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1 Hour 432Hz Schumann Resonance Meditation

By on April 12, 2015 in Meditation

1 Hour 432Hz Schumann Resonance Meditation  in5d in 5d

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

1 Hour Schumann Resonance Meditation Recalibrated to 432HzFor this meditation, wear headphones for optimal results!  The Schumann Resonance is a frequency of sound generated between the symbiotic relationship of our planet and the cosmos.  Many regard this frequency as rising in nature and benevolent to spiritual meditations as well as physical healing.

The audio on this meditation video will bring you from the traditional Schumann’s resonance all the way down to a zero hertz frequency in the low delta epsilon range then slowly moves back upwards to a resonance similar to that of an Out Of Body Experience resonance.

The base frequency was adjusted to resonate with the 432Hz natural harmonics and to align healing, consciousness and spiritual expansion within your DNA code. Additional holophonic sounds and theta binaural beats we also layered in to maximize your listening and meditation experience!

1 Hour Schumann Resonance Meditation Recalibrated to 432Hz

Holophonic, binaural theta wave meditations help to facilitate the development of the 3rd eye, which innately understands the symbols and pictures of multidimensional stimuli.

Wear headphones for optimal results!

The original file can be found here

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