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Energy Update – Density Changing, Worlds Are Gonna Be Rocked

By on November 14, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Density Changing, Worlds Are Gonna Be Rocked

by Lisa Brown,

Good morning/afternoon/evening dear sweet LOVE family,

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Last night I was writing what the frequencies were “doing” and I got tied up on a conference call.

Basically is that these are about to “rock worlds” like never before. Shake things up and re-organize lives according to each’s HIGHEST SOUL PATH now. This gets amped up every time we move through a huge gateway, and we just came through one and enter another BEYOND POWERFUL one now.

It’s important to address that which is not yet understood, yet not spend all of our time/energy on what is not working/what is not contributing to what we are here to be/do. We re-focus on what IS WORKING, WHAT WE ARE DOING, ALLOWING, CONTRIBUTING TO….

HUGE COLLECTIVES just got shocked awake. That was nothing compared to what is coming, so….. as these purity frequencies and sonic “shockwaves” reverberate out and touch all that holds any unconscious programs that are still running beneath/in the background that need to be seen/heard/cleansed/cleared/acknowledged/transcended and unified from within.

Each are going to have to HOLD THE HIGHEST REALITIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN PLACE while being aware of what needs to shift, clear, cleanse…. To integrate this amount of massive higher light into your physical body structure and KNOW THAT YOUR PHYSICAL REALITIES are being adjusted for you/your highest alignment too….

These bring surprise…. you will be surprised at what you see, about you, about any unconscious programs you’ve been running, allowing, participating in…. everywhere you live in lack/fear and separation from PURE SOURCE LIGHT, everywhere you did not understand yet…. the outside world gives you the material/information you need to address/deal with…

Most of all, you will have to choose…

You will have to fully commit, to you, your soul, your purposes here. As collectives exit the matrix simulation… worlds are gonna be rocked… seriously… and this is a good thing, this is a beyond awesome thing, yet the emotions and beliefs, these have to be honored/cleansed/purified from the physical body and the physical reality too…..

The words lately are “density is changing”….. constantly. A frequency will activate and our light cells will start moving and “density is changing” will come. It’s a regular thing now, every day. This is how fast and how much things are being re-calibrated/re-worked by these higher consciousness light frequencies that are at our forefront in every moment of each day now.

The outside is a reflection back of the transmissions from inside of each one of us. When SOURCE LOVE is what you transmit all of the time, then your realities match this. When fear, doubt and unresolved emotions lead your way, then this is what you experience until all of that energy is gone, and your heart-mind opens fully so that you can shift into a higher dimension of existence now too.

Embrace the PURE DIVINE LIGHT of your SOUL/YOU…. and get ready…. as we move further into the “known unknown” that has already occurred in a higher dimensional reality/timeline. Keep anchoring those holographic realities that you already see/know and allow them to materialize constantly now for you/all who are truly ready for these magnificent and magical experiences now.

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Ascended Light BEing and Multi-Dimensional Master, Teacher/Coach/Mentor/Guide
Author & Transformational Speaker

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