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19 Things That Can Help With A Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening

By on June 15, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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19 Things That Can Help With A Spontaneous Awakening

Have you or some you know experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening?

by Michelle Walling, CHLC,
Contributing Writer,

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More and more people are having spontaneous spiritual awakenings than ever! Many are experiencing paranormal or metaphysical experiences that are surprising and are seeking answers about these things.

Many people are awakening to a sudden realization that they are not just a human being or their physical body, but they are spiritual beings having a physical experience on planet Earth. As we receive waves of love and light energy to the planet, we are receiving a vibrational boost which serves to awaken and cleanse all that is no longer serving this reality.

A spiritual awakening is a life changing event that is prompted by your higher self. Your life may change drastically in order to align you with your highest and best path. You may lose some friends as well gain new friends. Sudden realizations about relationships in your life can bring about tumultuous emotions. You may be prompted to change jobs or to move. Be assured that your life will never be the same and that you are in for a glorious peek behind the veil that some people in your life will not understand.

Here are some more spontaneous experiences that have been reported with a sudden awakening:

  • Uncomfortable physical “ascension” symptoms
  • OBE’s (Out of body experiences)
  • Huge downloads of information. May see geometric shapes, numbers, colors, light.
  • ESP’s (Extrasensory Perceptions) come online
  • Chakras open and align
  • Seeing that all things are connected
  • Spontaneous energy running through the body (kundalini awakening)
  • Extraterrestrial contact or spirit guide contact

19 Things That Can Help With A Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening

As you make your way through these experiences, here are 19 things that can help you shift through a sudden or drastic spiritual awakening.

1. Stay calm and reduce your fears through information and healing. No, you are not going crazy.

2. Learn to use discernment. Trust your instinct or “gut feelings”

3. Forgive yourself and others for everything you think is “wrong”.

4. Be responsible for how you treat others and for how you are creating your reality.

5. Assess your diet and lifestyle. Alcohol and drugs cause aura cracks. Research GMO food and chemical additives. Drink plenty of pure, fluoride free water.

6. Ground with the planet, take frequent baths, breathe deeply and consciously, and meditate. Create your own style of meditation.

7. Don’t think you have to figure everything out at once. Allow things to unfold rather than trying to control your awakening.

8. Communicate with like-minded individuals. Contact someone who has an experienced an awakening to discuss the most pressing questions you have. Social media is an awesome tool.

9. Research spiritual awakening online to find information that will help you (while using discernment and taking only what resonates). Follow the breadcrumbs by being led to certain articles or videos.

10. Connect with your higher self/guides to ask for help in certain areas that may seem overwhelming.

11. Make notes about what you experience, including your dreams.

12. Research alternative healing methods such as crystals, Reiki, acupuncture, EFT, etc.

13. Move the body- walk, swim, yoga, tai chi, etc.

14. Move your awareness from your head to your heart. Don’t get caught up in overthinking.

15. Allow rest and self care. Spend time alone if you need to.

16. Watch for synchronicities and number repetitions. These let you know you are on the right path.

17. Allow emotions to flow through you/do not block or suppress.

18. Become the conscious observer of your life and get out of victim mode.

19. Remove toxic relationships and situations from your life.

20. Continue to raise your vibration. is one of the biggest databases on the internet with information about spiritual awakening. Use the search button at the top hand right column to search for any of these topics or key words. Although this is just an outline of suggestions, trust that you have guidance that will lead you to exactly what you need to know about each experience you have, at just the right time.


About the author: Michelle Walling is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in Starseed support. She is a transformational public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host for the Cosmic Awakening Show. Her websites are,,, and Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found HERE, where you can follow for updated posts on all of her websites. Subscribe to Michelle’s YouTube channel HERE. You can show your support for Michelle’s work by becoming a Patreon Member for only $8.88 per month and receive access to members only calls, videos, and articles! Click HERE for Michelle’s Patreon page.

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