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This Is What Your Voice Says About YOU!

By on May 28, 2015 in Awareness, Health, Science
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This Is What Your Voice Says About YOU! in5d in 5d

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Did you know that your vocal print is completely unique and tells a LOT more about you than what most people realize?  Are you aware that each person’s voice can tell you whether you are right brained or left brained? Whether you’re a dreamer or planner?  Even the tone of your voice can tell you whether you are highly spiritual or have too much ego.

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Sharry Edwards has a free software program called nanoVoice where you can test yourself and others on what your voice says about you.

Are you right brained, left brained or whole brained?

Your voice print will tell you whether you are right brained, left brained or whole brained. A whole brained chart will have representations on all notes. If you are right or left brained, then this will also be reflected on your chart.

This Is What Your Voice Says About YOU! in5d in 5d

If your chart’s notes are predominantly on the left hand side of the above chart, then you are left brained. If they are predominantly on the right, then you are right brained. The above chart is right brained, which is the creative hemisphere of the brain. If your reading is left brained, then chances are, you are more analytical.

This Is What Your Voice Says About YOU! in5d in 5d

This is my nanoVoice reading on June 10th.

This Is What Your Voice Says About YOU! in5d in 5d

One or more of four different colors may appear on a chart: blue, red, yellow and green.  Multiple colors on one chart indicate a multi-faceted approach to that topic. 

Blue is indicative of an overall love for humanity, the ability to put others first, an emotional perspective and possible naiveté.  A nun or minister type.

Yellow is indicative of mental processing, an intellectual outlook, a logical, cautious, planned perspective.  A lawyer type.

Green indicates a need to accomplish, someone who can plan ahead, who is reliable and ready to proceed after careful thought about consequences and outcomes. A Farmer type.

Red is indicative of a physical call to action but without a lot of thought for the consequences of the action.  Red likes to see and do things first before the rest of the crowd.  A Fireman type.

My predominant color is yellow, secondary is red.  What this tells me is that I think things out but do not follow the flock and I am willing to take chances that many others wouldn’t take.  Because most lines are predominantly on the right hand side of the reading, it says that I am right brained.  The right side is the side of the brain where you’ll find the creative side.  Many artists and musicians use the right side of their brain to utilize their talents.  F# received the highest number of “hits” and emotionally, it stand for “One who carries out the plans, doer, intuitive about the needs of others, shares and loves wholeheartedly”.  Ironically, F# also represents Libra, my astrological sign.

You can find your relative notes, sign, cell salts, emotional and physical values on the chart below.

This Is What Your Voice Says About YOU! in5d in 5d

I added the cell salts to this chart for my own curiosity. 🙂

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What you talk about will affect your reading

On June 12th, my reading was somewhat different, but still right brained:

This Is What Your Voice Says About YOU! in5d in 5d

On the above nanoVoice, I talked about how I am an introvert along with how there are many other introverts within this genre.  I explained how being an introvert is not a bad thing and how comfortable I am being an introvert. Once again, the chart shows that I am right brained but this time, blue was my predominant color, which shows an overall love for humanity.

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There is also a report given on your voice.  This is mine:

Points of Importance, Attention and Consequence

You think that feeding the mind is just as important as feeding the body. You are aware of how painful thoughtless words can be. Your reputation is very important to you.  You will go to great lengths to protect it. You have high ideas and expect the same of others.

Your highest note is associated with your internal perspective of service to self vs. humanitarian needs.  The spirit of your inner core resides with your ability to take quiet time for yourself. Your highest note is associated with your internal perspective of insight and self awareness. Internal faith, fairness and fulfillment reside with this note. Your highest note is associated with service to humanity and human spirit. Your feelings and desire to help others resides with this note.

Your leadership ability is hampered by lack of opportunity. You may be caught once in a situation but you aren’t often caught twice without a proper answer. The right words at the right time can sometimes elude you because of all of the internal dialogue.

Points of Communication, Complications and Complaints

You actively seek to bring spirit into your interactions with others. You can easily put yourself aside for the benefit of others. It is particularly bothersome when people use or borrow your property without permission.

As a natural leader, you sometimes get stuck with more than your share of the work. You wish for the best which sometimes leads to statements of hope instead of statements of fact. You wish someone could understand you without demanding a lot of conversation.

If you’ve followed In5D and are familiar with the articles I’ve written, my radio show or any In5D videos, then you already know this is an accurate reading.

In regard to the colors, Sharry pointed this out:

Each note needs to be matched with a color and its interpretation.  For example someone could have a very high note of C that was red – this person might use his/her ego or strength to get their way without much thought for the outcome.  A bully or autocrat.  

Note:  Remember that very high scores (average is usually around 44) show an exaggeration of that quality; while low would mean that quality is lacking.

If the same high C was green that person might use their first-hand experience to manage getting something accomplished.  A leader, by qualifications alone, who may or may nor not have many people skills.  A workaholic who has little respect for the time commitments of others.  

If the high C was yellow the person might want their way because of their education or position.  They tend to think they know best for everyone involved.  There is usually a disregard for the opinions of others with this politically astute yet authoritarian perspective.

If a high C is blue this is likely to be an emotional leader who champions a cause for the rights of others.  This is not always a logical or rational leadership style but more of a charismatic approach. An uncompromising extremist.  Each note can be assessed using the color and note information.  Remember that the examples above are for extremes of a note being well above normal.

Please keep in mind that there are no “bad” colors or voice prints!!!

What notes are you missing?

If you look at your chart and notice that you are missing specific notes, then you can help to harmonize your body by adding those notes through music.  For example, my charts shows a lack of the musical note of C.  There are certain songs you can listen to that are written in the note of C, such as Crystal Gayle’s Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News or Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys.

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How can I get a reading?

You can find Sharry’s nanoVoice software HERE.  Download it and follow the instructions.  If you’re using a laptop, your built-in microphone will suffice but for the most accurate reading, you may want to look into purchasing the microphone that Sharry recommends, which is the one I use, Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphoneir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001R76D42.

Try experimenting with some of your favorite personalities on YouTube.  Invite your friends over and analyze them as well.  I think you’ll find this software very interesting and enlightening!

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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