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10 Ways To Let Go

By on May 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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10 Ways To Let Go

by Susan Vivyan,
Contributing Writer,

1. Let go.

Let go of all worries, concerns, tasks, obligations, errands. Let go of all the little stuff that clogs your mind. Focus on the here and now. Enjoy the moments. Look beyond your minds whirling and enjoy the day! Listen to the birds. Enjoy a simple exchange with a stranger. Be grateful for a cup of coffee if or another thing that brings you simple pleasure.

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2. Let the day evolve and focus on the upside.

Even though the situation may be unpleasant at the time overcome the negative with a smile to a stranger, a simple gratitude in your heart for being alive. Whatever it takes to appreciate the moment you are alive embrace it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

3. You may not like the bad nor the ugly but in its turmoil you do not have to spin.

You can rise above & detach, remove yourself physically or surround yourself with the white light of protection.

4. Learn to trust your inner guidance system which can lead you to many treasurers.

Let go of it all. Be present in each moment and embrace the opportunity to be a beacon of light.

5. Let go of control, analyzing, the need to figure everything out ahead of time.

STOP. Embrace the flow. Allow give and take to happen between, amongst others. Let synergy work in your favor. Do not dictate the results before they have even materialized. Go with the flow. Remember the river that is vibrant and alive. Mimic its movements and actions.

6. Remember to breathe deeply when you believe you are sinking.

Every breath you take is precious. Remember its origins and s-l-o-w down.

7. It is worth repeating and noting that when the going gets tough and letting go becomes a challenge, ask for assistance in whatever form fits you.

Nothing is wrong or the best way. Find your way. There are many healers, those desiring to help (now more than every). Do not be afraid to ask.

8. Let go of any situation that is bogging you down and making you feel less than.

You are to shine brightly not to dim slowly. A kettle can start boiling for example and if you’re in it you may not even notice the heat. Take notice and get away. There are no ties…only to yourself and your own best interest.

9. Smile. Enjoy the day, the night and all that surrounds you.

10. Let go of the past, the future and be present, still & be grateful.

About the author: Susan Vivyan; M.A.T. (Art Therapy), B.S. (Art Education); Art Transformative Facilitator/Educator, Writer, Artist

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