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From De-construction Of The Physical To Creating A Whole New Earth Foundation Of Stability From Within

By on August 25, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

From De-construction Of The Physical To Creating A Whole New Earth Foundation Of Stability From Within

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by Lisa Brown,

7 years ago I found myself in the “Expedited Great De-Construction phase” of my own Spirit’ual/Soul awakening, yet was not aware that this was what it was. All I knew was that I was trying to hold on with everything I had, yet all was collapsing like a sinking ship and there was nothing to hold onto anymore… My stuff was coming up like crazy and it was all becoming “bigger than I was”. Deep into sex, drugs, alcohol and having “achieved” a very awesomely comfortable physical lifestyle of “things I needed/desired”…. I was at the top of my game, accomplishing all through sheer determination and survival mechanisms of all that I had endured as a human…. Yet my soul was dead/dormant… ready to wake up and my whole world was about to dramatically change. I went from a solid rock to mush & in the most physical & emotional pain, aging like crazy, my body was shutting down/fighting back from all of the suppression and compromise… death seemed the only way out and drinking myself unconscious with handfuls of pills on a daily basis didn’t kill the deep separation pain inside of me, and I kept waking up “why can I not just die”….


I didn’t understand anything, was completely distraught and confused, yet there was something inside of me… a tiny something…. barely there…. It was my light… trying to come through, yet it was buried deep beneath a mountain of human everything…. and it all had to come up and out/leave my physical body….

I was strong, I had survived everything…. I had walls of steel and nothing could break me… (so said the human aspect)…. Survivors have to be broken continually until nothing is left, for the walls are how we protect ourselves from everything, for everything is a threat to us….. We’ve been betrayed, hurt, lied to, taken advantage of, walked on, disrespected, abused in every way…. for this was the journey we chose as a soul here…. and it’s all of those beliefs that we have to transcend, for we don’t know how to love ourselves yet… In our minds, we’ve done such horrible things… we didn’t mean to, yet they “just happened” and we were just trying to get by… to survive….

There comes a point that we don’t have to survive anymore, for the only threat is us. We have become our own abuser, judge ourselves and others to death, we don’t need others to hurt us, for we do this perfectly ourselves…. yet that little spark inside keeps trying to come through….

At the base of our Spine, where all of the back pain is, our Kundalini has to awaken (Spirit) and work it’s way energetically up the back of our spine (then back down later as we anchor in). We awaken INSIDE and everything shifts as our heart starts to open… Our physical body triggers/fires-off, program after program for us to experience, until we get so tired that we are ready to give up. The resistance goes, we are done… and it’s in these moments that our next phase of awakening can occur. Each time, a little bit more, for the human’s fight/resistance has to be diminished… continually… until the light inside of us is strong enough to come through and take over…..

That light is everything…. It’s the spark of consciousness that we diminished every time our human took over and our heart/mind closed. Our mind so fixed on what it wanted…. we were not open to listening to anyone or anything… not until our heart opened enough, and our mind got tired, or fight went and we opened up to something different/higher….

I pulled away, became agoraphobic, switched my days/nights, couldn’t go around others, had demons (my own separation/darkness/shadow selves), my physical body shut down… because I had so much fear, blame, shame, guilt that I didn’t know I had, for I was a “happy and good person”… I couldn’t understand “what was wrong with me”… until I realized one day that there was nothing “wrong with me”…. that this was all part of my own chosen soul’s journey here, to forget/go unconscious/asleep, yet I was no longer asleep, I was waking up… which is when the confusion comes in…. (this is a great thing!).


My universe sent me “camouflaged” support, opportUNITY to pull away, focus on myself. Judgement has to go on “how” things are to be. “Losing” my job, necessary to catapult me into my own “darkness” (separation) for clearing/cleansing/transcending, until every last bit of that energy of self-destruction was gone. Then the moment came, that I woke up, ready to embrace my light. I needed sunshine and I had this new sense of something inside. Love and happy…. these new feelings that didn’t have a focal point, they were emanating from inside of me and out…. My relationships, all over the place, to clear my own distortions about love (and sex) and to show me everywhere that I didn’t yet fully love and respect myself.

