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3rd Dimensional Binding Ropes That Keep Us From Reaching 5D

By on February 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

3rd Dimensional Binding Ropes That Keep Us From Reaching 5D

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Controls, duality and separation are fully understood by people who are slowly awakening, but those whose consciousness are bound by enjoyment and trials of the affairs of the third dimension, 3D, keeps them stuck, unknowing heart and soul in deep slumber, with amnesia. Getting out of illusion, ‘reality’ is always the enigma posed to us by the whims and caprices of darkness with their embedded tools to keep us controlled. Here are some of them.



We are always divided by politicians to join the Democrats or the Republicans or the Liberals and the Nationalists….. and citizens of each country like to side with a party that actually divides and rules. The basic unit, family, the causes of divorce, annulments, separation, intrigues…. are many, or too little that the individual ego allowed division or king-queen ship for the sovereign group. It seems Earth is a funny playing world: politics/government whatever type of ideology you prefer are clear ways of controlling humans for thousand years. At the third world environment, they go on stage-platforms and die for a party and their politicians in control for a sum of money, worst, funded by leeched money from revenues government collected in taxes from the people by reigning politicians or ruler. Again in third world countries, paid political supporters block decisions of courts removing or suspending ruling politicians. Division amongst us, keeping us controlled, brainwashed to believe their governance despite glaring corruption are still followed. In Philippines after 73 years of reality living, a President is finally ruling for our children’s highest good and people hope this continues.


Since humans learned-told to pray, rulers, the emperors, ‘ kings and queens and dark controllers, their best tool is the use of a deity, a god or a king of kings to worship, human gods or illusions, thus control is made easy. Source All That Is has been clouded in our minds by the Roman empire in 325A.D., a better tool to hammer-enslave humans as a ‘Strong Father’ can slaughter a tribe, a kingdom and a populace for control thru an emperor God or a pope with guns, swords and gunpowder loaded on remote or human controlled flying machines to kill-impale if resistance is encountered. The crusaders and man-made plagues, vaccines thru virus and bacteria and the counter Christian killing spree of the Moslem emperors for 100,000 years are real terrorism, infected people, black, white, colored, all are controls to inflict fear.


We are in this terrible stage of religious divisional control where religious denominations, Christians, Moslems, Taoist and Zoroastrians….even Buddhists have ten to five hundred denominations, so on…. the more the greater the division of beliefs, criticizing each other, divisional. Some humans left their sects-religions, found a new one. Being an Atheist is a new phenomenon, doing good for others, the golden rule which partly turned out good as it is the Source way of making humans follow a path, short of a journey to Oneness to SOURCE. Some Atheist are more human than those with religions as they uphold what is good for humanity and individual selves individual journey connecting to Source. Those without religion believe Source, God as they recognize the existence of the Supreme Creator who gave them a light body within themselves a fragment of light and have realized that all these beautiful, coordinated and perfect things or beings, the universe could not have been without a Creator.

They have unconditional love practiced in between universal space of Dr. Georgi Stankov’s electro-magnetic field, in etherand inner-outer space make physics, mathematics, pharmaceuticals, other disciplines look fakes. Let us learn more.


The United States dollar is the payment mechanism for international foreign exchange transactions including letters of credit and open account payment systems for oil, machinery, equipment, reverse trade…. imports and exports then translated to the US currency; has been our monetary system after the world wars. Nowhere can we find a currency that can outperform the US dollar since adoption for international trade. Thence China comes in with US100B Asian Infrastructure Fund with major countries as members to serve Asia and other countries. Russia, Venezuela and Iran, major oil exporting countries came bypassing the US dollar using Chinese Yuan as payment. Later Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia oil and gas exporting countries are following the initiatives, the possible end of US control. The monetary shift began. The dark is using all their options to regain control thru dubious means like the

Electromagnetic pulse, EMP, energies, a tool of fear and warfare that seem reality. It is developed by Russia, Germany and USA during the cold war in the arsenals of these countries but US has apparently launched her satellite thru Elon Musk, Space X, reusable ships. Earth, Gaia can be in terrible shape similar to the effects of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fully awakened souls collectively should fix the impending situation thru the peace process. With collective consciousness humanity has changed the outcome. Parallel earths, Gaia in 5d with initial three centers, Europe New Raetia, Canada and Ecuador-Peru in North and South America for start are created by the strong collective consciousness of awakened humans. A planet with enslaved humans are left behind.


