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When ‘Bad’ Manifestations Happen To ‘Good’ Light Workers

By on February 28, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

When 'Bad' Manifestations Happen To 'Good' Light Workers

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by Max and Lana
Guest writers,

I Manifested WHAT?


We’ve all had the experience of wondering why or how something we manifested could go so wrong. In some cases, what we created wasn’t what we consciously intended to manifest. Other times we managed to create the scenario we intended, but it didn’t make us feel as happy or fulfilled as we had hoped. As a result, we catch ourselves asking questions such as:

  • Do I have a curse or negative entities around me?
  • Am I not spiritual enough, meditate enough, or say the right mantras?
  • Do I have bad karma?
  • Am I destined to be miserable in this lifetime?

If this line of critical or self-effacing questioning sounds familiar to you, please don’t despair or be discouraged. While you may have already discovered a number of the reasons for – and even benefits of – manifestations-gone-awry, some of the explanations below will help validate what you have been experiencing, as well as illustrate that you are not destined to feel sabotaged, disappointed, or miserable!

You have probably discovered firsthand the uncomfortable havoc that can result from “failed” manifestations:  physical, emotional, or mental symptoms, illnesses, diagnoses, and/or sensations— as well as strange, unpleasant, and “unfortunate” events, visions, or situations. Whether it is the nature of the events themselves, the timing of them, or the constant onslaught of them, the unusual and upsetting occurrences feel more like a curse, a punishment, or some sort of sabotage, and certainly not mere coincidences.

While it is true that many remarkable and seemingly negative phenomena or strings of them are often intentionally devised, they are NOT orchestrated how and why we might think or how we have been led to believe throughout the ages. The experiences that we often attribute to our own inability to manifest “correctly,” to our level of spirituality, or even to dark entities, are actually tied to one or more of the following:

1. Guiding Entities or Angels around us often create situations in order to force us to move forward in a certain direction or manner. When we humans stubbornly refuse to live in accordance with our heart, soul, and unconscious mission, the entities around us sometimes have no choice but to “trip us” and “trick us” into a different, necessary, and ultimately positive direction. Usually it is their last resort, but they do know that dramas, traumas, and fears are sometimes the only things that make us change, even for the better. After all, our own free will and lack of complete information can make their job of helping us very difficult.  For example, in times of duress, you may sense or even see a presence around you that does not necessarily feel positive. As frightening as the encounter may appear, it is just the impatient, frustrated, or desperate guardian around you (or around someone close to you) resorting to measures that neither the guardian nor the humans welcome, but truly are meant for your highest good and the highest good.

TIP: Remember that a multi-dimensional being sees no purpose in constantly torturing you. If a multi-dimensional entity or culture wanted to do you in, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. So, there is nothing to fear, but there is likely something important to your soul or purpose that you need to adjust or address in order to feel more balanced, genuine, and/or fulfilled.


2. Our powerful, higher consciousness creates circumstances and sensations to ensure that we are on our best path, and/or to remind us that we have some unresolved issues which need to be addressed in order to preserve significant time lines. Illnesses, accidents, disappointments, etc. are often important opportunities or incentives created by our minds, bodies, and intuition–but in disguise. In most cases, they indicate that our higher or unconscious selves are screaming for a timely new direction and/or epiphany regarding anything from our relationship(s), career, or environment, to adjusting daily priorities, habits, location, or addictions. Your higher consciousness, like a guardian entity, is capable of manifesting whatever will “speak to you” to give you the message and get you back on your intended life path more permanently. As awful as some of the illnesses and accidents may seem, there are intense lessons, growth, and even long-term benefits that result from each trial and tribulation. Those desperate moments will afford you opportunities to meet people, change perspectives, and influence time lines in ways that would not have been possible otherwise.  One of our favorite examples happened to some relatives who had their hearts set on the “perfect home.” Despite a few negative “gut reactions” during the process (which they ignored), our relatives proceeded with negotiations to purchase the home. At the last minute, the seller decided to accept another offer that had come in after our relatives’ offer – leaving our beloved family without their dream home. They were devastated, angry, and bewildered, but continued searching for another house. Many months later, they found an equally wonderful new home. More importantly, their possessions and even lives were saved because the home that they had originally wanted was hit by a devastating storm that same year, was flooded and virtually destroyed.

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TIP: Keep in mind that an initial outcome is not the final outcome, but is facilitating the real outcome that you desire. Whether the final goal is happiness, love, stability, rewarding opportunities, and/or serving your mission as a light worker, your unconscious self will make sure that everything is happening for you, not just to you. In every situation, look to see how your higher self is trying to serve, direct, and wake up your conscious, 3D self—as well as give you valuable tools for the future. Eventually, both your conscious and unconscious selves will align more closely and have the same intentions, goals, and manifestations much more often, and will achieve them more quickly.

3. The magnetic attraction and reflection of negative human emotions from other people and from events in the world can influence our co-creating process. The human experience in this 3D existence is very much culturally programmed for and plagued by negative perspectives and emotions: greed, jealousy, hate, insecurity, fear, anger, paranoia, belligerence, etc. Those frequencies can often make their way into the thoughts, feelings, experiences, and perceptions of unsuspecting higher frequency people who just happen to pick up and internalize that negativity from the people in their lives, the media, and even from mass consciousness. As a result, light workers can feel those emotions, pains, and vibrations unexpectedly or more intensely than usual. Sometimes, those negative frequencies manifest as weird and unpleasant phenomena in the lives of light workers— who can wonder if the feelings and manifestations are the result of a personal failing or “curse.” Since empathy and being of higher frequency are not “flaws,” but the next step in human evolution, this type of co-creating can’t be considered a failing. In addition, “a curse” can only take hold when a person’s consciousness embraces and allows it. In other words, if you believe that you are cursed or plagued by another’s ill will, you will live, act, and attract accordingly. If you do not open yourself to the possibility, your personal energies will overpower the ill-will of anyone or anything. Most importantly, the more that you observe the outside correlations to what, when, and how you feel, function, and create experiences, the more you can be sure that what you manifest is truly a reflection of you, your intentions, and your energies. For example, if you walk into a store in a great mood and leave angry, sick, or depressed for no reason, you are likely picking up the frequencies of someone in there, and not merely feeling your own.

TIP: The best defenses against negative phenomena that may not be “all yours,” include: learning to gauge what is personal versus what may be caused or intensified by the people, weather, natural events, or world around you; spending time in water and nature for grounding, insulation, and rebalancing; and ridding your body of the frequencies, emotions, and negativity that you take in by regularly engaging in physical activity to expend the energy. If that energy is not used, it is likely to manifest as illnesses, depression, anger, or other “undesirable” phenomena.

As we plow forward and separate ourselves from the residual heaviness associated with that time period, light workers will find that their progress, success, and desired manifestations happen more effortlessly. The previous struggles, setbacks, and dramas were meant to give them important tools, a frame of reference, and sincerity in helping others come through similar challenges in the months and years ahead. Please remember that as light workers, you are uniquely protected and guided in order to help you make the most of your powerful energies, empathy, expertise, and goals. In the times ahead, you will have the “energetic winds beneath your wings” as never before. So, get ready for some unprecedented, positive, and wonderful results as your conscious and unconscious manifestations align, collaborate, and delight you more than ever.

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About the authors: Max, the Healer’s Healer, is an acclaimed energy healer, psychic coach, and medical intuitive. Max and Lana enjoy helping other twin flame partners make the most of this human experience.

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