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The Wonders Of The Human Aura

By on November 19, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

The Wonders Of The Human Aura

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by Hannes Häusler,
Contributing Writer,

In the core of every human being resides a light being. We are all emitting light on a daily basis, actually everything, that emits warmth, emits light. Due to all the light pollution around the earth, we have become a bit lazy within our light bodies as the continuous presence of artificial light causes our bodies to resign from creating more inner light. This is also why we have become insensitive to seeing this light, which is emitted by every human being. The system of the human body stores energetic information in specific locations, which have been known for thousands of years and in esoteric circles they are commonly referred to as the chakras. When functioning at a 100 percent all these different chakras emit spiral-like energy forms insideout, they are basically radiating light and taking in light, giving and receiving energy. If one of the chakras is polluted, the whole flow of energy in the body gets affected and stuck, until the pollution is not dealt with.. Today scientists can already measure and proof the existence of the so-called aura. 


The chakras produce an electromagnetic energy emission, which can be measured by frequency detectors. The energy emission is dependent on the function of the glands. If the glands do not work properly, then also the chakras will be blocked. They are interconnected and depend on each other. So the expression of hormones can actually be measured and seen energetically. All of our energy bodies are connected with each other. If we can manage to bring them to move closer to one another, to uniting them, then this will also affect the image about ourselves, as this image shifts from one of separation into one of union.

In our society many people are stuck with the lowest chakra, the root chakra, which can be blocked by your deepest fears. We can unblock it, if we trust in ourselves and the world. The root chakra gives us our feeling of home and the way that we connect to mother earth. Walking barefoot on the earth can really inspire the root chakra to fill up with energy and spread it throughout the whole energy system. All of the chakras work in pairs, except for the heart as it is by itself whole and perfect. The root chakra is paired with the crown chakra. This means, that we can only handle and manifest the channeled information, which comes through our crown chakra, if we connect it with the root chakra. For otherwise you would tend to fly off this earth plane into other dimensions far too quickly. The symbol of a tree mirrors this principle. The roots that go into the earth very much resemble the crown of a tree. The root chakra is connected with the hormones of adrenaline, noradrenaline, aldosteron and cortisol. These hormones generally support the metabolism and become active in life-threatening situations. So they do activate when we are in fear and we overcome the fear by action or rather by tapping into our fears fearlessly, tearing apart the curtain of illusion and replacing our image of fear with one of love.

From there we can go further up to the sacral chakra, which is concerned with our desires and is blocked by the feeling of guilt. This feeling is especially well administered throughout all educational institutions nowadays. Teachers and also parents induce feelings of guilt when the pupils are not meeting their expectations about what effort they are supposed to perform in school. Everything is based on competition, it is a constant struggle against each other, derived from the male urge to succeed over others. It creates desires, which can easily turn into addictions. David Icke said once, that we live in a gut society, where everyone is constantly living by their instincts, unconsciously following their inner drives for food, reproduction and sex, continuously yearning for satisfaction. It is our sex appeal, our drive for the other sex. We have enslaved our sexual energies to the mind parasites of modern society. Everything in society refers to sex, commercials, tv, movies, food, everything. The human race has been confused and misled on how to define themselves as man and woman, how to accurately unify the two sexes. What does the sexual act stand for today? It only serves the lust. Oftentimes people make sex in order to control their partner. Almost all couples have sexual problems, even if most of them would deny this fact. The sexual energy has a personality, just like everything else, so if you do not use it correctly, its effect will be destructive for you. We mainly use sex to satisfy our desires, which are based on fears. The woman has become an object of sexual pleasure. The p0rn industry has never been so booming as the internet serves everyone who wants to contribute an amateur video depicting their unique, perverse view on sex. The woman satisfies the needs of the male as a slave is supposed to do. Most people argue that the 1960s- 70s revolution has been a sexual revolution and that the woman now that she was able to freely express herself in sexuality with many different men, has achieved a great deal in narrowing her further emancipation. Sperm cells just as everything else carry an energy form (thought form or emotion) and these are even longer to last in a human body than generally accepted. This is the reason, why women even after years of living separately from their former boyfriend or husband still carry their thoughts and are willing to satisfy their needs on a mental plane. They oftentimes carry on with the routines of their previous partner. Thus the sexual act forms a bondage between man and woman, where the woman, as she is the carrier, is of disadvantage, in case that the man has malintentions. Understanding and integrating your past experiences with other men and women can help a great deal in freeing up your sexual energy. We oftentimes tend to block our sexual energies for the sake of our partners or family members, generally people with whom we have a very intimate connection. Thus sexual energy is not only concerned with the mingling of two bodies, but rather it determines our passion in life and if we suppress it for the sake of other people, this can leave energetic traces within our sex-chakras. So just be yourself, you do not have justify your existence. The hormones of this chakra are the so-called sexual hormones, testosterone in males and progesterone and estrogen in females. All of them are involved in the reproductive mechanisms of the human body and generally inspire our instincts for sexual contact with the other sex.

