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All About The Afterlife

By on July 29, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

All About The Afterlife in5d in 5d

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The following is a fascinating excerpt of what to expect in the afterlife.

• Generally, once a spirit has crossed over into heaven, it is met by loved ones, goes through a life review, and then moves to its spirit home.


• Your spirit home is where you are as a form of spirit energy, living with other spirit energies of the same consciousness, the same level of energy, and of the same like mind and thought that you carry as a spirit. You are a form of energy that interacts with other energies within your spirit home, but not all the time, and often you are in your spirit home with your own spirit guides.

• After you have been transformed from human to spirit you begin to more and more expand your energies, more into your spirit life than into what your human life was. Energies of only supporting and loving and caring and teaching will be energies that you will experience, for you have left your earth energies and emotions behind and so you do not have to experience fear and hate.

• Spirit families can change somewhat and the reason that they change is because there will be spirits within your spirit family who will have chosen not to evolve, not to move on. There will be new family members who come into your family because they were able to evolve and move much faster into your group through their actions and spiritual evolution and the life lessons they learned in this most recent reincarnation.

• You never feel alone when you return to your spirit life for your are met often by past family members in your most recent human life. Many of those family members will not be in your spirit family, however. But they are there because you still have your earth connection and they are there to greet you.

• Though you are in this wonderful large spirit family that you have returned to and you are initially greeted and reconnected with all of your spirit family, you are then given a time to more-or-less have solitude and a time to become more comfortable in your own spirit being again.

• A spirit can request to meet with an individual in heaven with whom they have a strong heart connection and wish to express thankfulness and gratitude for that impact that individual has had on the spirit’s past life. It is not necessary that that individual have had an earth acquaintance with the arriving spirit.


• After a period of time one begins to totally disconnect from the physical connection that they still have with earth, and by that we mean the desire to go and explore, and recreate events that they experienced on earth. However, there will be times later in your spirit life when you can use your mental capacities to create a scene that you would like to be experiencing from earth.

• As you move into your spirit life your connection with your loved ones is always there. You continuously have a capability for at least one-way telepathic communication and can see what is going on with all of your loved ones simultaneously regardless of their location. Though you have a knowledge that a new baby has been born into your former earth family, your connection to this infant is not nearly as strong as the bond that you have made with those that were there on earth when you were there.

• As you have gone through your life review when you first crossed over, you now become part of a schooling about those lessons that you went to earth to learn about this last time and have a much more in-depth understanding about why you went and what you did and why you didn’t do it. And the spirit guide is there to help you understand the choices you made or the reasons that you did not learn that lesson or the reasons that you didn’t even become aware of the fact that you were there on earth to learn lessons. There will be no judgment.

• One can finally say I am tired and I no longer choose to move from this place that I am in. I am happy right where I am. Oftentimes that means that you will have an entirely new spiritual family because many of your spirit family members do seek to move further ahead.

• One can ask permission to go and visit other spirit families, whether they are of a stronger spiritual evolution or one that is not as strong spiritually as you.

• You do not move around in your spirit life in the form of a human body though you can take that form when it is time to greet loved ones or if you are going to go and do a spirit visitation with a loved one. You will take that form for that is what the human still remembers you as. But you really are a form of energy light and depending upon your spiritual evolution you vibrate at different energy frequencies and light.

• In heaven you pass no judgment of any sort and none is passed upon you. For those humans who live on earth who have a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, who have no deep connection to their mankind and feel this sense of emptiness, they no longer have that when they return to heaven.

• There finally becomes a time in spirit’s evolution that you lose a sense of individuality. This is not as you on earth would consider it to be a negative experience but one where you are moving and vibrating at such high levels of energy that you know that you are vibrating as the oneness with the creator and all universal beings.

• All the things that you love and enjoy and wish to be a part of from your earth experience no longer take on the same form they did on earth but instead you move into the energy that is created in those experiences.

• Energy is what everything is made of. Energy is just the vibrational force that your spirit is evolving at at any given time. And the higher your vibrational forces are the higher amount of energy one has. And one tends to always have a high amount of energy when they are working within the love circle of God and are being positive.

• One form of work that spirits do is to help the transformation from human life to spirit life.

• Many times that what one will have found in their life on earth is something that was always a continuous theme from one life to another because they are actual workers in heaven and that theme is what is carried out in heaven as well as what was carried out on earth.

