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These Higher Light Frequencies Bring KNOWLEDGE And UNDERSTANDING

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These Higher Light Frequencies Bring KNOWLEDGE And UNDERSTANDING

by Lisa Brown,

You are going to finally get super really tired of and “be done” with the human game and move on. You are going to realize how much energy it takes/wasted and what all of that creates.

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You are going to DECIDE to shift your own focus TO that which is truly important…. bringing forth the new.

Creation, love, peace, magic and those blissful realities that feed your soul and others too. The beauty, magnificence, the brilliance, the awesomeness…

This is all that you will desire, entertain, allow… as you realize that you now have a choice…. as you realize how to hold the vibration, as you realize how much you allowed, how you gave your own power away, how it wasn’t their judgment or lack, it was yours, how you didn’t stand in your own power/truth….

You are going to realize more and more and more… and you are going to understand… how much this is ALL YOURS.

You will WANT TO COME TOGETHER, you will DESIRE to be a part, you will make it happen….. you either DO IT or you get left behind. You either BE A PART OF THESE NEW EARTH REALITIES or you sit in the energy/play in the energy of the collapsing unconscious old.

You will realize that you DON’T HAVE TO live in those programmed realities anymore. You will see, what it takes, you will finally understand….

These higher light frequencies bring KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING to what didn’t make sense before, because YOUR heart was not open, therefor your mind also was not. As your heart opens fully, what’s important dramatically changes….YOU WANT MORE of the awesomeness IN EVERY MOMENT…. and you can have it…. if you commit and choose!

Get ready loves… for the human aspects/realities, playtime is always over… for the higher density realities, playtime is just beginning and the fun is always beginning and what you are here to BE/DO, this expands as you do.

I love you! Have a magical everything! It’s always time (the vibration) to BE THIS & DO THIS…. FULLY….

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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