All of a sudden, I FINALLY truly loved and respected me… I now had to learn to do this everyday. I had to re-gain my own self-respect and stop allowing others to dis-respect me (because they didn’t have them for themselves yet either), for everything is a vibrational match until we move out of that vibration fully and no longer “hold that” lack energy inside, to keep re-creating it in our own physical reality world by listening to our separated human thoughts.

Now, I had to re-build my life, myself… I had to start all over again. With nothing and from nothing (zero point). At the moment when my relationship was at it’s most awesome point, my universe said “It’s time for your relationship to end. Let it go”. I came to understand how to do what was “right for us all”, for I had split off into two inside… my human aspect and my higher self. I was “learning” (Remembering) HOW to BE a Higher Self, by my choices/actions and that which I did/allowed…. I was becoming a Guide to others, a teacher…… even though my stuff was still coming up… for I had many aspects of me present, and I was all over the place while I cleared my own separations of my aspects and merged them back into one within me….

Then all of my higher selves activated, entire Galactic Teams came forth and “I was told to DO everything I was shown/told” and to shut the outside world out. It was “learning time for me”, for I was being “trained” by my own higher self aspects and it’s our BE-ing and DO-ing that contributes to our EMBODIMENT process. First I activated the aspect, felt the energy/frequency for as long as it was present, then I had to “do” as that aspect… in everything that I experienced every moment of every day. I had to learn to live from integrity inside, no matter what others did or said. I had to learn to let all fall away that didn’t support or contribute to higher existence living here. I had to start to contribute myself, get myself out there, make a difference and become a WayShower for all on earth. Little ole messed up me…. I so had to laugh at that one, yet I saw the visions, I knew what I had to do, yet had no idea how…. I was to do anything for anyone, I could barely take care of myself….

Every moment of every day, listening to my higher selves… I did as I was “told”, stepping into every fear to dissolve it so that amazing realities could start to unfold. “Focus on your vibration #1″…. “Translate with purity, do not taint it/change it” and “do this crazy thing”….. and I did them all. It took years of “proving myself” for all to move from outside of me to inside of me…. all of a sudden I was an Angel, many Arch Angels, I was Christ, Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, fairies, mermaids and then Gods…. all of these energies were activating inside of me and my whole world changed. Embodiment became a way of BEing and then it was time to “get into service fully”… walk out of the 3rd/4th Dimension and physically into the 5th Dimension and leave for Kauai. I was “told” to stop doing my LightBody Workshops and just “be”. Not to try to “do” anything at all. To come here and become part of the island…. and to finish the Navigating Dimensions Book that I had been “told” to stop. I didn’t know I had to physically ascend before I could write for others experiencing Ascension for themselves…. I had spent years ascending as Spirit, yet now it was time to “come down”. To Descend all of my aspects and hold them in physical form. To walk as an Ascended Master and “learn” (Remember) how all works in conjunction with the physical reality here.

Merging multiple dimensions is confusing, for we are in & out of realities, expanded in many of them simultaneously and activating a ton in both waking & sleep state. We are clearing old timelines a gazillion at a time and sleeping to anchor photonic light in our physical body structure. Lucid dreams start to materialize in our physical the more light that we activate and hold here. The floating that I had done for years to disconnect/unanchor from the physical was going, the euphoria of the high, yet my physical reality was becoming solid, as I walked on NEW Earth… and magic was abound in every moment that I kept upping my own vibrational frequency and activating/opening portals to walk through here. Then I just observed programs and picked the ones that I did desire to experience and I worked my butt off, for we step-up into higher vibrations in every moment and we don’t get the support of others, because they don’t understand or respect all enough yet. WE go on, we do leave others behind… to deal with their realities how they need to for themselves…. for each will experience exactly what is within their own programs that they hold perfectly for their own journey back into the Light, back into full consciousness again.

