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Activating The YOUniverse Within

By on July 29, 2015 in Meditation, Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Activating The YOUniverse Within

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by Sabrina Charles,
Contributing Writer,  

Deep inside of your mind, body & soul, lies a YOUniverse, if you will, with unlimited energy just waiting to be tapped into. This energy has the potential to transform you in ways you couldn’t even imagine! Come along with me, on a Magical journey inside your YOUniverse Within and learn how you can tap into this amazing world that you didn’t even knew existed!


Reaching For The Stars

Activating The YOUniverse Within in5d in 5d

You, and me and everything around us…we’re made of star-stuff! Deep, deep down inside, in a place your eyes cannot see, are the building blocks of life. And it just so happens that your very own building blocks are the same that makes up the stars and planets!

So it’s no wonder when we feel the greatest despair in our lives, we naturally turn towards the sky for guidance and hope. We throw our heads back and gaze upon the tiny, sparkly wonders that grace the skies with their presence nightly, and we ask the heavens to release this pain or burden that we are feeling and almost like magic, something comes into our life that changes everything!

This, friends, is the power of the Universe; the power of YOU. Many live their lives not even realizing the power that exists within their fleshy bodies. In fact, many of you don’t even realize that you are not your body! No, no. You are the powerful energy, the soul, the shining light that occupies the space that you call your body! You are infinite; your energy can never be destroyed!

I want you to think about energy; what comes to mind? The first thing that came to mind was something electric, right? Of course, that’s the most common form of energy that exists. But there is an energy inside of you that you can command, at any time, to help you move your life in the direction that you choose. This energy is your vibration. And here’s how it works.

In case anyone never told you, I’m going to tell you: You are a powerful Creator! Every single thought that you think shapes your life and your reality in ways that you can’t even imagine! When you are happy and everything in your life seems to be going your way, it’s because of the thoughts and feelings that you have been vibrating! You carry yourself with a happy cheerful outlook, and the Mighty Universe has no choice but to give you more of that!


But, friends, this can work against you too! You see, when you have a negative outlook of life, when nothing goes your way, you also put that vibe out and the Mighty Universe, once again, has no choice but to give you more of that! Ut-Oh. Seems a little tricky now, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. With some simple adjustments and some dedicated “me time” to learn how to change your vibration, or frequency, and you will be on your way to becoming a master navigator of your own reality!

Without a doubt, we have all experienced our share of despair, upset, loss & beyond, but there is usually a saving Grace that just seems to show up and turn things around right in the perfect timing! Kinda like when football players throw a “Hail Mary” in a football game; a last ditch effort to win the game. That saving Grace is a direct manifestation that you created!

So what is the first thing that you can do to help you create more positive outcomes in your life? Just becoming consciously aware of how you are shaping your reality is the first step. Now, you realize that you have had and will continue to hold the reins throughout your life to navigate where and what you want to create. This is where you can start. Just by familiarizing yourself with all that was shared, you will start to notice your thought patterns; your speech patterns, and that is really important at this stage!

The Power of Breath

Activating The YOUniverse Within in5d in 5d

So now it’s time to put some action into all of this to help you start manifesting change in your life. I’m going to teach you a tool, so profound, it literally has the power to change your life in an instant.

“When you change yourself on the inside, the entire world changes on the outside.” We’ve all head something like this but what does it really mean? It means that in order to change your world, your circumstances, your life, you must make some big changes on the inside. One of the most incredible ways to do this is by breathing consciously.

There is a technique that I refer to as Sacred Breathing and it is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your self-empowerment tool belt. Now I know you’re asking: “Why do I need to breathe consciously? I breathe every single day but that doesn’t change my life.” Well, when you practice this breath, in the manner I am going to teach you, you will see the immense difference between an automatic function of your body and manually taking the controls. Kinda like the difference between driving an automatic transmission or a 5-Speed manual transmission.

You don’t even have to know the mechanics of how this works in order for it to affect you. That will come later on in this article. All you need to know is the very basics and then to learn the technique, which is incredibly easy.

The breath is called The G Breath. The G stands for Gamma, which is an incredibly powerful brainwave that is produced as a result of you doing these cycled breaths. Gamma is your body’s very own healing mechanism and has the ability to shift your entire perspective, situation, mood, pain level, health issues, etc.