• As a spirit you begin to move into energy levels of vibration that are words that you hear about on earth all the time–words of peace, words of contentment, harmony, forgiveness, compassion. As a spirit you are moving more into becoming all of those things at one time. As you begin to become these things you begin to move into your own higher spiritual being.

• A spirit family grouping has a location that might be described as a collection of distinct spiritual energies, somewhat like lights on a Christmas tree. Energy vibration might be weaker, slowly pulsating, and others might be very bright, pulsating much faster.

• Usually the current of energy as a spirit family unit moves fairly similarly when they all reincarnate though they don’t all necessarily reincarnate at the same time. Many family members may reincarnate and have similar experiences and similar likes.

• Until a spirit has moved into its total knowingness of oneness with the Creator it will always continue life within spiritual family and groups.

• You tend to share your primary spiritual family with those who have the same type of creative energies that you do and thus there are many secondary families in that consciousness level who have different creative energies but the same spiritual energies.

• All spirits live within a spirit family and do not live as couples. The love that you would have felt for a mate on earth is not the same kind of spirit love you feel for that mate or that child or that parent.

• Within a spirit soul family there are many spirit souls who are soulmates, and not just in the term of male and female, romantic love as you experience on earth, but soulmates of the heart who have shared different lifetimes together as perhaps friends, or sisters or some form of very close connection. It means that they share a special bond but the love that is on the other side is the love that cannot be comprehended from earth and that love is shared by all spirits.

• Sex is not an issue in heaven. You have moved beyond that dimension in heaven and it is not an important role. It is not even, after a period of disconnect from earth, a part of the thought process for love is shared in many other ways.

• Spirits that cross over as children do not stay as a child. They move quickly into their spirit being for they can much more readily accept their spirit being than those of adults.

• Individuals upon earth, whether they are presidents, great leaders, not-such-great leaders, or entertainers, do not cross over into heaven with any more acknowledgment than any other individual. All spirits are accepted into the spirit world with love and equalness.

• A spirit in heaven can communicate and/or induce effects on humans on earth in many ways. The spirit soul can make very definite contact with those left on earth, and occasionally can communicate through an object. Spirits can share a thought at the same time with the individual and the individual just knows that it has communicated with a loved one. Then there are those spirit souls who have not actually made the complete crossing over who will also make their presence known, often on a far more earthly level than any of the others.

• Spirits occasionally make changes in electronic equipments or cause lights to flicker or some other mechanical or electrical effect because they are vibrating at such a different energy level it creates a disturbance within the electromagnetic field. Oftentimes individuals themselves who are experiencing the spirit souls can give off such an energy that they too can be the cause of electromagnet disturbances.

• Spirits occasionally cause scents that humans can detect, such as cigar smoke or perfume.

• Spirits can communicate with earthlings by means of tape recorded noise or even television or through telephone calls that seemingly do not originate from any place on earth.

• Spirits have a great connection with their loved ones on earth from their most recent reincarnation. However, they do not sit and continuously watch the events taking place in the lives of each one of their loved ones. They have a very telepathic way of knowing when big events are taking place, when their loved ones are celebrating or in distress. They can have this telepathic connection with several family members throughout the world at the same time and are aware of what is taking place in each loved-one’s life.

• At the time of human death you are immediately and even in the state of human coma of human beings you are immediately removed from the state of pain and fear, discomfort, sadness. You are able to observe what you are experiencing without having to feel the physical and emotional state that your body was in just prior to crossing over.

• Some spirits monitor events on earth that may not be related to their immediate loved ones. Unless they have a loved one involved in it, though they may have an awareness of what is taking place, they do not connect to that event.

• War is a man-made event and spirit guides and angels do not interfere with such events on a global issue. They do go and protect individuals but are not a part of the outcome of any war.

• The biggest influence the past loved ones on earth have upon spirits who are crossed over occurs when those that remain on earth hold on with such grief and to such a degree that it does not allow the person on earth to move forward and it keeps the spirit on the other side too earthbound to move forward in their life as well–into their new spirit life.

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• Expressing love and forgiveness from a human on earth can often help a spirit who has committed suicide be released to move into a full spirit being.

• A human can make contact with the essence of a spirit in heaven even though that spirit has since returned to earth in a human form.

• Communication in the spirit world takes place by a telepathic type of communication.

• There are elements of privacy for spirits in heaven. It is an unspoken rule that, though everyone can telepathically read another individual’s thoughts and desires, there is no trespassing or violation of the telepathic abilities of spirits. They know immediately to the level that they can explore and communicate with any other spirit and do not use powers that they have to invade someone else’s privacy.

