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Light Keepers – Stability Amidst Confusion And Projected Chaos – Mass Awakenings

By on September 2, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Light Keepers - Stability Amidst Confusion And Projected Chaos - Mass Awakenings

Lisa Brown,

Good morning sweet LOVE family,

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Very active StarGate activity again today, high high high ion charged atmospheres… Looks like we have another day of AMPLIFICATION ENERGIES….

What are you vibrationally creating to experience here? What are you vibrationally transmitting out? What are you vibrationally feeling? What are your words vibrationally speaking? What ENERGY are you projecting out?

This is all about vibrations and energy and in order to understand all, you must connect through the vibrations and energy of all again. This takes many things… number one is opening your heart and bypassing your head, so that your head starts to implement that of you heart and both can unify to the frequency of love again. Christed Consciousness/Unity Consciousness is your head, your heart, your entire physical make-up, all merged in UNITY. Peace is restored to all… and your entire existence becomes an intentional creation here.

Creating NEW everything means reprogramming all of the old. Breaking the old patterns/habits done out of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, competition, spite, procrastination, safety, protection, survival mode. This is something we do intentionally, in every moment, until LOVE becomes our natural and organic way of existing again. “In the beginning”, this can seem impossible, daunting or be challenging, for we have to pay attention to ourselves and everything thought, everything that triggers us, creates a reaction or response which triggers a pattern of thoughts that were held in each’s subconscious/cellular structure.

The higher the frequencies, the more these structures collapse, the old fixed ways of thinking become visible… these mega high frequencies can create utter and complete chaos of the mind and emotions, for it is the point/purpose… as every cell has to cleanse and fill with MORE LOVE. Chaos creates confusion, yet only where old programs are concerned. There is nothing confusing when one is in total alignment inside and existing through the purity of Divine Love…. it’s everything else that gets confusing so that all can truly see again.

Where there is deep hurt, this is being triggered for release. It is beyond “time”. It’s all got to go. The human aspect will not understand and it will lash out, try to hurt others, project out or try to bury it deep within. All of these can be understood IF YOUR HEART IS OPEN. If you are observing, seeing the hate and seeing the deep lack of love inside, the old pains that have to go/be released, so that love can be felt again.

We are going through mass collective cleansing, and it’s not pretty when we do. Especially when these frequencies amplify everything, make all louder and visible again.

Every time we go into a huge wave, everyone is excited and can’t wait for this to occur. They forget/don’t realize what always happens for profound transformation to come forth, intense separation must also be triggered. Collective awakenings mean on a mass scale, so these are getting bigger as we go.

As Lightkeepers, you have awareness, you have abilities that others may not have mastered within themselves yet and your part is to honor yourself and BE Light, BE Love when we move into more collapse mode. You have the ability to open your heart further, expand your energy out further and hold the NEW EARTH GRIDWORK in place. Where you feel challenged or see yourself affected, then pull away and go take care of yourself… however you need to… for you are of no use to anyone if you are not loving yourself. Strong loving boundaries are often required when one functions from separation and has not learned (Remembered) love and respect within themselves yet. You may need to hold these boundaries until you don’t need them anymore. This can be done with an open heart. We don’t shut down in response to others who are still closed off/shut down. We get bigger, energetically. Love is the most powerful mastery tool that there is.

There are still so many old pre-2012 perceptions of how this journey is supposed to be. We obliterated these, yet many still do not realize that how things have changed.

As the physical de-constructs, hearts open, which is the point. WE don’t have to require tragedy for this. This deconstruction is energetically stronger than the “holding on” that the human attempts to do. It has to be, for the old realities were held fast by way of walls and protection mechanisms around the heart, these have to come down… fully….

WE are transforming and building whole new realities… based upon the purity of love, firmly anchored in total consciousness again. A complete overhaul of outdated, obsolete and suppressive systems that were created out of unconsciousness (separation, greed, lack, abuse of power, etc.), is a huge task bestowed upon each one of us. As each comes further into full consciousness, taking responsibility, taking power back, standing in honor and DOing higher consciousness realities… this transforms everything. Mass consciousness means mass transformation….

If you find yourself challenged, observe what’s going on inside of you. Hang in there and SEE the ENERGY of what is truly going on. Inside and out. Nothing can diminish your Light. Your response will be different than if you are unconscious and listening to the words, instead of the vibrations being transmitted and if you are taking it personal or realizing others are getting more desperate because their worlds are re-aligning to higher consciousness existence. Have compassion and stand in your knowing…. the love that you hold is immense.

NEW Earth is DOING and BEing your highest aspect at all times and not judging yourself when you are clearing an old program. Take the time (space) you need… honor you and all will become easier as you do. ♥

Okay, I have a live event to DO! I’ll see many of you soooon and the rest later! Have a very magical and amazingly exquisitely awesome day!!!!!

Image: Pixabay

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