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9 Essential Rules To Manifestation Techniques

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9 Essential Rules To Manifestation Techniques

via Life Script Doctor,

There are all kinds of law of attraction, how to make a wish come true as well as manifestation related courses and seminars. Many of them offer powerful manifestation techniques and even wish spells that suppose to make sure that your desires will actually come true. Not many of them actually give detailed explanation of physics behind manifestation process or offer essential rules that people need to follow in order to manifest their wishes in reality.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

9 Essential Rules To Manifestation Techniques

Manifesting your wishes process is not very complicated, however there are certain essential rules that need to be followed. Here are 9 rules that will help you with making your wishes come true and ensure that law of attraction manifestation techniques get the results you desire.

1. Be in the Now when Making a Wish or Conducting any Manifestation Technique.

When making a wish or conducting a manifestation technique (here is an example of a very powerful how to make a wish come true manifestation technique) you need to be present in the now. You need to concentrate your energy on the present moment and direct it towards creating a hologram of your wish. You need to visualize, feel and be in the state where you have already manifested your wish. After your “wish hologram” is created in your mind in the now, all you have to do is direct your body towards actions that will give that hologram a physical form.

2. Keep your wishes to yourself. Don’t brag about your desires.

It is true when they say that silence is golden. When you speak to others about your wishes you waste the energy that was committed towards manifesting those wishes. Just talking does not do anything. You can of course discuss with others the things that would get you closer to manifesting your wish but talking about your wishes disrupts the energy-informational field and ultimately confuses the Universe about what you really want. Do you want to spend your energy on talking about your wishes or do you want to act towards achieving your goals?

3. Your wish should not be a condition for another wish.

If you are wishing for the money to buy a car, then money becomes the middleman in making your wish come true. If you want the car, then you should wish for the car and there should be an emotion behind it. You should strive for feeling good while driving the car and not for the money to buy it. There are many different ways that Universe can help you manifest your wish. Go deep in what you really want and avoid creating a middleman.

4. Your wish should be in harmony with Nature.

Be ecological when making a wish. Any wish that is directed towards destruction or harming another will eventually have negative consequences. When you intentionally wish for something bad to happen to another person, it will backfire sooner or later. Your wishes are a vital part of creating your own reality and when you deliberately wish for something mischievous, you are bringing it on yourself (or your kin). You might ask then why there are so many bad people in this world? Well, that would be a topic for another article, but in short everyone has their role to play here on Earth. The best way to treat those who you consider evil is to treat them as your teachers and as examples of what not to do. Nature keeps everything in balance, even when you might think that it is not so. It is always your choice what role you want to play in the game of life created and facilitated by Nature.

5. Your wish should be directed towards yourself.

Here is the thing, you can’t wish for someone else to do something or become someone they are not. It might work for your kids before they turn 21, but after that, everyone is an adult according to Nature. If you want to teach someone how to make a wish come true, then be the example. Become a happy person who can manifest all his or her desires. Don’t force your truth on others. Even if you succeed in convincing someone in your own truth, they will become a parasite and feed on your truth for the rest of their life. Everyone should discover their own way in life and that is why you can only wish for things that concern you and not other people.

6. When making a wish, you should treat time as energy.

Some sources say that you should have a deadline when making a wish or conducting one of the manifestation techniques, others claim that your wishes should not be bound by the concept of time. The easiest way is to treat time as energy. Every wish needs a certain amount of energy (that includes energies of different spectrum and frequency). Time is just one type of energy that is needed to manifest a wish. Complicated wishes may take longer while simple wishes can be manifested within weeks, days or even hours.

7. Follow the signs after you make a wish.

One of the very important things in manifesting your wish is to see and follow the signs after you have expressed your wish to the Universe. Many people make a wish, but then they just fail to see the signs and act in the direction the sign was showing. One has to be open to receiving abundance from the Universe and pay attention to what is happening to him or her in order to make choices that would lead to the manifestation of a wish.

8. There is no elevator to manifesting all you desires, you have to take the stairs.

Many people wish for million dollars or winning a jackpot on the next national lottery, however not many of them even wonder what happens with those who got rich really fast or got their wildest desires fulfilled immediately without any effort (see sudden wealth syndrome). In order to achieve stable and long lasting results you have to take things step by step. Quantity of your invested energy will eventually shift into the quality of your wish manifestation.

9. What you wish for should be in the limits of your mission.

We all have our purpose and mission in life. If you wish for something that is within your mission, you usually get it really fast and the process of manifestation is joyful. If you are wishing for something that doesn’t fall into the current goals your higher self has set for you, then manifestation process could be a real challenge. Make sure that you are true to yourself and that you have a true passion towards your wish in order to ensure its flawless manifestation.

Manifestation techniques are the tools that can help concentrate your energy in order to manifest your wishes.


And one more thing, when manifesting your wish, please keep in mind that Nature always pays in advance. When your wish is granted, enjoy it as much as you can. Those emotions you receive from winning a wish manifestation game will be the foundation of your wishes on the next frequency level of consciousness and will guide you on your road of spiritual evolution.

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About the Author: Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has been studying new spiritual science Infosomatics as well as other consciousness awakening fields since 2008. He continues his research and guides people on their road of self-discovery using Infosomatic energy-informational map of the higher levels of consciousness. Powerful Infosomatic self-healing visualization techniques that have been tested in practice are used to reveal causes and offer solutions to the problems with health, personal or professional life.

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