I wrote when I was told to write, I walked in nature when I was shown to do this, I cried to release, I validated myself, I pushed myself beyond the limits that I saw were no longer real. I got up every day and I worked in Unison, with my higher self aspects, with my Universe… guiding me…so that I could REMEMBER FULLY AGAIN. I started “telling/showing” my Universe what I needed to fulfill my service and it started to come to me. I didn’t realize we could ask for things, anything… and all would come when I understood the purposes of all things, the energy of all things and how all works here. I had to learn (Remember) how to Master the Physical by being in-tune energetically AS ALL again. I had to maintain alignment at all times… I had to choose and dedicated to my own self, my own Ascension process and I had to INVEST every thing that I did and was to this…. and as I did, everything turned around, got easier, became fun, magical, blissful, amazing…. beyond my little human mind capacity… for NEW EARTH is beyond what our human can comprehend.

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As humans we don’t appreciate, we don’t respect, we lack in every way. We don’t love ourselves without limits and constraints, we don’t hold integrity and we have no idea what SACRED is. Our experiences teach us this. Our connection with Gaia, the plants, the birds, the trees, nature. Our connection with others, our ability to be open…. fully…. and our ability to say “no, that’s not my reality anymore” and to hold that space until the energy of that reality breaks, so that another one can take it’s place. It’s all up to us, as we re-birth ourselves, our realities re-align for us… in response to our actions, our feelings, our words, our energy and that which we hold inside.

When sacred is how we exist, then sacred is what we experience. Sacred and deep profound love and respect on a cellular level, then this is what we call forth to experience here.

Mastering the physical means we have mastered ourselves and the outside world too. All from a space of deep profound love, respect, compassion, honor, integrity and we do not compromise this for anyone or anything anymore. Each will come to this same place/realization within themselves, as it is their own time here. WE hold the Gridwork of NEW Earth in place, from inside and our experiences are all NEW Earth NOW.

I had to go through the ridiculous amounts of sleeping to wake up, the de-construction phase, the death of my own ego, the merging of all aspects inside, the re-creation phase, the “put yourself out there phase”, the “humans lack everything phase”, the “graduation of the survival phase of awakening”, the death/re-birth/resurrection phases, the re-structuring phase to creating a WHOLE NEW FOUNDATION and EXISTENCE AS LIGHT. I had to BEcome a PURE Light BEing here, purify my own system, restore back to my own original template by holding the highest space of consciousness at all times again. I had to dedicate everything, every cell and particle of me for all to become EASY again. I had to embrace all through LOVE and Lead the Way… just like everyone else has to do to EXIST ON NEW EARTH FULLY…. I had to BE FULLY INVESTED with all of my energy and my physical world/things to… to receive a return so fully abundant where there are no more limits and all comes forth easily all of the time…. I had to pay/spend everything that I had to be-in-service in order to reach others ready to awaken more too. I had to learn to appreciate, become generous and to share everything again. I also had to learn when to not give/do/share, for we are not allowed to support the old programs anymore here. WE learn how to master realities and love all without enabling them. WE stand in our power and respect them too. WE just don’t need to keep experiencing this in our own physical reality space anymore.

This is how we remove the limits… we STEP UP and WE DO IT ourselves…. Here we do not seek anything, we allow it all to come to us. WE focus on our vibrational frequency, our consciousness, expansion and what we are contributing/transmitting out and we choose what we allow in our own physical reality world, in our field of consciousness… and we allow for all to constantly re-align according to the QUANTUM LIGHT that we hold… for we JUMP huge timelines intentionally, in every moment, in our sleep and waking state…..

Every one of us came here to EXPERIENCE FULLY the vastness and simplicity of profound deep sacred respect and love. WE are the ones that have to be open to allow, to feel, to bring it forth… so that we can experience this in every aspect of our realities now.