• Once a spirit has obtained the actual level of a spirit guide and teacher they no longer make the transitions to and from the nonspirit world.

• A human involved in a creative process often will have teachers and guides who will be assisting the human’s thought process on another consciousness level.

• A spirit does not learn from the experiences of other spirits and does not become involved in the viewing of each spirit’s past lives. Its lessons are for it and it alone.

• Within a spirit group there is a communication and a sharing of telepathic love and support to all of those within its group. It is not direct conversations such as you share on earth. Love is the biggest experience that spirits share together.

• Spirits appear to each other as forms of light and different shades of light. As souls begin to advance in their spiritual consciousness, their light becomes different colors but, unlike on earth, one is not judged by the color that they are as a spirit soul in heaven. So there is no judgment or no sense of achievement when one moves from one vibrational level to another.

• The essence of a spirit can move from one place to another. The actual spirit itself does not move from place to place but exists in one place. It can have observations in several different places at one time.

• All humans return to earth with the energies of both male and female within themselves. The form that one returns to earth in, in a reincarnation of male or female, generally indicates which energy will be the more dominant one within this lifetime.

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• Music in heaven is an energy vibrational force and as on earth it is the vibration of a color or a vibration of a sound of music that is something that the spirit itself resonates with. On the other side you will enjoy music just as you enjoyed it as an earth being. You not only will hear it at your private times but you can be joined by other spirits who share the same form of music as you do.

• A spirit gradually moves away from earthly experiences and three-dimensional pleasures and towards experiences which far exceed anything which might have been anticipated, including the vibrational energy of laughter and joy and pleasure. Creativity and fun and experiences of enjoyment do exist as a spirit whose energy has all of one’s experiences from every lifetime.

• It is not necessary for spirits to eat and when spirit first crosses over it may desire to experience those earth sensations. But spirit does not eat food as you on earth experience it and, as it becomes more its own spirit being, the need for those sensations is no longer necessary.

• Everything in heaven is done telepathically and so as a spirit chooses to visualize what it is they wish to be a part of, it is done telepathically and in a far deeper dimension. It vibrates at a much higher level and is felt more than seen.

• Oftentimes, as on earth, when a spirit is working through levels of inner growth they will find their energy will reach a very strong high and then they will find that they will need to withdraw from such a feeling of high vibrations. It is not fatigue as you experience on earth but it is not a continuous way of life living in that high vibrational level.

• A spirit can travel in heaven as though there were telepathic means of transportation that move at incredible amounts of speed. Sometimes a spirit may choose to experience a light shadow of earthly transportation forms, an essence but not a three-dimensional solid transportation experience.

• If a spirit wishes to move anywhere, it always asks permission before it would make an actual transport. Spirits can move at a consciousness level lower than their own without any problem. Rarely do they move to higher consciousness levels but it is not a normal experience until a spirit is ready to move forward.

• During a short period of time after arrival in heaven many spirits will still experience three-dimensional earth home connections which are thought processes, spirit energy form, as to what home is, what home means, what the feeling about home is. These are not any type of three-dimensional experience but consist of the essence of a home, the essence of success, and the essence of good health. Spirits soon move totally into their spirit self and there is no need for a spirit to place itself in a three-dimensional environment in its everyday existence.

• The very first thing that is created for a spirit as it makes its transition to the spirit world is a life review. It will move into every experience, every word, every look, every smile, every cry, every tear, every pain, every joy–everything that it ever experienced upon this earth and every individual it passed upon this earth whether it was just someone passing on the sidewalk. This will be done not in pain, or not in guilt or not in shame but just be reviewing what the totality of life on earth was and to see what lessons were learned and what lessons which still have to be worked with, both as a spirit being and again when you are another human being.

• A spirit family group can decide that they wish to share a common environment which they would create, but generally each spirit reflects what it chooses to experience.

• God is each and every item, each and every animal, each and every rock and tree, each and every individual being. God is in everything and everyone. The Creator has always been and always will be.

• Everything on earth is just an individualized expression of who God is, but the actions that individuals take are not who God is. That is the actions of the ego and personality of the individuals.

• Every living thing and every living thought is a manifestation of the Creator of everything. When you become aware that you are connected to everyone and everything, you become aware that you and the Creator are one. That is how your spiritual evolution evolves.

• The concept of levels in heaven is useful for human understanding of the spirit world, but is not meaningful when one actually is in heaven. Spirits have different vibration levels of their energy which is transformed into light. Spiritual evolution occurs when a spirit moves into more of that oneness and more of that connectiveness to the Creator, influenced strongly by lessons successfully learned on earth.