The following chakra is the solar plexus chakra. This deserves special attention as it can serve as a motor to activate the others. The solar plexus is the center for joy, vitality and willpower. Here the liver and stomach come together in the process of digestion and energy production. The liver stores a huge amount of glucose molecules, which can be broken down in case the body needs it. The liver provides the alkaline substance of the bile, which serves to break down fats, while the stomach gives way for the acid digestion of carbohydrates etc.. which also the pancreas aids in and through the hormone of insulin transports glucose to the liver for further storage of energy. The liver is the metabolic transformer, like a chameleon it can change the body’s fuel within seconds. After the skin, this is the biggest organ in the body and this is not without a reason. The liver contains a huge amount of little bile ducts, where the green alkaline substance of bile is being produced and transported. This substance is able to properly detoxify the body over night. The liver-gallbladder cycle starts at 9pm at night and lasts until 3am in the morning, so during this time these organs are most active and can serve their purpose.

The plexus is called solar plexus not without a reason, for it helps you to shine your own sun, it shows us how we manifest ourselves amongst the society. The stomach and the liver are closely connected to the heart, which functions like our own sun. It shines if we are capable to express and establish ourselves within society. So this chakra is usually blocked, if we cannot really find our mission, our job in life. What is it that we can contribute to society? This chakra is blocked by the feeling of shame. If we are ashamed of ourselves, then we cannot shine and express ourselves among other people. The two main hormones of this chakra are glucagon and insulin, which mainly aid in the digestive processes. So this chakra helps us to digest the energetic inputs from our environment and from within.

The heart chakra is the center, the core of our energy system. It is directly connected to the assemblage point, which collects all of our belief systems and perceptions. So we literally see through our hearts, even if we do not want to see through our hearts. It connects us to the realm of the soul. The heart functions like a frequency transmitter, so it basically determines all of the frequencies and vibrations that our bodies are working on. When the heart is at its fullest potential, you will even feel it in your finger and toe tips. It permeates everything, the heart is our gate to true and honest spirituality. It helps us to always find the right way, the way of our soul. When the heart is opening we have limitless possibilities to heal ourselves, build up true connections with other souls and ultimately connect with our source. The heart can trigger primordial memories within us. When it is at its best functioning, we can access and rewrite past lifes of ourselves and of the family group, which we have incarnated into. So the heart can activate and rewrite our DNA patterns. DNA basically is frequency. Everything that has a frequency, is some kind of light form. The scientist Alfred Popp was the first to discover scientifically that the DNA structure basically is a carrier of light. Thus the human beings are light beings. By freeing up and releasing old belief systems and DNA structures through the power of our hearts, we can step by step unleash the light that is still dormant within ourselves and let it shine through our heart. The heart can be blocked by the feeling of grief, the feeling of not letting go of someone who was or is close to us. Also the feeling of not wanting to forgive someone is creating a blockage within the heart chakra. If we can understand through our hearts not through our mind that death is an illusion, then our hearts will become free and limitless in their expressions. But this only very few people can actually achieve in one lifetime. There is a few people, who are changing the collective belief about death, by having gone through so-called near-death-experiences. Almost all of them saw the light at the end of the tunnel and some went through stages of extreme euphoria and freedom. Our heart can unlock that freedom for us. The hormone, which is linked to this chakra, is Thymosine, which mainly helps to strengthen the immune system of the body.


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Going up a bit further you will come to the throat chakra. This chakra again is a kind of transitional chakra like the solar plexus and can serve a great deal in activating the other chakras. Here the vibration of our voice is created, which serves us to communicate with our environment, to take up the creation that happened inside the heart and voice it into a commonly understood, felt sense. With the voice humans have been able to create amazing frequencies, which can stimulate all of the other chakras. The Ayurveda has known this since thousands of years and properly used it in its mantras and other healing modalities. This chakra is about truth and can be blocked by lies, lies that we tell to ourselves and others. We need to accept who we are and move on, sing a song about the beauty of life. The throat chakra is not only active when we are literally speaking, but it also activates during writing and having an inner dialogue. The pair for the throat chakra is the solar plexus. Both of them are concerned with communication and self-expression. If you visualize and focus on their connection, they will work more efficiently than before. The hormone of this chakra is thyroxine, which is concerned with growth, development and nerve function and also aids in metabolism.