Our realities are WIDE OPEN loves…. just waiting to arrive/come forth (materialize) in every moment…. Open everything up fully and allow yourself to receive/experience your Divinity/Divine Birthright from that space of beauty, magnificence and purity that you already hold inside. Expand it out in every moment… walk through that portal, that gateway and keep it open… Only you can. ♥ You owe it to yourself to experience this now. ♥ You deserve it. All waits for you NOW. ♥

WE’ve gone so far BEyond the 5th Dimension these last many years, where all other dimensions are available again. The one you physically exist in will be determined by many things. The highest one you’ve been able to achieve inside of you and hold in your physical body structure to upgrade/integrate your Crystalline LightBody and your physical body into one. Your physical body continually re-structuring itself, every particle breaking down and re-forming matter…. according to the sacred geometric codes and sequences floating around in your energy field. Your expanded consciousness activates these to anchor/merge within your physical body structure as it evolves in light… your physical reality simultaneously does this as well. When you shut down/close off, you disconnect, you shut off your own access to all AS the Entire Universe again. As a Galactic, the limits are removed. (Y)Our evolution occurs for us all at an expedited rate now…. Easy or not-easy…. totally up to each one of us. WE choose easy and fun!!! ♥

I love you guys. I know this was long, yet it’s important, as we don’t awaken saints, we awaken as “sinners”, with all kinds of distortions to clear. We purify ourselves as we come to love ourselves fully, release all judgment, all struggle and resistance and evolve in light again. WE become seekers until we no longer seek to fill a space/void or lack inside anymore. It all of our higher knowledge/wisdom, Divine Love and Inner Power that transforms humanity. Share share share and allow all to come to you. Place limits where you are asked to compromise your soul. This is what is no longer acceptable for anyone anymore. ♥

Our universe (us) will send us gifts, send us opportUNITY, send us ways for things to be EASIER for us. It will not usually conform to the path we had planned out for our human lives…. this is the point. Our higher path, our soul’s path is very different. WE can open our minds and hearts to accept the Universe’s assistance to support us or we can continue to insist on “our way” as a resistant human, which is where hard/harsh/intense and suffering is created from. WE just “deal” with our distortions, separation, the discomfort of the separation energy inside and move through it until it’s all gone. All gets so much easier and then we realize there’s no more discomfort and it’s fun, easy and beyond awesome….

We have to reverse all ourselves… we have to change (shift) the vibration of all … the moment we do… everything starts to re-align in flow again…. WE maintain flow from inside… outside is our response. ♥

As each re-builds their own foundation from inside, things become stable and solid again. Everything is built on love, respect, integrity, honor…. all things are sacred again. A whole new physical reality is shaped, one that won’t collapse again, for it is built with light… constructed through a new gridwork that is now firmly in place. One where all flows, shifts and reshapes constantly, yet the foundation now longer shakes. We’ve anchored NEW Earth in… now we continue to transform and rebuild… from the ground up… our Galactic Cities…. our Golden Age…. our NEW Earth REALities here.

As the old earth continues to de-construct for the masses now awakening to do this themselves, NEW Earth gets stronger and more solid(ified) by the day. In every moment… WE’ve already done it… now we get to fully IN-joy it… WE get to have a life, something that many of us “put off” while we fulfilled our service as Gatekeepers and WayShowers here. Moving into roles as Guardians of NEW Earth, now we can manage all, being in-service, having a life and not compromise anything anymore. WE do have to focus our energy, choose and commit… this part never stops. We do have to dedicate all that we are, which is easy, for it’s how we exist now. WE breathe consciousness through every cell of our being. There is no other way to BE or DO anything anymore… It’s a whole new existence, full of magic and amazingness in every moment!

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Oracle, Scribe, Author, Transformational Speaker, Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth

Image: Pixabay

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