• There is no time in heaven. There is no measurement of time. It is just an advancement in one’s level of consciousness.

• Spirit always lives within at all times every aspect of every being it ever was. Time travel, in the sense that you think of it on earth, is a continuous experience of every spirit soul being as they progress more and more into being their own spirit soul.

• A spirit can often telepathically feel events that are going to take place in its past loved one’s lives. There are times when it will have seen enough into a loved ones’ immediate future to help give it a warning or to nudge it in another direction. But as far as individuals seeing into the future of what is going to be taking place in world events or universal events, they are not able to experience this future.

• A spirit will not be destroyed. Some spirits may have a very low level of consciousness and be unable to evolve spiritually despite many earth lives. They may remain in heaven in that low level without further return to earth.

• One’s spiritual consciousness does not evolve as quickly when remaining in heaven as it can through the life experiences in a three-dimensional earth-bound experience. Nevertheless, a spirit may choose not to reincarnate. Alternately, some spirits who have evolved from many lifetimes and who have reached a level of not needing to return to earth will continue their spiritual growth from their spirit self in heaven.

• Spirits have no gender. Every individual upon earth has been both male and female but generally incarnates in most lives as one or the other gender.

• Spirits have no names in heaven.

• There is an animal heaven as well as a being heaven. Animals have their own place in heaven and their own evolution that they are experiencing about lessons they learned on earth. They too choose to evolve and when they reincarnate back on earth as pets they will become even more loving and more connected to their humans.

• When on earth a human has shared a deep loving relationship with a beloved pet and that pet has crossed over before that human, it is always there to greet them.

• There is a council in heaven of the highest spiritual beings. It is a council where spirit guides and teachers go to ask questions. It is the council of highest spiritual oneness and a council of the highest vibrational force before one moves into their total oneness with the Creator.

• Heaven can be visualized as a gigantic sphere with an energy field, vibrations of energy, and coming from it could be called sunbeams, lifelines that connect to the planets where beings live. Heaven has no locational relationship whatsoever to any planets.

• The number of spirit souls that live in heaven is very large, including those that have come from many other universes.

• The Creator is aware of every single event, every individualized thought, and one can visualize the Creator as being this gigantic storeroom of knowledge. Also, each individual spirit that moves into its spirit soul carries the experiences of its life. And this is all a form of consciousness of events that have taken place within your world as well as those from other worlds. A spirit can tap into this collective consciousness of all experiences.


In5D Addendum

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

According to Wes Penre’s research, there is a trap within the reincarnation system created by the Sirians.

The following is an excerpt from the Wes Penre papers:

I am not very keen on many of the ‘spirit guides’ who come and get you after you have departed from your body at body death; most of them are Sirian Helpers, such as non-physical Vegans and Grays. Be particularly on your guard if they tell you to follow them ‘into the light’ or ‘to the tunnel’, or go see relatives. If you choose to go with them, you will end up in the Sirian recycling system again with full amnesia, and then being shot down into a new body here on Earth.

What we do know is that we have many lifetimes trapped within our cellular DNA, as evidenced by past life regressions. A common belief is that we lived too many traumatic past lives which would deter our present incarnation, but what if it were possible to view your past lives from the perspective of an observer? Imagine how much spiritual progression you could make by learning from your past lives?

Many of us are working just to survive. The best years of our lives are given away to the same people who enslave us through monetary compensation. When we finally get a day off or two, we are so drained that we end up staying home and watching television, hoping to get as far away from that which enslaved us.  Is this why we incarnated to this planet???

Upon crossing over, trust your inner guidance and continue to question everything, including any agreements such a soul contract.  Many of us did not agree to come here for the sole purpose of being an economic slave to a broken system of fiat currency.  We came here to follow our true, divine purpose for being here… to help humanity while growing as individuals.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


Click here for more articles by Gregg Prescott!

Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S., is the founder and editor of  In5D and Zentasia. In 2009, Gregg launched In5D after experiencing what he describes as a “galactic download,” which provided him with the name “In5D” and the guidance to create the website. He co-owns In5D Club  with his beautiful wife, Ali. His In5D Facebook page has over 370,000 followers, and his In5D YouTube channel has amassed 146,000 followers. Gregg is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Follow Gregg and In5D on various social media platforms, including Rumble, YouTube, Gab, TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and TruthSocial to stay updated on his latest content and events./

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