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Energy Update – Amplified Materialization

By on August 26, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Amplified Materialization

by Lisa Brown,

Aloha dear sweet Light Family of Divine Essence Love! ♥

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Much love for your kind donation,

So very much going on for all…. as each comes to understand and open up to release all that was held deep inside the physical body from all incarnations….

We are merging at an exponential rate now….. Timelines collapsing at the speed of light. All physical realities within those timelines collapse as well, so that all can activate and fully anchor their own higher existence realities here.

Any separation held within, now magnified by these high plasma energies that are present in our Galactic Atmosphere now…. Everything is magnified/amplified for total visibility…..

If PURITY is what is dominant, if Sacred Love and Respect from your CORE are present.. if you EXIST as your Soul… wide open, sharing, empowering, supporting, mastering… then you’ve anchored your own DREAMS in your physical reality world and you are LIVING IT in every moment…..

The chaos gone, the confusion gone, the lack gone… for all of those were of the old…. no more human separation pain…. which is what all came here to transcend from within.

There is no “one day” anymore… for that is old unconsciousness too. Everything is NOW….

Right now, what am I thinking? What am I projecting? What am I doing? What am I feeling? What am I allowing? What am I creating? How am I contributing? What am I putting out there? What am I empowering with my focus and energy? What reality am I feeding? What do I believe? Why do I believe that? What do I really WANT to believe? Where am I still separated? Is my heart fully open? Where do I fear, blame, point the finger? Where do I seek validation? What stories do I keep “spreading” or trying to convince myself/others of? What do I truly desire to experience? Am I coming from PURITY? Is THIS OUT OF LOVE AND RESPECT for me?

Where there is duality still inside… this vs. that… judgment, pointing the finger, holding on to the old out of safety, protection, survival… then the polarity inside/outside will increase substantially now. Not one of us came here to stay unconscious…. those days (vibrations) are over…..

Each must transcend all duality from INSIDE…. come BACK to PEACE, LOVE AND GRATITUDE fully from within. We’ve entered the vibrations (times) where the SOUL must fully awaken and be EMBODIED, all aspects that fragmented off be re-called, all old wounds healed, all returned to the purity of love again.

The human has a very different perception and it takes opening the heart to open the mind to open one’s eyes to see and understand again. Where one is holding fast to separation, then a human experience is what one shall have. The heart is closed and there is no love for self and all others here. There is blame, shame, hurt, pain… victim mentality and total dis-empowerment…..

When the heart is open, then one is holding themselves accountable, standing in their power and honoring themselves again. When hurt or blame activate to surface, this space is honored, yet it does not take over… it’s recognized as a release of separation/density/unconsciousness that needs to occur so that the physical body can raise it’s vibrational frequency, so that the higher self can be heard, so that the soul can emerge more and more and more until all becomes whole and one again.

The physical body is your Sacred Temple for your own Soul to live/exist. Your heart must be totally open and your mind must be present “right here”. You maintain a space of observation, without judgment… for AS A SOUL… nothing is personal here… Everything is a chosen SOUL’S JOURNEY, one that you programmed yourself with as you incarnated/walked-in here.

We are in the VIBRATIONS where the SOUL MUST INTEGRATE FULLY… INSIDE the physical body… which means that the vibration of all that one allows, focuses on, maintains…is the most important thing for all. The physical body activates light/energy within it’s cells and energy starts to move, awaken the body… THIS TRIGGERS the inner separation to play out…. inside your body and in your physical reality world. Each must/will come to recognize what represents what in their own REALity…. as they embrace consciousness as a way of existing again…..

There comes a point where each stops…. and just looks at their entire reality/world and realizes how distorted all really is… and from this point this realization alone gives one the power to shift everything…. These amplifications are going to exacerbate the distortions until they become so huge that they can be seen. The question is…. are you observing your own reality and SEEing, so that you can shift OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into your HEART and take your own power back to fully fulfill your higher purposes here?

Are you challenging your own mindsets or projecting them out to others? Are you paying attention, truly? Are you opening up or hiding?

In these vibrations, everything becomes visible again. It’s been this way for years and every moment we move into much higher vibrational frequencies….

The old physical realities that were constructed through separation and unconsciousness can either totally collapse or be transformed into light. Becoming totally conscious allows YOU the opportUNITY to transform all…. from the inside out…..

Trying to remain unconscious, in victim mode, pointing the finger, holding on to drama stories creates suffering for you… and all of those unconscious participating in unconscious realities too. The only way to shift anything is to open your heart fully and let the strong energy that keeps you in those places dissipate, dissolve to allow your own higher selves and soul to come through……

One moment…. THIS ONE… this is the only one that there is… THIS MOMENT CREATES your realities…. for all is vibrational and when you are TUNED IN to the vibrations and energy of all, you have the POWER to MASTER all realities again.

MASTERY is a skill that you practice until it becomes your natural way of being again. MAGIC is present in every moment that your heart is fully open. Bliss is a feeling that never goes. Peace is always present here. Love is your existence. Purity is at your core… It is your Soul shining through.

You have to CHOOSE what you want to experience, you are the one that does all of this. When your heart is closed, you are disconnected and physical realities go haywire, get more intense and bizarre, because of the high vibrations we now live in.

You will be shown where you are not committed, where you are not fully INVESTED in your own soul’s journey here….. Because when you are…. everything is easy again.

NEW Earth is available to you… IN THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE. You are the one that has to desire it more than you allow yourself to participate in fear, lack, separation realities still.

Every reality has a gazillion purposes….. as you see them all, you understand. Until then, things will keep “happening” to get hearts open, so that each can connect with and become higher selves.
All things happen FOR us… in response TO us…. so that WE can finally see again.

Every moment… this one… all the same one…. Timelines will continue to collapse into this present moment… until all unconsciousness is gone….. and everyone has returned to higher consciousness existence… again. ♥

I love you…. get ready… we’ve not seen anything yet… Everything becomes more more more…. all of our DREAMS continue to move anything out that was never pure from within us…. ♦
Amplified materialization…………. what are you calling forth, creating and anchoring in your own physical reality here?

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Oracle, Sage & Scribe
Author, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Mastery

Image: Pixabay

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