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By on August 26, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Layaal Khaleel,
Contributing Writer,

Yes you right there, reading this article, you hold the universe within you. Why do I say this? It is because of the pure potential you have within you to liberate yourself from any oppressions. A lot of times I have seen people simply giving up on their dreams due to their circumstances. It always goes with either there is no one to believe in you or you do not believe in yourself. What is really important to remember is if you do not believe in yourself, no one else can really change your mind unless you allow your mind to be changed. You need to remember that you posses divine consciousness and all the answers you need are within you

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Never give up on yourself. It is actually the time to keep your dreams alive, because you are the one who has to take care of yourself and remember that when you love yourself with the unconditional love, you would only want to do things that helps you grow and do what resonates with your soul. if you are someone who would like to stand on his or her own two feet this is, remember challenges are there only to help you get stronger so then you have the strength to carry on and you would only know how strong you are when a challenge rises so do not believe that when something does not go your way it is working against you because you do also have the answer to the problem just always remember to make cautious choices because our choices make a lasting impact in this lifetime.

To be precise, the reason that you are born as a human and not existing in this world as some seashell on the shore absolutely means that you are here to more than just exist; you are here because you have a purpose. Most of us state how important it is to give good vibes to people around you; well wouldn’t you want to give this world good energy? So you may not know what you want to do and well time will tell if you really seek an answer follow the little things that trigger a burning passion within you and soon you will connect dots and know the answer. The world needs love, and we are love, we are capable of being peaceful with one another and one way for this is to support one another in their goals and helping find one’s passion even finding your own passion can simply contribute to making the world a better place because you are doing something with love which will raise your vibration that will impact people around you and the world.

Always look out for yourself because you are important, you are special and you are existing in this moment, reading this article and it is not a coincidence that you are reading this article. You are reading it because you need to be reminded that HEY! You are the Universe, you are loved and you have the potential to be in service to the world and contribute to peace. You can always have the room to be a better person.

You have the sole power to make decisions. The decisions that could either empower you or hinder yourself. It is obvious that none of you would want the latter. Empowering yourself can bring you benefits beyond your thoughts. It is giving you the power to become who you want to be. It is giving you the power to not bother about what people say but go on with your life with this amazing thing called optimism. It is giving you the confidence and most importantly the belief of believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself you seriously do not need anyone to believe in you. When you do believe in yourself, you start mold your mentality with positivity. Despite the circumstances, despite the goodness, despite how blessed or cursed you are, if you have a mindset of an optimistic, if you step by step push yourself to say whatever has happened or whatever you are going through will not define you but you will overcome it and get to the finish line, then that is you being the universe.

The universe withstands and has withstood what many storms or sunshine or hay or light or wars it has to exist through. You have the power within you to have a say in your life, and you definitely have the choice to do more than just exist and just like the universe you can withstand any hardships because do know that at the end, whichever obstacle is there in front of you, it is giving you the chance to make yourself stronger, be wiser and be more passionate about the things YOU want to do and let it be something that also brings good vibes to people around you. It is only when you truly suffer you would know how important it is to look after yourself. A lot of people have the tendency to envy what someone has got or who someone is. This is not healthy for your soul. You have to remember that you are not that person. You have your own person. You have to remember to indulge in things that give you inner peace. This is not an unattainable thing. It is all about having the control of your own life and your own mind. Let it be lethargy, love, guilt, happiness, it is all a phase that you can always have the power to swerve away from but do remember lessons will be repeated until you learn what you are supposed.

Do not think that you always be stuck in a rabbit hole, instead find a way to come up, your mind holds the key because your mind is just like the universe, meditate and you will understand that you have infinite potential to break away from anything that hinders you and find what works for you and find your higher self.

About the author: Layaal Khaleel is an undergrad studying International Relations in Colombo Sri Lanka.

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