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The Current Spiritual Shift From A Scientific Perspective

By on December 9, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Current Spiritual Shift From A Scientific Perspective

by Prism Pantaz,
Contributing Writer,

So here I am, a man who considers himself quite scientific, about to try to explain the current spiritual shift from a scientific perspective.

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A little background…

By about age 27, I had adopted an extremely scientific worldview. I had written off previous spiritual experiences as phenomena of the brain. I had heard people talking about 2012 as a time when a great spiritual awakening was going to happen. And I watched it roll by and nothing seemed to change. I wasn’t surprised. Back then, I was convinced Earth was going to hell in a hand basket and no magical day was going to change that.

Then in May 2014, something strange happened to me. I was in the Nashville airport and was suddenly struck with the most amazing sense of clarity and grace. It was the beginning of what would become an incredible spiritual awakening.

For the next year, I would be called into meditation for 8 to 12 hours almost every day. In that amazing time in meditation, I experienced and understood where spiritual truth comes from.

My take away is a little different than most who experience the oneness and wholeness of the universe: I’m trying to understand it as a scientist.

Anyways, for those of you who aren’t aware, there is a massive consciousness shift happening on our planet right now. Millions and millions of people are beginning to awaken a state of consciousness which has rarely been accessed in human history. It is the state of consciousness people have described of Saints, mystics, and religious figures. It is called many things – Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, but I prefer the more modern term, Unity Consciousness.

(Unity Consciousness seems to occur when all three thinking centers of the body are working harmoniously together)

I look at whats happening to me, then whats happening to so many others, and I find myself wondering, “What the heck is going on?” What is creating this “spiritual pressure” that is causing so many people to “wake up,” for lack of a better term. I’ve read a lot of theories. Most weren’t grounded in science, but a few presented scientific evidence. However, it’s hard to say if the scientific evidence is correlated to the consciousness shift because how do you scientifically measure consciousness shifts?

Many in the New Age Spiritual movement are attributing this shift in consciousness to energies changing on our planet and across the galaxy. I’ve read Earth is beginning to move through a “Photon Belt” – a part of our galaxy that is charged with more energy -and many other theories about shifting fields and energies. But I haven’t seen much proof. Much. It does seem that the Earth’s magnetic field is shifting – there is a lot of hard science showing that. But that alone doesn’t explain much.

If we look at the consciousness shift from a sociological perspective, it begins to make more sense to me. We live in a dying world. That has been forced into all of our minds. Along with that realization comes another thought: “what are we doing wrong?” It has created this window where people are able to question the reality they find themselves in. For most of history, people have been so indoctrinated in their culture, they have not had the ability to think outside of what they were taught. Between being on the verge of destruction and the massive influx of knowledge from the internet and Information Age, people are beginning to think differently. They are becoming more open to new ideas. Alternatives from the status quo.

People are growing tired of this wage slavery system. Why in a world with so much technology and abundance are we having to work so hard? This world just doesn’t make sense to people anymore. It lacks meaning and purpose. Perhaps that lack of meaning is pushing more and more people to find meaning in spirituality.

But that theory doesn’t hold up well. I have a lot of “spiritual” friends and acquaintances. Most of them have been on a spiritual path for 30+ years. Almost all of them have been feeling intense spiritual “energy” for the past year and it is getting stronger. None of them have ever experienced something like this. And I can relate.

Many people are experiencing periods of Unity Consciousness, including myself. However, few I’ve spoken to have been able to maintain it on a permanent basis yet. I spent the better part of a week in August experiencing Unity Consciousness. It felt like I was the universe was piloting “Spaceship Prism.” It was beautiful, powerful and filled with joy. I was able to manifest my thoughts insanely fast. For example, I was visiting my family in lower Delaware during that week. Small beach town. One night, my sister mentioned how she would love to have a pet sloth. Random right? I thought, “It would be fun to play with a sloth!” The next morning, my brother and I took our nephew and niece to go get doughnuts for breakfast. Outside the doughnut place was a man with a sloth and a baby kangaroo. What are the chances? That whole week was like that… one bizarre “coincidence” after another. Then I slipped out of Unity Consciousness again.

(My adorable niece holding the sloth)

From this perspective, it seems that something is certainly happening on this planet right now. As per what or why, it is too early to draw conclusions. If you haven’t felt this energy of transformation yet, I hope eventually you do. While it brings up a lot of emotional baggage to be healed, your life becomes so much more magical. It helps you awaken to the joy and love in life. And to be open to this, you don’t need to ‘become spiritual.’ Start with some meditation. Get the Headspace App or go to a meditation class. Go try some Yoga. May as well take advantage of whatever this is to create a happier, more meaningful life.

With love,

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About the author: Prism Pantaz is an indigo child and emotional healer.  He approaches spirituality from a psychological perspective and has spent his life researching methods of releasing emotional baggage and embracing the authentic Self.  Check out his website at

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