The breath contains 4 different breathing patterns:

Inhaling in the Mouth and Exhaling out the Mouth: MM
Inhaling in the Mouth and Exhaling out the Nose: MN
Inhaling in the Nose and Exhaling out the Nose: NN
Inhaling in the Nose and Exhaling out the Mouth: NM

Each inhale and exhale should last 3 seconds in and 3 seconds out. The cycle is complete when you cycle through 13 of these breaths. You will start by emptying your lungs completely out your mouth; making sure to push as much air out your belly as possible and tightening your belly muscles.

At the completion of this breathing sequence, you will feel cool, calm, collected. You will feel totally relaxed, maybe a bit dizzy. But know, there is no harm that could ever come to you by doing these breaths! You might want to try this for the first few times sitting down and then once you’re a pro, you can do it standing up, walking, running, working out…anywhere & anytime!

Are you ready to give it a try? Just follow along with my G Breath Video or you can follow along with the colorful G Breath Info-Graphic below.

Activating The YOUniverse Within in5d in 5d

Good! Now take a few moments to allow that to settle into your being. You can close your eyes if you’d like or keep them open; it’s up to you.

So now that you’ve experienced your first G Breath, you’re probably wondering what was really going on in that head of yours, so I’ll share some of the technical information with you.

As you did each of those breaths, you were cycling through 5 brainwave states. These brainwaves are: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & 2nd Beta, which is called Zeta. As you cycle through all of these brainwaves, the cycle completes with the creation of a Gamma Wave in your brain. (See Info-Graphic below) This Gamma Wave is created by your Pineal Gland, which in turn, triggers the release of a tiny amount of a neural-transmitter called DMT. Now, you might have heard of DMT before, which is also known as Dimethyltryptamine, as it is a powerful Psychedelic. Imagine that…your amazing body produces it’s very own, powerful Psychedelic!

Activating The YOUniverse Within in5d in 5d

Now, after this is released, another powerful neural-transmitter is released, which is GABA and that’s Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid. The GABA sends signals to all your muscles and tells them to relax; chill out; feel groovy! And I’ll bet, at this point, you are feeling pretty groovy. Maybe even a little bit high, and that’s fine. That’s exactly what you want to feel.

Now that you’ve experienced your first G Breath, you’re probably wondering when would be a good time to use it and for what reasons.

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Well, how about when you are stressed? When we are stressed we can’t think straight; we can’t function properly. Doing this breath will help to recenter your “brain & being” and then the task at hand won’t seem so daunting.

When you are low on energy, this breath will pump you up with some of that beautiful Gamma energy that your body craves. Even though it relaxes you, it still has the power to energize you.

When you are feeling ill, this breath will pump out that healing Gamma to help you feel better.

When you are doing your exercise routine, go ahead and do the G Breath along with your repetitions. You’ll have more endurance and even build stronger, more intelligent muscles! In fact, you can play around with the speed. Try it for 1 second in and out; try it for 5 seconds in and out. You’ll be amazed at the various results!

Activating The YOUniverse Within

Activating The YOUniverse Within in5d in 5d

Ok, so now that you’re feeling pretty groovy, let’s explore another powerful tool that we can utilize to help us make more shifts in our life by really honing in on what we want.

Let’s start with an exercise, shall we? What are you grateful for in your life? And if your mind automatically went to “the dark side” then take a moment and do that powerful G Breath; cycle through those brainwaves and get to that Gamma state. And then I’ll ask the question again: What are you grateful for in life? Now you can see it. If you’re still having a hard time thinking of something, start at the very beginning of your day: “I woke up today”. Isn’t that something to be grateful for?

Now think of some other things that you are grateful for, or how about this, if you really are in a bad place right now, let’s take you back into some past memories of when your life was filled with joy and you were living it according to your terms. Go ahead, close your eyes and let your mind wonder to that time when life was filled with joy, even if it was a single moment. Now let’s pull the energy from that joy and give it back to you. Go ahead and do another breath. (And you’ll see where I’m going with all of this in a moment).

