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Yes! The Shift Is Happening! It Is Real!

By on April 17, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Yes! The Shift Is Happening! It Is Real!

by Elocin Ned’RAH,
Contributing Writer,

This morning I woke up with this funny feeling in the center of my chest. Not painful, but almost in a sense of being overwhelmed… in a good way. After settling down from the initial shock of my 7 A.M. alarm, I relaxed to take in my surroundings and the sensations of my body. And laying in complete silence and darkness, I noticed my heart was “breathing”. It was ALIVE! I felt like the Grinch when his heart expanded and expanded, although my heart wasn’t completely closed. There had been some reasons to why I decided to shut my heart off to certain people and circumstances, but I’ve been feeling the shift to open and healed those wounded aspects of myself.

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YES! My heart was alive! I never felt this feeling before. A bubbling, breathing, overwhelming, joyful sensation, pushing and pulsating upward, through my throat and downward to my belly. Very overwhelming yet exhilarating. I didn’t know what to do with this sensation or even, what this sensation was accredited to.

Then that small still voice inside of me spoke. “This is your rebirth”.

Yesterday, I noticed that timelines seemed to have shifted as well. According to my birth card, I am a King of Hearts. The King of Hearts is associated with the number 13. The number 13, well at the time, in the old paradigm, is symbolic of death and rebirth. So, last night, I decided to re-read the description of my birth card. And as I read… the description wasn’t the same. It read that 13 was the number of LOVE and UNITY.


I had an inkling that the editors of the site didn’t make any adjustments to the King of Hearts description, so I decided to pay a visit to my trusty friend, “Google”. I typed, “13 death and rebirth”. The only thing I found to those criteria was in relation to the tarot card, “Death”. The death card is enumerated number 13, the card of transformations. A little boggled, I decided to research, “13 love and unity”. And lo and behold, 13 was the new love and unity number.

Wow, timelines really do shift! I finally experienced a real timeline shift. This **** is getting real.

Now, back to my breathing heart and rebirth. As I laid there in bed, another divine impression invaded my being. “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarrrriiiuuuusssss”. I “felt” the song loud and clear in my soul. I decided to find it on YouTube. “The 5th Dimension – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” played. I listened intently. Over and over again. It was music to my soul.

Finally, it hit me! We have ascended to the 5th dimension (yes, the Universe is wonderful for giving us signs). It is here! The Age of Aquarius! Christ Consciousness!

It has probably been here, and I just happen to shift because of my decision to release, surrender and trust in the Universe. Who knows? All I know is that I have been open to doing the healing work and liberating myself of what no longer served my highest good. And that meant facing a lot of fears. A lot of fears! And in doing so, I realized that what didn’t kill me only made me stronger. And happier too, might I add.

This new way of being is marked by one of love, trust, peace, harmony, understating, and compassion. Not necessarily, in that order… but you get my drift.

We have been through a lot, individually and collectively. Last year happened to be a very rough year for me. It felt like I died multiple deaths, only to rise again like the phoenix fresh from a fiery grave. And maybe you can relate. I came from a place of self-sacrifice, rejection, frustration, loneliness, lack of confidence and hopelessness; to finally realizing what I had been missing the entire time.i finaly had an “Aha” moment! I wasn’t honoring or loving myself completely and fully as I deserved to be loved. And only when I decided to take a stand for myself and honor the way I was feeling, speaking up for myself, and removing myself from people and situations that no longer felt good, I changed my perspective. I changed my life. I had to love myself first. I had to release the things that were a burden and weight to my soul. In order to ascend, you have to be light. Get it? Love and liiiiight?!

When you know love and give love to yourself first, you can open yourself up to receive it just as freely as you give it. And then you shift.

In this dimension, it is all about love and unity. We are not separate. We are all one, working together for the well-being of man-kind. Honoring one another as we would honor ourselves. “Namaste”, right?

If you are not feeling like you are there yet, it’s no biggie. When the time is right, you will shift into a new way of being. You have to experience all that you need to experience in order to say, “Enough is enough. I don’t want to feel this way anymore”. Every experience we have in life is teaching us lessons. Good or bad. And when that time is right, the Universe will conspire to help you on the path of self-love. Actually, the Universe is conspiring even without our knowledge of the divine guidance offered to us. The planets are aligning perfectly for spiritual growth and understanding at this moment in time.

To my warriors that have shifted and are shifting, we have a mission to accomplish! This is a new-journey to self-discovery and unlocking the gifts and treasures that were hidden from us in the old paradigm. As we open up and move forward boldly we co-create something so beautiful. It’s time to get creative. Get your paint and brushes out to help co-create this new beautiful world that we have entered into.

Yes! The shift is happening! It is real!

Trust that all is working out for your greatest good and the greatest good of those connected, in this journey we call life. We are one. And we are in this together.

I send you all love and light times 10.

Signing off until next time….

Elocin Ned’RAH (Warrior of Love and Light)

About the auther: Elocin Ned’RAH is Psychic Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual and Energy Healer, Teacher and Writer. Her intuitive and healing abilities help many realize and assist in reaching their highest potential in becoming their BEST VERSIONS. You can visit her on Facebook at or visit her website at

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