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11 Signs Your Soul Is Fully Evolved And Healed

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11 Signs Your Soul Is Fully Evolved And Healed

by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing writer,

When someone is wholly and fully evolved, they are then ready to help others achieve the same. They heal from experience because they have healed themselves. We have experience. You cannot go to college to learn only by living it. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have. If you haven’t experienced it, you can’t have the level of compassion and experience that is needed to help and teach someone to heal themselves. College degrees and medications are the 3D way of healing a broken person, which we all know doesn’t work. Love, compassion, and experience are the 5D way to heal, which leads to a completely healed person. When you are fully evolved, you are then ready to be a 5D healer and teacher. There are certain characteristics of a fully evolved mature soul.

Here are 11 that may resonate with you.

1. We do not judge others and where they are at on their journey.

We know that some evolve and learn lessons faster or slower than others and everyone is where they need to be. We know this world is full of broken people and we were once broken too. We do not judge someone’s current actions because we know something happened to that person in their past that has left them with unhealed deep wounds. We have no interest in judging, we only want that person to heal. While others condemn them, we have compassion and unconditional love for them. Once you are fully awoke, you have no interest in judging those that are still asleep because you were once there too and you know how it feels.

2. We can see the spiritual ego traps that others fall into that keeps them from evolving.

It’s perfectly ok to be vegan, do yoga, not watch TV, do spiritual practices 24/7, or fight for animals to be treated humanly. It is not ok for you to use this to condemn other people’s lifestyles or to think in anyway that this makes you better or more evolved than others. This is an ego trap and will keep you from evolving. No one is better than anyone else. They are just more aware. We are all getting there, just others may take a little bit longer catch up.

3. We are completely aware when our ego rears it’s ugly head and how to control it.

Our ego is never completely gone but it no longer controls our life or our actions. We live by our hearts and compassion for others. We immediately recognize when something is coming from ego and can stop it in it tracks.

4. We are highly sensitive and have empathy but have established boundaries and come from a non reactive place of love.

We do not let our empathy for others make us a sponge for others energies. We do not let others use our empathy and sensitivity to take advantage of us. We are perfectly fine with letting karma play out and we know when not to interfere with others and their karma. We know it is better not to react and just let everything play out in divine timing.

5. We have respect for everything and everyone on Earth and a deep connection with nature.

We have love for every living thing on this planet. Every animal, insect, rock, tree, and even blade of grass is precious to us. Seeing trash. litter, and junk on our beautiful earth hurts our hearts. We see how we are wasting our natural resources and destroying beauty with our love for junk and stuff we really don’t need. We long to go back to a simpler life and we honor all life.

6. We know thoughts lead to emotions and feelings and to have control over them, we must first start with our thoughts.

We know that positive thoughts lead to positive emotions and energy and that is where we must maintain our vibration. We know our thoughts are the most powerful intentions and energy on earth. We also know that once you control your mind, you control everything in and around you. We are mindful of negative thinking cycles because we are powerful manifestors and do not want to manifest the negativity that comes from negative thinking patterns. We have learned to break these cycles and stay in the now, which leads to inner and outer peace.

7. We want to teach others what we know. We don’t think we are better than others and keep our knowledge just for ourselves.

We share and spread our information freely because we genuinely want others to be in the same place we are. We have no interest in saving or rescuing others. We want to inform and teach others to save themselves. We have no competitive feelings and want everyone to succeed. We are also humble and don’t want others to elevate us in anyway. We truly see everyone as equal. We also know that everyone is gifted and capable of greatness. We just worked hard and got there first. Our goal now is to show everyone the way we achieved awareness and evolved as fully healed souls.

8. We see through illusions and therefore don’t get caught up in them.

We see everything as energy and can detach from the energy of money, power, sex, and beauty. We also know how destructive these energies become when obsessiveness is behind them. We know energy ebbs and flows and how to ride the waves. We also know detachment from these energies actually makes them come to you, while obsessiveness pushes the energy farther away from you.

9. We have learned to not be attached to anything.

We know that a $30 dollar watch keeps the same time as a $300 dollar watch. We know possessions can be easily replaced. A car gets you from A to B no matter how much it costs or what it looks like. We know that attachments in relationships are unhealthy and that people should be free to be who they want to be. We also know that there is nothing you can buy or possess that will fix the inside and what is broken in you. Cars, jobs, houses etc can be replaced, but love cannot and love of people and ourselves is what really matters.

10. We feel unconditional love to everyone and everything all the time.

We may not love the actions of a person, but we love the person.

We also know that most people live in a place of fear and react from that fear. It is our mission to heal the broken parts in someone, every time a broken person is healed. You break the cycle that has been being carried out of broken people creating more broken people.

11. We know our mission and have stepped into it.

As much as you want to know they when, where and what of your mission. It won’t be revealed until you are ready for it. If you have not healed yourself completely, you are not ready. If you haven’t healed yourself then you cannot tell others how to heal themselves because you haven’t experienced it. We take the responsibility of healing others very seriously. We know damaged people damage others. Therefore we may have spent years in isolation and learning to heal ourselves first, before we were ready to come out and help others heal. There is no rush take all the time you need to fully heal. When you are ready the universe will fully align with you and guide you to who needs you and your experiences to heal themselves.


If they don’t all resonate with you, it’s because you aren’t quite there yet, but you will be! It is a process that we all go through. One day, you will be a whole, fully healed. evolved, enlightened soul and then you will help others do the same.

Lots of Love and Light,


Image: Pixabay

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