The 6th chakra is located between the two eyebrows and is called the third eye chakra. This is where our intuitive processes take place and also where our dreamworld is outlived. This chakra is easily blocked by illusions, the illusion for example that we are all divided into different countries, cultures, nationalities, professions etc… ultimately we are all one. The pineal gland, which is located here, is secreting hormones, which fuel and trigger the functioning of the whole body. Day and night are created here through the hormones of serotonin and melatonin. The shamans of different tribes from the Amazons, for instance, have been using certain power plants, which activate this gland and which enable them to consciously dream and create new dream spaces.

Through our dreams we solve all of our problems. We can heal ourselves, learn anything that we desire to learn and experience different dimensional realms and spaces. The pair to the third-eye-chakra is the sex-chakra. This pair connects instinct with intuition. When we are dreaming, we are actually using our sexual energy, this is why men oftentimes wake up with an erection in the morning. The key to conscious dreaming is that we connect the third-eye chakra with the sex-chakra. The sex chakra provides the necessary energy, which catapults us to various dream spaces, while the third-eye chakra helps us being aware and conscious within our dreams, to observe and partake in them. If we can keep this frequency of the dream awareness in our waking state, it will be much easier for us to create and manifest something on this earthly plane. The earth frequency used to be 7,83hz and now it is slowly starting to rise till about 12-13hz. Our time to manifest has come. A lot of people are using toothpastes, which are highly contaminated with fluoride salts. Even from the viewpoint of western medicine we know since long that fluoride is a nervous toxin. It congests the pineal gland, so that it will resign to function. It literally crystallizes our pineal gland, which is the seat of our intuiton. And this is the knowledge that we receive from our dentists, something’s going off-track, I guess if they are giving us poisons.

The pineal gland works through electromagnetic frequencies. The most interesting molecule in a healthily functioning pineal gland is DMT, also called Dimethyltryptamine. When activated this molecule sends out a protective layer of electromagnetic frequencies, which then induces our dreamstate. This molecule is piezoelectric and piezochromatic. Piezoelectric basically means that it is able to emit certain electromagnetic frequencies that will create a protective shield around the gland. Clearly devices such as mobile phones, wifi-rooters, laptops, refrigerators and other electric devices interfere with the natural mechanism of the pineal gland. Piezochromatic means that this molecule emits colorful light. One of the advocates of the LSD-culture was the first to extract a pure DMT-crystal. When it accidentally fell to the ground, he noticed large beams of colorful light emitting from its rupture.

Now the pineal gland also regulates the crown chakra. In our consultations we oftentimes see that the crown chakra with most people work very close together with the third eye chakra. Both glands the pituitary and the pineal are stimulating these chakras. The pituitary gland secretes somatotrophin, which is concerned with growth mechanisms in the body. So the last chakra is the crown chakra, which is located above the head. This is where we connect to the universe, while the root chakra connects us to the earth. This chakra opens, when we let go of all earthly bondages and open our system to the universe. This is also the place where all of our thoughts are being transmitted. This chakra channels for us frequencies or so-called radio-stations, which provide us with a certain kinds of information. These information we can derive from various dimensions. Sometimes you can see people who have a lot of different channels from many different kinds of dimensions and informational spaces. But these people are usually very confused and not centered within themselves. They have a very open aura, which facilitates it for other beings and people to come in and draw energy from them, only because they allow it. One or two channels is definitely enough to keep yourself updated through the other dimensions. It is very important to filter and distinguish the information that you are getting, for they all come from different stages of consciousness, different stages of understanding and reality. Plus we tend to keep us occupied with the mind parasites of other people. They all know it better than you do and they all want you to do it the same way that they did. Do not let yourself be seduced. Enter your darkness and shine your light.

About the Author: Hannes Häusler is a freelance author. In his writings he is inspired by the ancient wisdom of shamanic tribes and plants. Since he has met his twinflame, they are working together with people doing aura-analysis and energy healing. Right now they are working on a new book, of which this article will be a part of. It is called “Twinflames – The Alchemy of Love”. For further information please visit:

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