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These Frequencies Are Compressing So Tightly Lately

By on September 14, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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These Frequencies Are Compressing So Tightly Lately

by Lisa Brown,

Holy chit’balls on the physical body stuff….

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Much love for your kind donation,

I’ll write more (I wrote 2 huge pieces this morning, yet have not posted)….

Some may be experiencing deep emotional cleansings, some physical, some may be in pure bliss, playing in their NEW Earth realities, expanding and experiencing what is available.

Me, always pure bliss, magic, peace, amazing everything mode… while my lower body for the last many days has gone “haywire” in order to cleanse and purify many old deeply embedded programs held in cellular memory/bones/muscles/flesh… The pain-meter is off the charts, function-ability is minimal right now… On a heating pad for days as it does what it needs too and I support it. I’ve had to let everything go that just doesn’t have to be done, and it all waits… because this is how it is…. and I do what I can from the bed, sleeping to let my body go through this rigorous process of re-coding my own cells, burning off density, releasing the ancient energies that I came here to clear/cleanse/transcend and unify back into the PURITY OF SACRED LOVE too. I was shown this was to be an intense physical body upgrade phase (which we love, welcome, ask for and so totally appreciate!).

These frequencies are compressing so tightly lately, so strongly, so intensely, so deeply. The heart will be activated, cells will expand and then strong compression, to squish everything that’s ready to be released. Expansion, compression, every cell working, crystals charging, vortexes opening, then closing… I can feel/observe every cell as it works…

Christed Light and the frequencies of The Pure Ones charging every particle of me … and leaving nothing, no stone unturned, weaving through the fibers, the muscles, the bones…. reprogramming intently… as we all prepare…

This last couple of weeks was observing what was triggering, consciously clearing while holding the vibration of our new realities in place…. not going back in our minds, in our actions, to old limited beliefs, not catering to the old judgments, limits, lack that is available in every moment that one still holds this, yet is no longer visible when we do not…

This passage is HUGE… and we hold all in the highest regard. Everything is important, serves a purpose, until it does not anymore.Then it’s purpose is to bring forth the knowledge that we did not have before, as we observe it to see what we could not before. There are always new realizations here. These frequencies re-align all for us, according to that which we HOLD, believe/know, are and do….

This last bit and right now, vortexes activate and all is starting to open up. Compression may ease for those who have been experiencing this. Heartbeats through every cell, everything is jingling, shaking, moving, charging, preparing for a huge expansion/jump…

Here we go, loves! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Oracle, Sage & Scribe
Author, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Mastery

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