one priority needs to be. If you are feeling healthy and strong but your finances are out of whack, perhaps then the focus needs to be on putting in the extra effort into creating your perfect business or climbing the ladder at your place of employment.

When your health, wealth and relationships are feeling harmonious, you will have mastered a certain part of your curriculum. But what about when it feels like you’re doing everything that you can to move one of these facets of life from disharmony to harmony, but it seems like whatever you do, you can’t move the needle?

This is the case when it’s just not the time yet for that harmony to anchor into your physical reality. Why isn’t it the time? Because you’re actually learning more from the disharmony. This is why, for example, chronic illness can be one of the greatest teachers of all: the parts of self that you encounter, the books you read, and the people you meet along the way come to you because of your great desire to get out of pain and heal yourself. This has been the crux of my journey for the past decade, and it is what has birthed the wisdom that I share with you in my work. Life always knows exactly what the best way for you to learn is. The Universe knows your learning style better than you do!

So you do what you can do, and only what you can do. You put in your best effort, and surrender the timing to the Universe. All things happen on the Universe’s schedule; not the schedule of ego. So, if your finances are in disharmony, then what steps can you practically take to bring them more into order? Maybe there is a higher paying job out there that would actually make you feel MORE aligned than at your current job.

If your health is out of balance, then have you really tried everything yet? Are there existing protocols that a practitioner has given you that you never really executed fully? The most important factors in physical healing, aside from having a solid plan, are belief in your ability to heal and the discipline to execute the plan or protocol you or a practitioner has created for yourself.

If you are desiring the perfect relationship to enter into your life, or to make new friends, then are you really making an effort to put yourself out there and give the Universe the opportunity to give you what you are asking for? If you are in a relationship right now and you’re going through difficulties with your partner, then are you willing to do what it takes to ameliorate the relationship—like going to couples counseling and each of you doing your inner work?


Speaking of harmony and balance, we all go through periods of time in life when we are more social and outgoing, mixed in with periods when we are more introverted and holed up, so to speak. In the periods of extroversion we might tend to learn more about ourselves through friendships, working relationships, and romantic relationships with others; while during the more introverted times we tend to learn more about ourselves from being isolated.

There is a very common period of time that all Lightworkers I have encountered, including myself, go through at one time or another (in fact, we usually go through several of these periods). It can be referred to as a period of incubation or the Dark Night of the Soul. During this time–which can often follow an accident, a decoupling, a job loss, a death of a loved one, or the onset of a chronic illness—the Lightworker finds himself or herself feeling withdrawn, frustrated, disheartened, or embittered with the world (or sometimes physically not able to get out and interact much).

These periods of incubation are not by accident; rather, they are built in to your life plan! During the incubation periods, you are usually incorporating and integrating massive amounts of physical changes on the inside and your body needs for you to s—l–o–w—d–o–w–n! Usually, whats also happening is as your body is physically going through a rapid Ascension process, you are concurrently going through a rapid emotional Ascension processes. You are forced to face the darkness within during a period of incubation that you wouldn’t have looked at during a period of expansion/prosperity, because who wants to consciously go digging into their pain?

During this pandemic, which sadly now seems to be ramping up again in Europe and many parts of the U.S. as the weather gets cooler, most of us have been incubating. For much of us, social interaction has become much more common online than in-person. As lonely and frustrating as this can be at times, it’s really all OK. Whether we consciously chose to have a period of incubation or the pandemic made it necessary, it’s something that was meant to be.


When spending more time alone, it is an opportunity to form a deeper connection with yourself. Make sure you are turning your attention away from your electronics for at least a portion of your day or evening in order to get in touch with your inner world. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, walking in nature and any other activity that harmonizes you will always be helpful in nourishing your soul, filling the gap that the lack of social interaction may create (actually you might find it feels even more ‘completing’ when you utilize your spiritual practices rather than social interactions to nourish yourself).

Wishing you a harmonious, peaceful and exciting Super New Moon in Libra!

With Love,

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Matthew John

About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Starseed Guide and Energy Healer. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone, Zoom and Skype, including Angel Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Discovery Sessions, Medical Intuitive Readings, Past Life Regressions, Future Self Progressions, and Chakra Scans.

You can check out his videos and articles and book readings and sessions at: Please note that the author is a contributing astrology writer to He does not necessarily endorse any information, views, or opinions expressed on (or any of the In5D social media platforms) other than those expressed in his articles.

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