Everything is monetary control and the USA has lost her grips with China and Switzerland overcoming US dominance. The Federal Reserve System is outmoded, a system controlled/owned by dark banks thru multi-tiered corporations of 13 families leeching humanity of her resources by simple printing of money from nothing and charging us interest. We pay these paper PRINTS, currency and bonds with hard earned money thru ‘taxes’, the labor of humans. The control of the dark is now loose and everything is hanging.


Abundance of all things required by humanity has been with us at creation and you live in a place called paradise at 5D where effortlessly you attain abundance of your wants and desires. The fulcrum of Source All That Is provide us with everything but we forget unconditional love and service for others and instituted power over others making us vulnerable to the ill effects of sufferings, chaos and wars, the illusions of hardship and fear of death. In this process we lost track of the abundance provided by SOURCE that we always have at 5D.

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Money became the God of men. Greed and desire for wealth and more material things have been the only dream of the majority of humans. Seldom can you find a human being desirous of living with nature, the elementals and with the wisdom of Source. Men suffered from money game as there is not enough money for any person living on earth till death. Printed worthless money, gold, silver, uranium and valuable metals and minerals, the equivalent of money hoarded in vaults and Fort Knox are their objective. They want to own earth and plant their kingdom in other planets or their presence known by all people of the planet as celebrity and very, very rich and famous!


Have fear and anger and we travel to hell power, a dark motivation. Rule with fear, flex our arms, indoctrinate our minds, they like it so much that it is ingrained in your cells to control you for life. Eliminate fear and anger, a path required of light workers and planetary ascension teams who in their lifetimes are always troubled and tested by darkness until you learn how to cast them out. For three years+ dark demonic shadows taunt and tested my strength but with the assistance of Consciousness of Christ, violet golden fires and photonic energy of Source, they are cast out to the sinkhole of the galaxy. They are gone as God is within all humans. Once awakened, you know you are a powerful infinite being and no amount of darkness can test your desire to serve others and be on your way to Source. Fear is the single most effective control mechanism of the dark. Cast fear and majority of your goals are manifested in an instant. Abundance is a certainty. Effectively we call that free will, a power unknown to most of us.


“The frequency of your consciousness determines your perceptions, and the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live. Therefore, the highest frequency of your consciousness will be the first component of your SELF that will return to its innate fifth dimensional resonance. Then, once your consciousness has fully accepted the resonance of the fifth dimension, your physical body will begin to slowly transmute to higher and higher frequencies of resonance.” Arcturians/Suzanne L. Thence you are free, untied from ropes of 3D. AJR.


We learn vibrational frequency and dimensions the moment we LIVE and breathe “Knowing”; start to change perceptions of reality. Realization of this knowledge changes the frequency of living and it is a matter of our consciousness accepting the resonance of the 5thD that will trigger the start of transmutation for our mind body spirit complex, MBS, a prelude to Oneness and Unity. Love and noticing the details of nature, the stars, air, water, heat, earth, how trees-plants, birds, bees and insects live and co-mingle with us are good start of knowing that all of us are ONE. This is basic living at the planet. Take to heart unconditional love, the energies of golden violet fire, plasma and photonic light, they are agents of transmutation and transformation of your being and all bodies embodied in it.

Start your own way of getting out of the control of darkness, release your selves from stiffening knots. Untie your ropes from fear, governmental-political, religious, monetary controls, all agents of darkness. Kick off your transfer to a higher resonance thence to the vibrational frequency of the fifth-sixth dimension. Go breathe INFINITY, double it with the elimination of fear and anger and you are at first step of fifth dimension, a higher vibrational frequency leading to SOURCE All That Is.

Practice and resolute desire to eliminate dark controls are the key to your transmutation and transformation. God’s hands are stretched out thru energies new to all of us. Reach the path to Source.

Love and light,


About the author: ANGELCCJR., shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

Image: Pixabay

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