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Word Origins: Why You Should “Watch” What You Say

By on March 24, 2015 in Awareness

Word Origins: Why You Should "Watch" What You Say in5d in 5d

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S. 
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

No matter what language you speak, all words and alphabets come from the Phoenicians.  More importantly, the meaning behind these words control everything from commerce and the banking system to law and religion.


For example, the word religion can be viewed as Ra-legion.  Ra is the Sun god and legion means “great in number” so religion means a great number of people who worship the sun god, Ra.  Every name has a symbolic meaning as well.  For example, when Cain slain Abel, Cain metaphorically killed A-Bull, or the Age of Taurus, which is why the bible is written in terms of astrotheology.

You will find two common letters together within many names.  These letters are “el” which means “god” and is represented by Saturn.  In Genesis 1:26 (or the Genes of Isis 1:26), it says, “Let US make man in OUR own image.”  Who is US and OUR?  The Elohim or the EL-ohim.

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Even the word bible can be viewed as bi-bel.  Bi means two and the word “bel” comes from the Akkadian word, “Belu”, meaning “lord, owner, master” and is cognate with the Hebrew word, “ba’al” as in Bealzubub, aka Ba’alzubub.  From this, you have several meanings. The bi-bel is the story of two bulls. Bel is also the son of El, so it’s a story of the God’s son (or god’s sun).  Additionally, the word “bible” came from the Phoenician city of Byblos.

As you go down the rabbit hole, you’ll find out how Saturn is married to religion, which is why we exchange rings during marriage ceremonies (cere, from French cire “wax” (12c.), from Latin cera “wax, wax seal, wax writing tablet,” related to Greek keros “beeswax,” and mony = moon(ey) or money). In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan, so who are we really giving our vows to? Santa is also a play on words for Satan, as Santa always rides a sleigh (slay). It makes you think twice about the real meaning of Christmas carols such as Jingle Bells (Ba’al or Bel, the sun of El) or Noel (No-El).

With etymology, not only do you look at the root words, but you also look at what the word sounds like.  This is called phonetics, as in “Hooked on Phonics” or more appropriately, “Hooked oh Phoenicians”.  For example, the word “on” is also the same pronunciation as the word, “Anunnaki” or “On-unnaki”.


The word monster comes from the root words of Mon and ster. Mon comes from the MOON or singular, as in MON-o-poly, or MON-o-theism, MON-arch (moon worship) of course this is where we get MONday which is MOON'S day, ( just as SUN day is the SUNS day, and SAT-URday is the Satyr's day, which is Sat-urn's day or Sat-an's day, the BLACK SABBATH) and STER meaning STAR.....

The following excerpt is from Cullen Smith:

The word monster comes from the root words of Mon and ster. Mon comes from the MOON or singular, as in MON-o-poly, or MON-o-theism, MON-arch (moon worship)… of course this is where we get MONday which is MOON’S day, ( just as SUN day is the SUNS day, and SAT-URday is the Satyr’s day, which is Sat-urn’s day or Sat-an’s day, the BLACK SABBATH) and STER meaning STAR…..

Which is where we get words like MON-ASTERy (lone star) and ASTER-isk * which is the very symbull of a LONE STAR, and also ancient deities like ZoroASTER, which means MORNING/DAWN STAR, just as many Slavic names such as Zoran/ Zoro/ Zora, meaning DAWN… (same as Luci-fer, “Light bearer” which comes from the Latin roots, Lucis/ Lucere/ Lux/ Lumen/, meaning “Light” + Ferre “to carry, bear, bring.” Luci-fer also meaning MORNING STAR, which is Venus, who is also known as the morning/evening star, which gives us modern names such as LUCY, who “twinkle, twinkles little STAR,” “like a dia-MONd in the SKY”… who is also “LUCY in the SKY with dia-MONds!!” so”SHINE ON, YOU CRAZY DIAMOND!!” (daemon)

So a monster is just a MOON-STAR.  This is EXACTLY why in the kids’ movie Space Jam, the masters of symbullism CLEARLY show you the MONSTARS with the MOON image, because ALL THINGS come from ASTROTHEOLOGY! ASTRO- the study of the stars and heavens, and THEOLOGY – the study of god.

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So why should you “watch” what you say? A watch tells time and its overlord is Saturn, aka Kronus, Father Time, who keeps us trapped in this reincarnational system of economic slavery and perpetual memory erasing as we continuously reincarnate only to dance with Kronus once again.

Words have power and every word has a specific meaning.  By understanding (to stand under) the words you choose, you will be more cognitive of how they are being used against us and you will most likely start using words in a different way that no longer empowers those who use them against us.

The following videos are amazing and will tie together all of these concepts and MUCH more.  Please find the time to watch them.  You may want to bookmark this page and watch it in small segments.  Chances are, you may watch them several times as I have!

Enjoy!  (In-joy)

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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