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This Is Why Time Is An Illusion

By on January 6, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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This Is Why Time Is An Illusion

by Rich Fiori,
Contributing Writer,In5D,.com

Objectively speaking, there is no section of space-time that represents “now”. In this respect, it is more representative to think of space-time as a four dimensional reality. Relativistic simultaneousness is not “now” simultaneousness, it only means there are mathematically correct equations and coordinates that explain among other things, time dilation.

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The real operator is that the speed of light “appears” constant to any observer. For that to occur, time dilates. This means matter has to move in time as fast as light moves in space. Einstein postulated that the speed of light is a constant in all frames of reference (mathematically, all coordinate systems). Although, there are observably conclusive experiments that prove this, there is no reason why light has this extraordinary definition and property. Light is used then for both length (space) and time definitions.

Even the definition of synchronized is based on the light packet contents of two occurrences reaching an observer at the same time. And it is also based on the observer constructing all inputs (sight, audio, touch, smell, and taste) in an appropriate manner. Why is time and space defined by light? The space-time continuum as defined by the constancy of the velocity of light is completely unknown and we don’t know why.

We do not have the capacity to observe three dimensions and accurately reconstruct the inputs properly in all cases. The result of multiple inputs can fool our brains into creating illusory results for our cognitive and emotional parts to establish an accurate conclusion. Additionally, our combined accommodation and assimilation process may cause us to not even recognize what has been processed (for example, We don’t understand what we just saw, read, heard, tasted, smelled, touched – experienced, but we’ll store it away and reference it somewhat correctly later).

We do not have the capacity to observe four spacial dimensions. If time is just another dimension of space (it is, mathematically, in the world Einstein created). And if outcomes are not predetermined and there is no such thing as local reality (as John Bell theorized) then there must be multiple timelines and/or multiple universes that exist simultaneously (a different timeline is in a parallel universe – see Hugh Everett’s “Many Worlds Interpretation” for an explanation of the latter).

All of these theories, experiments, and postulates suggest that the non-deterministic multiverse, i.e. the space-time of our senses is fabricated (purposeful use of passive voice here).

Time is the mechanism that we use to create experiences and memories. It is nothing more and nothing less. The now is the focal point of the past and the future for each individual (each of us has a unique “now” experience). Space has a similar meaning. It is our unique location that creates the perspective of now from the past and the future. In other words: Where did you come from and where are you going? Both space and time are part of creating those unique experiences and memories.

Precision of space-time is only established mathematically and cannot be attained through a composition of our collective experiences (one person’s perception of “now” is usually going to be different than another’s). We can easily fool ourselves into believing that the stated collective perception is reality because we have so many unresolved somewhat correct memory fragments for which we want to understand.

Space-time is a perception illusion but the memories and their resolutions are real. When we change the interpretation of memories by removing the misinformation we redefine the memories and change space-time. We actually change the definition of the occurrence, which changes space-time.

There have been and will continue to be many articles written, seminars performed, etc. about how to remove misinformation from our memories. In a real sense, these memory changes are repairing, replacing, and repositioning the space-time that we perceive in the “now” moment.

About the author: Rich has a masters degree in mathematics and maintains hobbies in particle physics and music. He has dedicated his life to finding the truth.

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