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The Huge Fear Of No Change Coming

By on July 10, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Cesar Laiter,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

Nothing is going to change. How afraid are you of that statement? If you are reading this you probably also feel like all of your little dark fears can be condensed into this one sentence. We are explorers by nature. We want to see new colors, touch new textures, taste  new flavors, smell new fragrances, hear new sounds. But let’s be real: we feel stuck. We are terrified of the possibility that this whole new spiritual paradigm is not as magical as we want to believe it is. We fought hard against the old tendencies and patterns and now what? Where is the promised land? Where is relief?

Right now, as I am writing this article, I feel so tired that I even considered to stop writing and take a nap. It is even harder when we still have people in our lives who doesn’t understand the process we are going through, so they keep trying to “save” us using their most aggressive approach.

This huge fear of no change coming on the horizon is the ego recognizing how far it has come in changing its form. We allowed this metamorphosis process at such a high intensity and we felt every single inch of our old selves burning, yet we seem to be running in circles when it comes to 3D reality.

What is being built by us now cannot be perceived through the 5 senses. The version of us, who is just the amount of memory of everything we have experienced through this human body, is having a hard time trying to understand what’s going on. We feel like a child jumping in front of high wall trying to see what is on the other side. But this time around, it is not just a new experience; It is a NEW WAY OF EXPERIENCING. We are not just waiting for the new, we are actually developing new ways of perceiving reality.

Creator/Source respects free will, so humanity needed an army of souls coming into human form to freely give up on the old desires and wish for something never seen before. Here we are. WE ARE THE CHANGE.

Through ages and ages humanity cried out for help.

And now help is here.

Now WE are here.

This amazing species and this whole planet are safe because WE ARE HERE. We chose to look through human eyes and feel their pain and sorrow. So now, under our love, the entire world is safe. Because we chose to overcome the old system, (even though some of our biggest dreams were there) we are now all safe.

Nothing is going to happen because it is already happening. The change can’t see any changes if it can’t recognize itself. We are the change. The fact that we want to see the NEW is what is in fact blending a new reality over the old one. The New Earth, that we hear a lot about, is the new reality made to please those who can’t be pleased by the pleasures already known.

I praise you,  warrior soul who has transcended the old human way, of dreaming in order to recalibrate the collective intelligence. I praise you, who have some amazing projects and had to let it go with the wind, not having any guarantees or certainties. I praise you who chose to feel fear and transmute it into courage.

Let’s stay together! We are not alone.

We are ONE and We already WON.

Cesar Laiter

About the author: I’m a Brazilian artist. If you want to share your experiences write to: cesarlaiter@gmail.com

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