Ok, now that you’ve done that breath, how do you feel? Close your eyes, again, for a moment, and look back at that memory. Can you see it? Did it change? Are you able to see more of it? Or is it gone? You might have experienced all of just one of what I just mentioned. Either way, it’s perfectly fine.

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So what exactly am I doing? Where am I going with all of this and why am I making you do so many of those breaths? Well, friends, this is called an Activation. It’s kinda like the “Law of Attraction” on steroids! If you think back, just a few years ago, to when those Law of Attraction books and movies became popular, there was only a small fraction of the people who found success with them; and most of the population saw no results. And the reason is because you cannot just “Wish” for a better life; you have to take action and put energy into it! Well, guess what? Doing those breaths, in this manner, does both! More specifically, doing these Activations do both.

The action step is doing the breath; putting your body in motion to achieve a desired outcome. The energy is generated to drive that desire forward by releasing it from a past memory. Your body stores this energy all over and it is the reason why we slow down as we age. But now, Now I’ve given you another tool to help you reclaim that energy and use it to steer your life in the direction that you want! Seriously? Seriously. And it won’t cost you a dime!

So let’s try this again with a “future memory”; y’no, a wish or desire. Read this first and then go back and close your eyes and I’ll walk you through it. Think about what you want in life and it doesn’t have to be a big huge dream, what is the next step that you would like to happen? Really focus on it. What do you see? Who’s there with you? What does it smell like? What does it feel like? Really hone in on all the experiences of your 5 senses. And after you feel like you’ve seen all of it, open your eyes. Now do the G Breath.

How does that feel? Do you have a little smile on your face right now? I’ll bet you do. And if you don’t, breathe again.

These activations are designed to truly move you forward. We all get stuck in tight places. We all experience the unexpected or the dreaded happenings. But how we deal with them, and even more important, how we react to them, determines our future. The more negatively we react to a situation that is undesirable, the more of the same we will get. That’s how the Universe works and now you can see how it ties into the Law of Attraction.

But now I’ve given you another tool to shift those experiences. Let’s do one more exercise, ok? You’ve just experienced something pretty bad, say for instance, you got in a fight with a loved one and now you’re not speaking. How can you shift that experience? Close your eyes and think of what future outcome you’d desire for this situation with your loved one. Is it an act of forgiveness and reconciliation? Then focus on that. Imagine it in your mind; just like a kid playing “make believe”. Try to use all 5 senses. Now open your eyes and breathe the G Breath cycle. Then “check back in” with the memory and see how it’s shifted. Notice how your body feels.

At this point, if you still feel bad, or still have anger towards the experience, breathe again. Breathe until it feels better or until you are neutral about the experience. It might seem like a lot of work, but isn’t it more work to keep being angry or upset?

You can use this incredible tool of Activations anytime. They are powerful shifters and can help you manifest your desires, but remember, you have to use them in order for them to work. As your body starts shifting, you might experience some new sensations; some tingling, some sleepiness, even some aches & pains, but do not be alarmed! This is your body cleaning house! This is your body releasing all the gunk holding you back in life. You must tear down the old to make way for the new!

Well, friends, I hope that this will inspire you to take some huge action steps in your life! Now you have another set of tools, in your “Well Being Tool Belt” to drive your life in the direction that you want! And it something that can never be taken away from you. It is a gift to you and all of humanity!

Congratulations on Activating The YOUniverse Within! May you forever be changed!!

About the author:
Sabrina Charles, along with her husband Jim are the Creators/Instructors of The YOUniverse Within Course. The course contains techniques and technologies created by their mentor & friend, Core Love, of Life Mastery. They serve as self-appointed Ambassadors to this incredible program & humanitarian project.

Their Mission Statement Is: “We believe, whole-heartedly, in full-spectrum conscious living. Our mission is to teach others how to make the transition from conventional living, to living a conscious life filled with dynamic health, emotional well being, well established communication and information systems & strong physical bodies capable of achieving feats once thought unachievable.”

In addition to the course, Sabrina Charles is the creator of Sabrina Charles Publications, which is the foundational platform she uses for her web creations.

You can view all of her current works at:

Facebook Group:

Image: Pixabay

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